Travis Kepler

From Toledo, Travis Kepler is now working as a senior product designer at Sauder Woodworking Co. The root he left helps him to reach his current position. He started his designing career as an intern at GE Healthcare in 2007 June. After three months of internship, he joined The Prestwick Group, a small commercial outdoor furniture business. He contributed by doubling the company growth and quadruple the sales rate through standardization of furniture design, increasing production quality, and reducing material & labor costs. In The Prestwick Group, he focused on reshaping the 3D product library, detailing customized branded furnishing, and helping marketing initiatives with photo-real rendering. Combining these, he helped the company to outrank its competitors with cohesive brand messaging. He showed his character when he joined Sears Holding Corporation in 2015. In a single calendar year (2016), he increased the gross margin of $240+ in six product categories of the company. Now, you may go nuts thinking how a single person can achieve these successes within a decade. His rational thinking, intuition, and ability to build an authentic relationship based on mutual respect help him obtain these achievements.

Denatured Alcohol VS Mineral Spirits

Denatured Alcohol VS Mineral Spirits: Which One’s the Best?

Hi. When we are into woodworking, denatured alcohol vs mineral spirits often pops up from the blue. There is no doubt both of these cleaning agents have great potential. Now, you must be thinking, which one is better? Well, the easy answer is, it depends on your working surface. The effects on the stained surfaces …

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