How to Use Shop Vac for Water Pump

Many people like you are wondering what you can do with Shop-Vac? Naming this machine in such a way, you would think, just made it to suit the store.

Not really; it’s a versatile machine. Just as it can clean dry dirt, it can also transfer water. But it’s also true that having it in the store makes their cleaning work faster. You can use it in all wet and dry areas.

However, the topic of today’s presentation is how to use Shop Vac as a water pump. That means that you have to draw water with Shop-Vac and transfer that water. Yes, Shop-Vac can transfer a large amount of water and remove water without holding any water inside it.

Suppose you have a small swimming pool or drain water from a small pond in the house! Then you can try the powerful Shop-Vac device once. Its mobility drainage system simplifies the process of removing water. It has special hoses to move water from one area to another with Shop-Vac. But why work with it to pick up dirt! Use it to drain your small pool, and see how successfully the Shop-Vac works as a water pump.

How to Use Shop Vac for Water Pump

The Difficulty of Pumping Water

We most often face difficulties with using a water pump. Because every time we try to pump water, we need to make sure that the pump is not getting overheated. Besides, we become very much confused about choosing the right type of pump for the work I want to do or complete.

Again, a water pump is so much expensive. We do not need pumping water every day. However, we don’t use a pump everyday or very often; maybe we use the pump only once in a month or a year! So, it is not very logical to buy such an expensive thing, wasting a lot of money, energy, space & paying the bill for something that we don’t use very often or almost don’t use at all. It is just like throwing our valuable money on water to buy a water pump.

Here comes the question, is there any way so that I can avoid buying a pump? Then good news for you! Because you surely can replace the water pump with something more cheap & reliable. What is that?

Well, you can use the vacuum cleaner you have in your home instead of a water pump! But you need to consider some points, of course; otherwise, you will find the Vac destroyed after using it.

You can use the vacuum cleaner to pump water off as well as clean the carpet. It’s inexpensive & much easier to use. But you need to sure you are choosing the right pump, and you properly know precisely how to use it to remove water.

Cleaning Up Spills

What do you use to remove a little spill of water? A mop or something like this, right? Yes, I know. It’s a bit painful, but it’s easy. All you need is a bucket & a mop, nothing else to buy, no more space or money wasting! This way you save your money and electricity.

But, what if you need to remove a more significant water spill? Here, you are failing with the mop as well. At this point, you can use the Vac.

The Benefit of Use Your Shop Vac as a Water Pump

Well, you might have confused that why I would use a Vac as a water pump. You have a wet dry vacuum cleaner in your house, and you are using it almost every day! So, it’s better to use the same one instead of buying a water pump or a mop.

A Vac that you have bought from the store is very much easy to use. It can work much better than a pump in some cases. So, it will be the best choice for even bigger water spills. And guess what? It would be best if you had absolutely nothing else except for that Vac.

Now it’s time to precisely know how it works and how you can use the same vacuum as a water pump that you are using to clean specks of dirt.

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How to Use Shop-Vac as a Water Pump?

Try to understand very carefully because you will pump water with the vacuum used only for dry things. Before that, you need to know how a vacuum cleaner works to modify the Vac as per your need. When you turn it on, it sucks any dry dirt through a filter inside and collects everything in a bucket. And it would be best if you used this technique to modify the Vac to take water or liquids without damage to the cleaner.

1. Fix The Hose With Shop-Vac

To use Shop Vac as a water pump, remove the lid from it. You will see two snaps on either side of the cover, remove them and lift. Then attach the pump to it. This type of round tube-shaped tube attachment you can easily find in local home fittings stores. Snap the lid shut after connecting it properly. Now remove the plug stopper from the back of the vacuum device. Now add a garden hose. Fix the hose well with the thread.

2. Now Run The Device

Now take the hose to your desired drainage area, from where it will carry water and expel the water outside. If all goes well, you can now press the Power button on the Shop-Vac device. You can use the suction tube attached to the device to remove water. Leave it where you want the water to go. Use an excellent hose to expel the water.

The main problem is the filter. If the filter comes in contact with water, it will be damaged totally. So, tell me what you need to do? Correct, remove the filter! Also, remove the other parts which can be damaged. Now you are ready. Just turn the Vac on & let it suck the water. But, remember you are using the starting part that sucks in. Otherwise, it will be mess everything up. This way, you can use your vacuum as a water pump & save your money as well!


The solution to curiosity is actually to experiment. That says, when the Shop-Vac can easily use as an air pump, confidence comes quickly.

But Shop Vac can be used successfully as a water pump, and many do not have confidence in it. By now, you must have realized that Shop-Vac can be used successfully as a water pump. But it would be best if you learned to operate this vacuum device properly.

Because no car can move in the right direction without a skilled driver, so quickly learn how to use Shop-Vac. Then this vacuum device will do not only the shop but also the housework. Then plan when you want to drain the water from the small swimming pool at home! And what to worry about when Shop-Vac can drain water as a pump. But keep in mind that it is an electrically conductive device, so be careful.

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  1. Can you tell us which model to buy that can do this? 95% of shop vacs cannot do what you are describing

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