How to Clean Sealed Concrete Floors

Though the concrete flooring is often considered an outdoor material, nowadays, it is similarly durable for every homeowner inside the home surfaces. Besides, sealed concrete can be an attractive and low maintenance alternative for indoor flooring also. You would know that sealed concrete is non-porous, and it resists most stains. But it is remarkably easy to clean and maintain.

Sealed Concrete Floors has not only a lot of advantages but also low maintenance costs. It has no joints and grout lines to trap dirt. If the floor is properly sealed and has no joints and grout lines to trap dirt, it will be a stain, water, and abrasion-resistant. If you choose a sealed concrete floor, you do not need to panic towards its cleaning and maintenance.

How to Clean Sealed Concrete Floors

How to clean the sealed concrete floor?

Sealed or Polish floors create an authentic look and enhance the beautification of your floor. It is sometimes considered a popular flooring solution for indoor areas such as driveway, patios, or garage floor. It’s also low maintenance for its non-porosity. However, it requires proper cleaning to keep it in pristine conditions.

To clear the sealed concrete floor, you need regular cleaning equipment. You can use simple equipment that already has at your home. You may able to cleaning sealed concrete through it and don’t require any extra investment. Here we are talking about those tools you’ll need:

A bristle broom- With your regular sweep broom, you can do start to the cleaning surface.

A dust mop- Throughout the normal cotton cloth heads mop, you do the cleaning. You need a bucket of warm water and a wet mop.

A mild detergent- This is a common cleaner and always available on your home. So you may use it to clean the concrete surface.

Bleach- It would be best for the heavy stained concrete floor and surface.

Now we’ll describe the details of the cleaning process step by step.

You don’t need to use any vacuum cleaner for cleaning the sealed concrete floor. Just use those following cleaning products to restore your sealed floor.

At first, sweep off all sorts of debris with a bristle brush. Be sure to clean the dirt from the sealed floor. Now add a short amount of detergent into a bucketful of warm water. And stir up the mixture with a wet mop. Don’t use any highly acidic cleanser or bleaching agents as those may eat away your sealed materials. Now wring the damp mop well and mop over the sealed concrete floor. Here you need to make sure that you are vacuuming over the all stained floor. Now leave the surface to dry, and thus you would be able to clean up your sealed concrete floor.

Steps to Deep Clean Stained Sealed Concrete Floors

For tougher stains, you’ve used the cleaning procedure above, but that refuses to come out. Then try out the following alternative sealed concrete cleaning process:

Use a high-powered vacuum cleaner that will suck up the dirt particles and debris from your floor.

Make an ammonia solution: An ammonia solution is the best to remove stain from your sealed concrete floor. Make a solution by mixing water and ammonia in a 3:1 ratio. Then plunge a wet mop into the solution, wring it, then run it over the stained areas of the sealed concrete floor. Do this process frequently until you’ve worked out all stains.

You should use a scrub pad to scour the stain out if there is any stuck-on grime from food or beverage spills. After, damp up the surface with the wet mop that has been soaked in ammonia solution.

Once you have done, use a dry cotton cloth or towel to dry up the floor surface. Keeping open your windows and run the fan to keep a good ventilation system in your room.

Things to avoid using on your sealed concrete floor

You should avoid some products on your sealed concrete floor. Those are:

Muriatic acid- Hydrochloric acid or Muriatic acid is a strong chemical cleaner. It’s usually used for cleaning off tough stains.

But here we recommend you not to use this high acidity on your sealed surface. It will eat away your sealed surface material and create a dull look on your floor. It also leaves discolor, unsightly floor surface that actually spoil the sealed.

If you have already made this mistake, you need to reseal it.

Other Tips for Maintenance of Sealed Concrete Floors

Apart from regular cleaning using procedures, you may consider a couple of other maintenance actions that would consider your sealed concrete floor.

Rebuffing: This action will help to restore the elegant, glossy finish on polished concrete floors.

Resealing: A sealed concrete floor needs to reseal about every three years. You may know the sealer material tends to wear down gradually. So sealed concrete desired enhanced durability, the sealing process has to be done correctly. It would be better to contact a professional concrete sealing/polishing contractor if you’re unsure about your cleaning process.

Advantages of concrete flooring

  • The sealed concrete floor is pet-friendly and easy clean-up for muddy paws and accidents.
  • You can apply the simple cleaning process, for example, dry or damp mopping.
  • Routine maintenance keeps the floor refresh and new.

Sealed type of concrete flooring is not only decorative but also maintenance free. Concrete floors are comparatively easy to care than other flooring types, especially carpet, laminated floor, wooden floor, tiles floor, etc. The concrete floor requires regulars a little bit of attention. How much maintenance your floor needs, it largely depends on the amount of traffic it receives.

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