10 Common Signs That Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

Keeping the efficiency of the HVAC system is essential, whether it is a commercial or residential facility, as this system is one way to ensure everyone’s comfort and health in the area. In whatever the season, HVAC systems can perform poorly, and sometimes the issue is evident as the space can have an unstable temperature. There are also times that the problem is almost unnoticeable.

Conducting a regular or periodic assessment and knowing the signs that the HVAC system needs maintenance or inspection can prevent costly repairs or even system failure. Addressing these issues is essential to be attentive to your HVAC system functions and performance.

Common Signs That Your HVAC Needs Maintenance

Having Access Doors and Panels in your cooling system will make fixing the problems quick and easy.

Air Conditioning Settings Blowing Warm Air

The HVAC system will keep the space cool and comfortable when the outside temperature increases during summer.

However, if it is blowing warm air in the vents in an air conditioning setting, it is one sign that the HVAC system needs an inspection and repair. It could mean several problems in the compressors, low refrigerant, filters, or ducts. Immediate action to this problem is crucial to avoid server problems to the HVAC system.

Insufficient Airflow

This issue might be the most obvious sign that the HVAC system needs maintenance. When you notice the slight or weak airflow coming out from the vent, it cannot properly circulate within the space. It can lead to insufficient ventilation and uncomfortable space.

An inadequate airflow of the HVAC system in the ductworks or the vents indicates a technical problem that needs an appropriate inspection and repair by a professional technician to troubleshoot and correctly fix the problem.

Unpleasant Odors from the Vents or Diffusers

The primary role of an HVAC system is to provide comfort, clean air ventilation and not bring harmful airborne particles and odors into the space. When you notice an unpleasant odor in the vents, it is another sign that the HVAC system needs maintenance and inspection or repairs. An unpleasant smell is an indication of mold contamination or electrical issues of the system.

Spores can spread into the space through vents, leading to serious health problems with the occupants. Meanwhile, when you notice a burning smell coming out from duct diffusers, it might indicate electrical wiring problems with the system. This issue needs to have immediate action by HVAC professionals as it can lead to health issues, injuries, and property damage.

Malfunctions in the Thermostat

The thermostat is vital in the HVAC system as it controls how much cold air the system must generate. If the system is not functioning as you give the command to the system, it indicates a thermostat problem.

This issue can lead to discomfort in space, affecting your occupants and business operations. It needs to be inspected and fixed by professionals to regain control of the system to have efficient ventilation within the area.  If you need professional who can assist you with thermostat problem visit RMS to learn more.

Unusual Sounds from the HVAC System

HVAC systems typically have a sound when it’s running. However, there are several unusual sounds that the system might produce, especially if the unit has already served for several years. Any abnormal sounds from the HVAC units also indicate that your system needs to have maintenance before the issue gets severe and to avoid costly repair HVAC services.

Freon, Water Leaks, and Ice Buildup on HVAC Unit

Moisture around the HVAC unit is a problem as this issue might indicate a freon or refrigerant leak. This problem needs immediate action from the HVAC professionals as refrigerants can cause harmful effects on humans’ health.

Some moisture leaking scenario in the HVAC system is due to blocked or broken tube condensate lines, and sometimes there is a build-up of ice from the copper tube to its condenser side. Either way, it is a sign that the HVAC system needs maintenance.

Sudden Spike or Electricity Bill

Typically it is normal for the electric bill to rise during the summer season as it requires higher energy consumption for better ventilation in the space.

However, when you notice a sudden spike in the electricity bills, it could indicate that the efficiency of the HVAC system is dropping. The HVAC system needs to have maintenance and a thorough inspection to maintain its efficiency and avoid high electricity bills.

High Humidity

HVAC systems can have moderate humidity levels, especially during spring and summer, as we expect sticky outdoor weather during these seasons. If the cooling unit cannot keep moisture levels during this season, it is an indication that the HVAC system needs maintenance to diagnose the problem and maintain its efficiency.

Frequent Cycles

HVAC systems should have relative cooling cycles, regardless of the weather situation. However, you can expect that the HVAC system will work more during hot days of summer. The system should not have a constant on-and-off cycle.

When you notice frequent cycles, it is a sign that the system needs maintenance to fix the problem correctly. This issue can also affect the electricity bills and system efficiency.

HVAC System that is More than 10 Years Old

While the lifespan of the HVAC system differs on a few factors, the design of most HVAC units is to last about ten years. When you have had an HVAC unit for more than a decade, it is advisable to call for a professional to conduct a thorough inspection to ensure its performance and efficiency. With proper routine maintenance of the system, this lifespan can dramatically increase.

Conducting periodic and regular HVAC system maintenance can help maintain the system efficiency and ensure comfort in a space. Over the years, every cooling system will perform less and become less efficient and less effective as some components wear down. It can also keep the space safe as a Freon leakage, or a heat exchanger leakage of the HVAC unit can cause harmful effects. Exposure to high levels of refrigerant gas and carbon monoxide is a fire hazard.

However, proper HVAC system maintenance can alert you to all of these problems to correctly fix your cooling system immediately.

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