How to Remove Baking Soda Residue from Carpet

Thoroughly clear rugs feel inviting and cozy. But, when your carpet are stained and tried to remove by baking soda, it leaves a white residue. The residue left may be muddy grainy or streaky it gives your carpet a dirty look. Now, you are thinking about the replacement cost of carpet or calling an expensive cleaning service.

If, you don’t want to call an expensive cleaning service or avoid the replacement cost, you need to know how to remove baking soda residue from carpet. Yes, definitely it is difficult. But, you can easily remove the baking soda residue from carpet by following this trusted cleaning solution.

How to Remove Baking Soda Residue from Carpet

How to Remove Baking Soda Residue from Carpet


Using White Vinegar

This is an effective process. You can try this process if you have white vinegar on your hand. Let’s see how you can remove baking soda residue with white vinegar.

  • Take 3:1 hot water and white vinegar in a mixing bowl.
  • Take a clean sponge and soaks into the mixture.
  • Scrub the affected area with the sponge.
  • Repeat the process until the baking soda residue disappears.
  • Use dry towel and apply pressure on the affected area.

Using Vacuum

It is another effective process, but need to have a vacuum and a stiff brush.

  • Brush the affected area to loosen the dried baking soda residue.
  • Then vacuum the area.
  • If the baking soda residue does not fully go away then use warm water to dilute the area and blot it up. After completely dry, vacuum again.

Both of these methods are effective not only for removing the baking soda residue but also popular for removing the baking soda stains.

Must Pay Attention Point:

Now you know how to remove the baking soda residue from carpet. But, before applying these methods you need to consider some points.

  • Use white vinegar as vinegar creates effervesce (bubble-up) by reacting with baking soda.
  • If it is winter than the furnace will help and in the summer season use a fan, to avoid the mild/mildew risk during the process.
  • Don’t use any cleaning agents to remove baking soda residue. If do, then maintain the pH 10 or below 10 during use cleaning agent.
  • Before using any cleaning agent you need to know what type of carpet you use. If it is woolen one then avoid cleaning agent. Because bleach and ammonia can damage your carpet.

Why Use White Vinegar

The white vinegar is an Eco-friendly and inexpensive magic liquid that is available in every kitchen. It can be used as a brighter, deodorizer, and additionally for cooking. If you are looking for the alternative of carpet shampoo or steam cleaner solution.  Then this Eco-friendly and inexpensive vinegar is the right choice.

Some cleaning agents can change the color or effects on texture of the carpet. Some agents are not safe for your health, your baby or pet health. So, before using any cleaning agent, you need to check for color fastness or changes in texture on small inconspicuous portion. In other hand, white vinegar is completely safe for pet health as well as you and your baby health. White vinegar not only removes the stains but also remove the bad smell from the carpet. It is also capable of killing the mild/mildew. In addition, it can remove food spills, muddy footprints or pet stains.

Final Words

Now, you know several methods of how to remove baking soda residue from carpet. DIY tactics always budget friendly and effective for your carpets, tiles, bathroom or your living room. You don’t need to buy any cleaning agents or hiring any cleaning experts. Just make a mixture with white vinegar and water and use it. And also try to clean your carpet regularly for its long lifetime.