How Do You Make Vinyl Floors Shiny

Vinyl is the perfect choice for a glossy floor with the least effort. This synthetic material can endure a lot either at home or office. But, continuous exposure to stains and abrasive chemicals can fade out the shine and reduce vinyl integrity.

It will make you relieved that bringing back the vinyl’s shine is easy. And it requires a few common household products to do that. Stay with us if you want to know those easy ways to make the vinyl floor sparkling shiny.

How Do You Make Vinyl Floors Shiny

Clean Up the Dirt

Before we dig into some of the easiest ways to shine the vinyl, you have to clean the dirt from the floor. Clean the floor with warm water and a soft detergent mixture. Use two different mops to do the job—the first mop for the detergent solution and the second one to wipe out the excess water.

Don’t leave the floor with water. Puddles are the worst enemies of vinyl. If water penetrates through any cracked joints, the vinyl will easily chip off, and things can get beyond repair.

Pick the Best Product to Make Vinyl Floor Shiny

Baking Soda

Like lifting your favorite cake, baking soda(View on Amazon) can also shine up the vinyl. The soda is well known for its scouring and abrasive features. Follow the simple steps to glaze the floor with soda.

  • Add 50-grams of Baking Soda into 3-liters of warm water
  • Stir the solution until properly mixed
  • Use a mop to apply the solution on the floor
  • Rinse the solution with another mop soaked in water
  • You can use an alcohol solution to shine up more
  • Clean the floor again
  • Let it dry


Alcohol has some magical power for cleaning. It can remove some of the most stubborn stains. Moreover, alcohol is an excellent deodorizer too. If you have an old vinyl and need some serious cleaning and shining, consider alcohol your first choice.

Water and alcohol solution is an excellent after-shiner too. Let’s see how you can use it to polish up the vinyl.

  • Add 3 tablespoon alcohol in 1-Liter of warm water
  • Mix it thoroughly
  • Soak a mop or cloth
  • Rinse excess water
  • Wash the vinyl
  • Let it dry


Like alcohol, vinegar(View on Amazon) both clean and deodorize any floor. Besides, it sanitizes any surface with grim dirt and stains. No matter how dull or foul-smelling the floor is, alcohol can take care of almost any.

Apple cider vinegar works great on stains and stinks. So if you want a pleasing smell with deep clean, pick this fruity flavor. On the other hand, any regular white vinegar is more on the stronger side. They focus more on cleaning rather than deodorizing.

Follow the steps to use vinegar as a great shining agent.

  • Make a solution of ½-cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon Mineral oil, 1 tablespoon Liquid Detergent in 1-gallon warm water.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly
  • Soak a mop in the solution and rinse it off
  • Apply the solution on the vinyl using the dampened mop
  • Rinse the mop in running water after use
  • Dip the mop in plain water and rinse the floor
  • Let it dry for the glazing shine

Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is equally powerful in cleaning and shining vinyl as it drives away all the fatigue in the breakfast. The thick fat and protein structure are excellent to scrub any dirt and polish the surface.

However, you cannot just break and pour the yolk on the floor. Let us make the process clear to you.

  • Mix 2 egg yolk with lukewarm water
  • Make it an evenly mixed solution
  • Dip a microfiber broom
  • Wipe the floor gently

Black Soap

We have put the black soap at the last because it can tarnish the shine instead of making the vinyl look polished. You need to degrease this soap to reduce its aggressive nature.

If you are tackling with a super stinky vinyl, black soap can be a good option. Otherwise, you need to be extra cautious while using the soap.

  • Take 2-liters of warm water in a bucket
  • Add 2 tablespoon of black soap to it
  • Mix them properly
  • Dip a mop and rinse excess solution
  • Wipe the floor with the mop
  • Take another bucket with water
  • Soak the mop and wash the floor
  • Let the floor dry

Tips to Keep the Vinyl Floor Shiny

After all the hard work of cleaning and shining, it’s time to keep the gloss and shine intact. For the best possible result, use a wax-free polish or floor sealer. When we say wax-free, we mean it.

Vinyl is non-waxable and comes with a polyurethane coating on the top. This coat prevents any wax from adhering to the surface. So unless using a wax-free polish, you will end up with a hard-to-remove plaster.

Thus, if you have an anti-wax vinyl, use a polish that does not come with wax; before doing any polish, clean the floor and remove all the dirt and dust. We would recommend using a broom rather than a vacuum.

Put one or two thin coats of polish on the vinyl. It will keep the floor polished at least for a year. Follow the instruction on the wax container for the best outcome.

Why do my vinyl floors look dull? 

Vinyl floors are reliable and durable if you take Maintenance seriously. It is super sensitive to UV rays, saltwater, and strong chemicals. If you are skipping the regular cleansing, it can make the floors look dull as well.

Can you put the polish on vinyl flooring? 

Yes, you can use polish over the vinyl surface. But be careful with the procedure you’re following. Take a tiny amount of polish and start polishing. You can also use elbow grease here. But make sure the surface is cleaned correctly before polishing.

How can I make the vinyl floor shine without wax?

If you’re not willing to wax the vinyl, you can still get the shiny cleansing. Household Alcohol will be a great help here. Just make a solution with 1:1 = Water: Alcohol. Use the solution with a cotton pad or mop. Make sure you’re going gently over the surface. You can try other remedies too. White vinegar, commercial cleaners also do a good job here.

Final Words

Vinyl is a perfect option to keep the floor and your savings in shape. They are durable and can endure a lot. If you take good care of them, those synthetic plastics will keep the beauty of your home intact for a long time.

Do not waste time if you see the floor is losing its glare. You know almost all the proven tricks and tips to make the vinyl floor shiny. Choose the methods that suit your requirements and wait for the dazzling outcome.

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