Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Before purchasing any item, we usually ask ourselves whether our investment in the particular item is worth it. This is entirely understandable as no one wants to spend so much on unworthy things. For you to have found this article, it means you are about to purchase Andersen windows, and you want to know if that is a good choice.

Andersen windows can be highly-priced, but this does not mean they are not worth it. Andersen has been in the window business since 1903, and they have been producing top-notch products since then. They offer a wide range of window materials that come in various styles, making them one of the best options on the market.

It is no surprise that Andersen windows are costlier since they have great value; they are energy efficient and durable. To answer whether they are worth it, we will need to examine specific factors. Keep reading this article for more information.

About Andersen Windows

As written above, Andersen was founded on the 25th of July 1903 by Hans Andersen. They have approximately 10,000 employees, with its headquarters at Bayport, Minnesota. Not only do they manufacture windows but high-quality doors too. Their vinyl windows are said to last between 20 to 40 years which is a good investment.

They have been manufacturing and marketing premium and top-notch windows for more than 115 years, making them a leading US manufacturer. Andersen has set the standard to make better and different products. It is a reputable brand that produces eco-friendly products that require low maintenance.

Types of Andersen Windows

Andersen 400 Series

Andersen has different series to choose from, but their best-selling window is the Andersen 400 series. It is the most popular product and lasts longer than the others. Although used mainly among contractors, it is the perfect choice for wood interior replacement windows.

There are seven different styles to choose from under the 400 series, namely Casement, Gliding, Bay & Bow, Awning, Specialty Shape Windows, Double-Hung, and Picture. These windows come with solid Perma-Shield exteriors, which consist of vinyl cladding.

Andersen 100 Series

The Anderson 100 series consists of budget-friendly and low-maintenance windows made of Fibrex composite (40% wooden fibers and 60% thermoplastic PVC polymer). This material is two times stronger than Vinyl and is a great alternative.

The materials used to make these windows make them eco-friendly and durable, meaning they will not fade or flake. This series comes in six different styles: Gliding, Picture, Single-Hung, Casement, Awning, and Specialty Shapes. They are specifically designed for harsh weather and have a starting price of $400.

Andersen 200 Series

The Andersen 200 series is the best choice for anyone who wants wooden windows. They offer the best value for wood windows as they come with a vinyl exterior, which makes them durable and superior resistance to harsh weather. Andersen states that this series focuses on only the most popular styles and sizes.

Under this series, the windows you will purchase are energy efficient and require little maintenance. It is Andersen’s option to replace wood windows and does not have many style options. An example of one of the 200 series styles is the Double-Hung window.

Andersen E Series

The Andersen E series is completely customizable with tons of options (color, finishes, and sizes). You can create your perfect window style through this series’s different exterior and interior colors. This window line is popularly used among architects and was formerly known as Eagle Windows and Doors.

The Andersen E series has become quite popular among people who want specialized options with 50 different options for aluminum-clad windows and an extensive color range. This series offers different styles such as Casement, Push-out Awning, Push-out Casement, Picture, and Double-Hung.

Andersen A Series

According to Andersen, their A series is architecturally authentic as they paid attention to every architectural detail making it their premium window line. The exterior from the A series feature Fibrex composite, Perma-Shield, and fiberglass, making them top-notch and energy-efficient.

Due to its traditional architectural style, the A-series is popular among architects and designers. They come in different styles such as Awning, Double-Hung, Casement, and Picture, with various colors and wood species to choose from.

Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Andersen offers a wide range of excellent materials (Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood, Fibrex Composite, and Vinyl) to make their windows. You are guaranteed durability and longevity with whichever material you decide to go with.

These materials are one of the best as they offer incredible features such as energy efficiency, low maintenance and durability, resistance to rot, decay, and harsh weather. So, if you are asking whether Andersen windows are worth it, the answer is yes.

They add value to your home, and they are also top-notch and high-end products that will last for a long time. The prices of their windows all vary on different factors such as size, color, and style. Not to worry about the cost because they also have affordable choices, but high quality is guaranteed if you go for the costlier options.

Lastly, Andersen is the best choice if you want to purchase energy-efficient and wood windows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Andersen Windows


  1. Andersen windows are eco-friendly.
  2. They have a wide range of window collections and styles, such as the E series, A series, 100 series, and 200 series.
  3. Andersen windows require low maintenance.
  4. Andersen creates energy-efficient products.
  5. Andersen windows are durable.
  6. All windows have an owner-to-owner warranty.


  1. Andersen windows are expensive, especially the aluminum and fiberglass clad windows.
  2. Andersen sells their windows through dealers, so there may not be a fixed price on some products.
  3. Andersen windows are not covered by lifetime and labor warranties.


Now that you are sure that Andersen Windows is worth it, you can now go ahead and purchase the window of your choice from any of the types written above. Remember that it is better to buy costly but high-quality products than to settle for less.

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