How to Clean Dark Wood Floors?

Deciding how to clean your dark wood floors can be difficult because not all wood floor cleaners are the same. Some may leave a film on beautiful floor while some might cause damage. The instruction below will help take the mystery out of cleaning the dark wood floors and make it easy for you!

Being able to clean all that dirt, grime and dust from your dark wood floors makes them look great again. But what do you use? How do you make sure not to damage your dark wood floors? And how often should you keep up with the cleaning process?

How to Clean Dark Wood Floors

Make Your Floor Look Clean

Light color shows dirt and debris less. The darker you go, the more the dirt gets visible on the floor. So, you have to clean it up at a regular interval. And doing that is tough even if it’s a small portion of the floor. So, it is better not to get overboard and get flooring that is too dark. Instead, go dark but one or two shades lighter. Even if there is debris on the floor, it will not look nasty due to the light shade of both the floor and dirt.  It is a simple way to make your dark wood flooring look clean.

Clean It To Keep It New

A dark wood floor that looks clean might not be clean in actuality. So, here starts your actual work. Just like any other hardwood floors, this needs proper maintenance not to look dingy. It will help if you cleaned it daily to maintain the luster and glossy finish of it.

Why It Needs Proper Cleaning

Hardwood floors, at a minimum, last for three decades. But if you lose the sheen on it, even if it lasts, you will have to live with dull flooring. So, the best you can do is clean it properly with high-quality materials right from the first day. There is no point in saving some bucks and using low-quality products. The low cleaning products will be harsh on the floor and will leave scratches on it. The finish is going to start peeling off. Then the adhesive might also lose its ability to adhere. As a result, the wood pieces will start separating. So, if not cleaned at a regular interval, and with proper cleaning products, a dark wood floor is not going to last.

Easy Steps To Keep Dark Wood Floors Clean


To clean a dark wood floor, you need a vacuum cleaner, a microfiber mop, and a liquid solution. A microfiber mop is not mandatory but the best to clean a hardwood floor without scratches and streaks. You can also use soft polyurethane.

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, the first thing that comes to our mind is the age-old, super-effective vinegar. But avoid mopping it with vinegar as it doesn’t work very well on dark hardwood. However, you get nothing effective to clean, you can still use it, but after diluting it properly with water.

Few Easy Steps: Dusting

When it comes to cleaning a floor, the first is always dusting. For that, you can use a broom and dustpan. Or straight invest in a vacuum cleaner. And we have already made it clear to you that you need a vacuum cleaner. Clean the surface thoroughly by dry dusting. A vacuum cleaner is easy to use and fast too.

Next Step: Mopping

The next step is to use a microfiber mop. Such mops can be of two types. Either you can use the steam mop cleaner or the mops with a water tank on it.

Mopping With A Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner will be the gentlest on your dark hardwood floors. They have washable microfiber pads that can be repeatedly used and washed and are not harsh on the floor. So, the luster, sheen, and finish, every feature of the floor are going to stay intact.

Mopping With A Liquid Solution

There are microfiber mops that have a water tank on it, and they come with a not too harsh solution as well. The spray nozzle on them doesn’t allow you to use too much of it. So, your floor doesn’t lose the sheen even if you are obsessed with a clean floor and mop it every day.


You can also use a glass cleaner to mop your dark hardwood floors. Cleaning a whole house with a glass cleaner is way too much so, use it for the stubborn stains.  Spray it on the stain and use polyurethane to clean it.

Cleaning the hardwood floors automatically takes us to mop, which includes wet mopping as well. But cleaning the hardwood floor with regular water is a bad idea. Water damages woods. Even if it is engineered, the nature of the woods and water is not going to change. So, if you mop woods with water, slowly, the wood will get damaged, and the floor will be ruined. And a wood floor is not something that you are going to change or refinish every year. So, be cautious and take proper care of your dark wood floors.

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