Dyson V11 Torque vs V11 Animal: Which is Better Cordless Stick Vacuum

When you look for a carpet cleaning vacuum then the best cordless vacuum would be Dyson. It cleans the carpet without leaving mites, dust, and stains which are visible or invisible both.

Therefore a lot of us are trying to fix their mind on a certain Vacuum but meanwhile, they remain confused about what to purchase. Well, when it is about Dyson then we commonly get stuck between Dyson v11 torque vs v11 animal.

Keeping this in mind, we today will share the key differences between these two baits. If you go through this whole article you will come to know which turns great in what situation.

Dyson V11 Torque vs V11 Animal

Comparison of Dyson V11 Torque vs V11 Animal

Best for Hard Floors
Best for Hard FloorsDyson V11 TorqueWeight: 6.68 lbs
Cord Length: Cordless Soft Dusting Brush: Yes
Display: LED Run Time: 60 mins
Dust Bin: .76 L
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Best for Pet Hair and Carpet
Best for Pet Hair and CarpetDyson V11 AnimalWeight: 6.68 lbs
Cord Length: Cordless Soft Dusting Brush: No
Display: LCD Run Time: 60 mins
Dust Bin: .76 L
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Quick Overview of Dyson V11 torque & V11 animal

Things We Like:

  • Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS)
  • High Torque cleaner head
  • Digital LED/LCD display
  • HEPA air filter
  • Nickel Torque Drive
  • Mini Motorized Tool

Dyson is a famous lineup when it comes to dealing with powerful suction. Moreover, it is far more convenient compared to its competitors. Having upright cleaning modes with lightweight attachments, it almost outweighs any surface areas. By the way, it is more generous to the carpet cleaning.

The Dyson V11 torque and V11 animal both closely meet in regards to the features. For example, they both have amazing suction power however, V11 torque and animal wins the race against many vacuum cleaner. Because the spin of it rotates at 1,250000 RPM turns out, it produces 20% of the V11 animal.

The whole unit easily store in any place and with the cordless version you can take it anywhere as well. The HEPA filter tackles the maximum dust and debris both. That makes the unit ideal for cleaning pet hair to large debris around the home.


  • It comes with maximum run power as a cordless vacuum cleaner
  • The unit offers the broad cleaning head to get fixed with attachments
  • It runs under 3 cleaning modes (eco, auto, and boost)


  • It comes with a small Bin capacity
  • One of the most expensive deals in the market

What is the Difference Between Dyson V11 torque and V11 Animal?

We have already told you that there are a few differences between them. However, we sorted out a number of them which we will share below

Soft Dusting Brush

When it comes to telling about the main difference between V11 torque and animal we must say it is about the soft or mini dusting brush. Both of this vacuum allows you to remove their neck and add the accessories. Moreover, the number of accessories is almost the same in order.

Dyson V11 Torque vs V11 Animal Brush

However, the V11 torque goes ahead with the soft brush tool. So the V11 torque has a wide dusting brush with its wide nozzle. This dusting brush is great for picking up the dust across the home furniture so turn out great for your living room.


We get to see the display of these two Vacuums have some difference. We find the V11 torque drive is more advanced with the real-time displaying. Because the  Torque drive comes with the LED version display that shows up the real-time operation.

Dyson V11 Torque vs V11 Animal Display

For example, you will get to know what’s the rest of the life of your battery. That being said, it works as a countdown timer. However, the V11 animal will show you up the three different levels of battery life not the exact time like the torque drive. Moreover, you can get the three-level of operation as well which are boost, auto, and eco mode.


Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the expensive bait compared to its doppelganger V11 animal. The extra money you will need to invest due to the LED display and soft dusting attachments. So, don’t get it that the V11 animal is affordable. Here is why the price is not a barrier to you while you are looking for these features.

Which is better Dyson v11 torque or v11 animal

There is a different price point between these two Dyson Vacuum carpet cleaner. Obviously, the better price brings a better solution, indeed.

The soft dusting brush makes the difference mainly here. Because while you are buying a Vac-cleaner for the complete solution of your living room, then the V11 torque would be the best bait under the expensive bucks.

Furthermore, the V11 torque drive will show you the precise timer, like how much battery power is left. To do so, it will show up the precise timer of the battery lifetime.

On the other hand, if you are only looking for a perfect carpet cleaner without breaking the bank, then the V11 animal would be affordable. So it depends on your choice or preference in which you want to invest and why.

Is Dyson v11 worth the money?

Dyson V11 is an expensive bait but it paid off with its all amazing features. More importantly, it is the best vacuum ever for carpet cleaning like 99% allergens, dust, mites, and stains go away!

Is Dyson V11 good for hardwood floors?

Dyson V11 Torque Drive is good and even somewhat better than the V11 animal due to its soft dusting brush tool. Besides, the overall performance of both Vacuum is quite satisfactory to the hard floor for the tile and wood surface. The High Torque cleaner head has just nailed it.

Final Verdict

In the end, the best vacuum is something that will closely meet your demand no matter it comes with a few shortcomings. We have shared the comparison of our Dyson v11 torque vs v11 animal article; now, you have two choices left.

You may go to the superior features spending more bucks on it, or you may go with the runners up V11 animal with its carpet or floor cleaning. Make sure; once you make a deal with the V11 animal, you won’t have access to the furniture or curtain cleaning.

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