Is Ridex Good for Septic Tanks: Explained in 3 Reasons

Many people want to keep their septic system super feasible by adding additives like ridex. The goal is to boost the breakdown process of solid wastes by promoting bacterial growth. Well, I know you are aware of the cleaning and maintaining of the entire system, but adding additives is often considered an extra and unnecessary step. Let’s find out is ridex good for septic tanks or not.

Many homeowners consider ridex as a form of additive that promotes bacteria to quickly break down the human waste present in the septic tank. But many of them do not agree with this concept, too. I will try to clear the confusion here

Is Ridex Good for Septic Tanks

What is Ridex?

Ridex is a form of additive containing different types of enzymes and microorganisms. The purpose of using ridex is to add some extra support to the normal bacteria that are naturally present in the septic tank to enhance their action as well as promote the breakdown of the solid waste.

Is Ridex Good for Your Septic System?

As I’ve mentioned, the reason behind using ridex to the septic system is to enhance the action of the bacteria to breakdown the solid waste. But the truth is something else. It is always better to avoid using any additives to the septic system.

Here I will explain why you should avoid using this type of chemical products to the septic system:

1. They Have a Little Positive Effect

The amount of bacteria and enzyme in a septic tank is several times bigger than the number of bacteria and enzymes present in an additive.

It’s like pouring a glass of water in a kibble full of water. In other words, additives provide a little benefit that is not necessary at all.

2. They Can Kill the Microorganisms

Sometimes, the bacteria of the septic tank die due to the harsh chemical action of harmful additives. It is the worst effect of using additives to the tank.

Just imagine the situation– you’ve poured additives to improve the bacterial growth, but the additives acted like poison for the bacteria!

3. They Have Hazardous Effect, too

An additional info I want to share: According to the Ohio Department of Health, the additives like ridex have a hazardous and detrimental effect on the septic system. It contains stronger enzymes, but a properly maintained septic system contains natural bacteria. Adding additives will break down the waste faster than normal.

It may seem a good thing, but it won’t let the waste settle to the bottom of the tank. As a result, the solid waste will make its way to the drain field via the outlet baffle. Over time, the drain field will be clogged and create unpleasant issues like slow draining, poor flushing, etc.

To be honest, there is nothing to make your septic tank magically transformed. The only way is to wait for the bacteria making it easy for you as the additives have a few good effects but ultimately it will ruin the system.

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Effective Alternatives to Maintain the Bacteria

To keep the bacteria at their optimum condition, you need to maintain some simple tips:

  • Avoid pouring harsh chemicals like pesticides, antifreeze, paint thinners, bleach, etc.
  • Avoid flush inorganic materials like cigarette butts, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, etc.
  • Use a natural cleaning solution to clean the system.
  • Avoid flooding the septic system with the water from bathtubs, dishwashers, and washing machines.

Anything you put into the tank, make sure it won’t interfere with the bacterial growth and action. If the microorganisms get the optimum condition, they will do the rest of the job for you.

Natural Toilet Cleaner for Your Septic System

The only effective way to keep your septic system in a good condition is to maintain it properly. Using cleaning products with bleach will destroy the microorganisms. As a result, the waste solids of the septic tank won’t break down. Try this natural cleaner to keep the septic system clean and to keep the microorganisms workable:

At the first time, flush about half cup dry baking yeast to the toilet. After adding baking yeast, you will need to add about ¼ cup instant yeast frequently, preferably every after four months. Yeast is a much better option to break down the solid waste of the septic system. Also, you need to clean the entire septic unit every 3-4 years to avoid any issue.

How the Septic System Works?

A properly maintained septic tank contains the wastewater that comes from your house. The solid wastes gather on the ground surface and the liquids rise on top. The microorganisms found in the waste help to decompose the solid wastes, help them to settle, and create a sludged layer. You need to pump out the sludge layer from the system every 3-4 years. The bacteria slowly and efficiently break down the solids and that’s how the septic system works.

Does Ridex Really Work?

Ridex usually does not harm your septic tank, but it does not provide any additional benefit, either. Studies have shown that the additives are not that effective for the septic system. The most effective thing is the bacteria as they break down the solid waste. Also, you can use baking yeast to promote the degradation of waste.

How Can I Clean the Septic Tank? 

You can use a natural cleaner to clean your septic tank. You will need some nature ingredients, like ½ cup vinegar, ¼ cup baking soda, and some lemon. Mix all the ingredients and make a cleaning solution. It will work wonders for your septic system. You won’t need any harsh chemical cleanser anymore.


It is not wise to use ridex or any other additive to enhance the performance of the microorganisms. They are naturally present in the septic tank and do their work effectively. You can use yeast instead of chemicals, also a natural cleaner that won’t kill the bacteria. Lastly, don’t forget to take proper care of your septic system to get the best service.

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