Baldwin vs. Emtek: Which Door Lock Is Better?

For you to have found this article means that you are currently looking for the best door locks for your home, which provide excellent security. Baldwin and Emtek are two premium brands that manufacture high-end locks with high-quality finishes.

Baldwin has been producing door locks since 1946, with their target market being the high-end segment. They are known for producing door handles, door locks, and locksets. By 2013, the Baldwin brand was acquired by Spectrum Brands Holdings.

Emtek is also known for producing door handles and lock sets after being founded in 1981. They are known for producing durable and high-end products. Due to their grade 1 BHMA rating, top-notch security is guaranteed.

Both brands are similar in that they manufacture the best door locks you can purchase; however, they have some differences between them. One significant difference between them is that Emtek has a broader range of door lock styles than Baldwin.

Baldwin vs. Emtek

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DescriptionsBaldwin LocksEmtek Locks
CostBaldwin locks are more expensive to purchase compared to Emtek locks.Emtek locks are costly but generally cheaper than Baldwin locks.
Lock stylesBaldwin offers less lock styles to choose from. They have only three styles available.Emtek offers more lock styles to customers. They have eight styles to choose from.
Lock finishesBaldwin has the upper hand with up to twenty-two different finishes when it comes to finishing.Emtek offers twenty different finishes that are available to its customers.
Lock typesThe brand offers up to four different lock types.The brand offers up to six different lock types.
Keyway typeSomeBaldwin door locks are engineered through a more advanced technology known as the SmartKey Security keyway while others use the popular C-keyway.Emtek is engineered through the popular Schlage C-keyway, which can be keyed with any C-keyway.
Design flexibilityBaldwin lock sets have lower design flexibility compared to Emtek.All Emtek lock sets come assembled to order, which increases their design flexibility.
MaterialsBaldwin door locks are made using solid forged brass alongside brass handles.Emtek door locks are made using solid forged brass, sandcast bronze, and wrought steel.

Differences between Baldwin Door Locks and Emtek Door Locks

Below are some of the differences between Baldwin and Emtek’s door locks.

Lock Styles and Finishes

As written above, Emtek has the upper hand in lock styles as they have a wider range of styles that are available to their customers. Baldwin offers a slightly larger number of finishes to choose from when it comes to finishes. If you are the type that needs more styles to choose from, then Emtek is your best option.

Emtek offers eight lock styles: Contemporary, Rustic Living, Tuscany, American Classics, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, American Designer, Plus Crystal, and Porcelain. All Emtek lock styles have spring-loaded levers, threaded brass lock tubes, and forged handles.

On the other hand, Baldwin offers only three product lines and lock styles. The three product lines are available in Rustic, Traditional, and Contemporary styles. The Prestige series is the first product line and also the cheapest, the Reserve series is the second line and is quite affordable, and lastly, the Estate series is the last product line and the most expensive.

As for finishes on door locks, Emtek offers up to twenty different styles to choose from but not every style is available for some particular locksets. One advantage of Emtek finishes is that customers can choose up to two different types of finishes for just one single lockset. This is a feature that Baldwin does not offer.

Baldwin offers different finishes; the amounts vary according to their various product lines. The Prestige portfolio offers three finishes, the Reserve portfolio offers eight finishes, and the Estate portfolio offers twenty-two finishes.

Lock Types

Another difference between Baldwin and Emtek door locks is the lock types. When choosing a door lock, you may want to explore all of your options, and luckily, Emtek has a wide variety of lock types to choose from.

You can only purchase four types of locks from Baldwin: Electronic, Tubular, Mortise, and Multipoint locks. Emtek provides Mortise, Single, Electronic, Tubular, Multipoint, Sideplate, and two-point locks.


One primary reason why picking premium brands is a good option is that most of them provide great warranty on their products; Baldwin and Emtek are not excluded.

Baldwin offers a five-year warranty against material defects on some of their finishes used for interior purposes and a one-year warranty for exterior purposes. They also provide a 25-year limited warranty on their Reserve finishes against tarnishing and discoloration. Lastly, some of their door locks are backed up with a lifetime limited warranty.

Emtek offers a five-year warranty on all their finishes except the polished brass and nickel finishes that come with a lifetime limited warranty. They also provide a two-year warranty on electrical door locks and a lifetime limited warranty on all products protecting against material defects.

Similarities between Baldwin Door Locks and Emtek Door Locks


Baldwin and Emtek do not have much in common except that they are two reputable brands known for producing durable door locks, with their target market being the high-end segment.

They have been in the lock and door business for a long time, although Baldwin has been around much longer than Emtek, which makes them trusted brands and customer favorites.

Emtek is well known in over seventy countries across the world, while Baldwin has been around for more than seventy years, which is a very long time to make an impact.


Through all that is written above, it is no doubt that Baldwin and Emtek are guaranteed to give your home the top-notch security that it deserves through their high-quality door locks. Baldwin offers more finishes than Emtek, while Emtek has a broader range of styles and lock types available to customers. They both provide excellent warranties on all their products, and it is now up to you to decide which is the best option for your home.

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