Dewalt VS Ridgid Planer – Which One is Best for Your Project?

Planer is one of the most important tools for woodworking projects. Without a planer, shaving wood and bringing the correct shape to make furniture or other projects is impossible.

The problem comes when you have to pick a good planer for your upcoming projects. Dewalt and Ridgid are two popular brands in the power tool industry and they offer quality planners. But not all types of planers will work well for your projects.

That is why we are going to compare Dewalt VS Ridgid Planer. The comparison will show all the key differences and similarities between these two popular planers. After reading this comparison, you can easily determine which one will be perfect for your needs.

Dewalt VS Ridgid Planer

Comparison Table of Dewalt and Ridgid Planer

We have taken the Ridgid r4330 planer and Dewalt DW734X to compare. Here is the comparison table for you.

Dewalt planer Ridgid planer
Motor RPM 20,000 rpm 10,000 r/min. (RPM)
Cut depth 1/8 inch 1/8 inch
Weight 72.9 pounds 80 pounds
Depth adjustment Yes Yes
Reversible blade Yes Yes, dual edge
Dust hood Yes Yes
Blade change Yes Yes
Sof-touch control No Yes
Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

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Comparison – Dewalt VS Ridgid Planer

Now we will compare both planers with their differences and similarities. It will help you get a clear picture.

Key Differences Between Dewalt and Ridgid Planer

When comparing Dewalt VS Ridgid Planer, we need to know the key differences between them. Without knowing the differences, it becomes tough to compare. So here are the key differences between these two planers.

Motor RPM

The motor determines the capacity of a planer. The more powerful it is, the tougher materials it can handle. When it comes to Dewalt Planer, you will get a 15 AMP motor. The Ridgid offers the same AMP motor as well. However, you will get 20,000 rpm from Dewalt and 10,000 rpm speed from Ridgid. 

Though the cutter-head speed is 10,000 rpm for Dewalt too.  Due to the speed difference, you can cut tougher materials with Dewalt planer compared to Ridgid. Along with tough materials, handling large and deeper woods will be easier in Dewalt. However, Ridgid offers overload protection.

Cut per inch

The cut per inch will determine the finish quality of a planer. If you can pick a higher cut per inch planer, you will get a superior finish. When it comes to Dewalt and Ridgid, both of them offer superior finish. However, Dewalt offers 96 cuts per inch that ensure one of the finest finishes in the planer industry. In the round, Ridgid might be slightly behind Dewalt.


Without a proper gauge, measuring the right depth for the cut is impossible. And without proper depth cutting, achieving a superior finish is quite unnatural. Also, a gauge will help you get the same result every time. So having a perfect gauge for the consistent cut is mandatory.

The good news is, both of the planers offer gauge. However, the Dewalt planer features a material removal gauge along with a thickness scale. On the flip side, Ridgid features an Ind-I-Cut Depth Gauge to measure the depth. For a consistent result, both can work great. Here is a tie between these two.

Back to the most used depth

Every woodworker has a common depth to work with along with variable depths. However, changing depth and adjusting every time before working is tough for sure. It creates hassle and wastes time. Dewalt 734 comes into the market to solve this problem.

With its Turret depth stop, the user can easily get back into the most used depth. It will save time and make the job fun. Unfortunately, Ridgid doesn’t have anything like that.

Sof-touch control

For effective working with a planer, having a comfortable grip is mandatory. If you cannot get a smooth grip, working a long time will be painful. Both of the planers offer a good grip. However, Ridgid features sof-touch control that improves the grip a lot. You can comfortably work with the Ridgid planer for a long time.


The weight plays a vital role in terms of movability and portability. The weight of the Dewalt 734 planner is 80 LBS where Ridgid is only 72 LBS. So for more flexibility in moving, Ridgid will be a good choice.

Key similarities between Dewalt and Ridgid Planer

Along with the differences, there are some common things between these two planers. Let’s have a deep look at the similarities.

Reversible blade

Keeping the blade sharp and working is mandatory. Without a sharp blade, it is impossible to achieve a good finish. However, changing the blade costs a few bucks as well. For that, both the planners offer reversible blades. You can simply reverse the blade and get your sharpness back.

Cut depth

The depth of the cut tells you how great a finish you can achieve. Both of the planers offer 1/8 inch cut depth. Also, you will get depth adjustment from both of them. So depth is not a big deal.

Easy blade change

Changing the blade is important when your blade is dull. However, it takes time and effort. Even sometimes, you need to hire a professional. However, with both the planers, you can easily change the blade.

Large Infeed and outfeed table

A large infeed and outfeed are essential for smooth operation. The good news is, both the planers offer a large infeed and outfeed table. You will have 33-1/2-inch of material support from Dewalt and almost the same from Ridgid.

Dust hood

For an effective working environment, keeping the surface clean is important. Having proper dust management will ensure a perfect cleaning area. You can enjoy a cleaner environment from those two planers for their dust hoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions to ask after reading this comparison? If you do, please check our answers to some common questions below.

Is it worth buying a planer?

For an effective and successful woodworking project, achieving a good finish is mandatory. Without a good planer, you cannot achieve that finish; so obviously, it is worth buying a planer.

What should I look for when buying a wood planer? 

When buying a wood planer, consider the motor speed, motor capacity, depth adjustment, cut per inch, and dust management. Also, make sure to check the comfortable grip and weight for portability.

When would you use a planer?

When you need to shave the wood to make a joint or bring in a shape, you need to use a planer. It will help you create any shape for the wood.

What is the best planer on the market?

There are a few good planers in the market. You can name Dewalt, Ridgid, craftsman, and wen.


The Dewalt vs Ridgid planer comparison will help you get a clear picture of both the planer. You can understand their differences and similarities after reading the comparison. Both of them have some good features that will help you achieve a great finish in your woodworking projects.

Similarly, both of them have some drawbacks. Based on all the features, Dewalt might be slightly ahead of Ridgid. So for a successful woodworking project, picking Dewalt 734 planer over the Ridgid will be a good decision. However, you are the master of your mind. So pick the right one for your needs.

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