Is Roofing Felt Waterproof?

One of the most prevalent items during our house building process is roofing felt. Selection of quality roofing felt, or layer can increase the beauty and safety by many degrees. Two of the confusions in current times, is roofing felt waterproof? And, is it just water-resistant? 

We have to observe profoundly if we desire to come to a point. But concisely, most of the roofing felts are water-resistant, not waterproof. Yet, we can find waterproof layers or felt in the market, and it may cost you more than the average roofing felt. 

Generally, procedures use wood chips or polyester elements to generate the roofing felt. However, we all know roofing felt is a layer to work as an agent or barrier between the deck of the roof and the lower floor. 

And it is water-resistant means you can get protection from water, but it is pretty low. On the other hand, waterproof means the complete solution against water.

Is Roofing Felt Waterproof

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How To Apply Roofing Felt To Make Water-Resistant?

In general, the available roofing felts in the market are water-resistant. The price goes high when you choose a product with more durability. Lesser the price of the roofing felt, inadequate the protection it will get.

Although, let’s go and enlighten ourselves to turn an average quality roofing felt into a robust, water-resistant layer.

  1. First, go to the shop and ask for it. While asking for the roofing felt, you must disclose to the shopkeeper that you desire to have a quality product, and it must be durable for above 15 years.

Do not forget to measure your roof prior to purchase. Otherwise, you may end up with a shortage of roofing felt.

  1. Afterwards, fetch the purchased roofing felt on your roof and stick it to the surface with waterproof glue. 
  1. After covering the whole roof, you must use nails or spikes. Nails are to make roofing feel robust to stick to the surface. Now leave the roofing felt to rest for a day. 
  1. The next day, you will need a blow torch to apply to the roofing felt.
  1. The next step requires both time and patience. If you lose patience, you will surely have leakage.

Now, Apply the blow torch on the borders of the roofing felt. It will melt the borders roofing felt. By this process, roofing felt will lose the gaps between them. And eventually, it will work as a barrier to the rain or snow.

  1. Whenever you face a leak in your roofing felt, All you can do is, measure the leaked area and cut the area from the roofing felt. After that make a cut from the new roofing felt by an exact measure of the leaked area. And, attach on the roof surface by gluing and blowing a torch.

The Benefits And Traits Of A Ideal Roofing Felt 

While purchasing, you must not ignore the set of traits of ideal roofing felt. Besides being a water-resistant material, it has some other benefits. 

Let’s explain the vital tangible features below which will motivate you to buy.


The design of the roofing felt is so convenient that we can apply it on any type of roof. The advanced products of Bitumen are so convenient that we can cut or resize the roofing felt without facing any sort of hassle. 

Moreover, modern roofing felts are more likely to stick with the roof than the previous designs or products about adhesive sticking.

Repairing Is Easy

Suppose you are facing a leak in your roofing layer or felt; you can easily detect the portion where the leak exists. Afterwards, you can cut according to the size and use glue to stick the piece. 

Eventually, the leak or the small damage will no longer be there. If the damage is severe, you can also detach the old felt and attach the new felt. 

Since the roofing felt is easy to resize or cut, it is also an undemanding procedure when we need to fix any issue. It requires less time and money.

Has No Alternative In The Decoration Part

When you are decorating or building the roof of your home, you must think of the roofing felt. Though it is possible to turn the roof water and snow resistant without applying felt, it is far more expensive than the average cost of roofing felt. 

It is most significant when you are using wood or logs to build your home and roof. Generally, we can’t remove the leak or distance between two logs or wooden boards. 

Cheap To Utilize

You can find a plethora of products that you can use as an alternative to the roofing felt. Like, EPDM, Rubber Underlay, waterproof ice and rain guard and many more. They all do what a roofing feels like. But if we consider the cost, the total expense is far more than the applying cost of roofing felt. If your home’s roofing felt cost is $100, with any other guard system, the applying cost will be above $300.


Is it OK for roofing felt to get wet?

Roofing felt is the product to attach with the roof and create a barrier between the inner and outer of a house. Its primary task is to save the inside of the home from the rain or snow.

Therefore, we can say yes, roofing felt is okay to get wet. Water can’t cause any damage to the felt until it is sleeting or hailing heavily.

You must desire the information about the features of roofing felt before buying.

Is felt underlayment waterproof?

Roofing felt or underlayment is the product that seals our roof so that no leakage starts. The prime task of this layer is to create a shield against rain or snow. And the structure of Bitumen is highly efficient against falling rainwater. Hence, this layer of Bitumen or roofing felt is waterproof.

Yet, heavy rain like sleet can cause damage or depreciation. And, hail can cause leakage in an insufficient number.

Before buying, ask the shopkeeper if you feel underlayment is highly tolerable towards hail or not.


The choice is always yours. It is entirely up to you that which you are willing to use. Average roofing felt can serve at most 20 years. This is true; it is not waterproof, yet the resisting quality of the roofing felt is relatively high. It will surely not let the rain or snow enter or cross your roof.

If you are looking for an advanced roofing system that’s cost lies in your budget, roofing felt is an ideal solution. Furthermore, with the price, the other options are expensive in terms of fixing any damage or leakage. 

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