Landmark Driftwood vs. Weathered Wood Shingles

Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto the shore because of tides, waves or harsh winds. They provide homes to birds and plants. Once processed and engineered, it can be used in making furniture, decorations, etc. Landmark produces some of the best wood types for roofing and furniture. Their driftwood is excellent for construction, with a beautiful, neutral gray look.

Wood shingles are thin pieces of wood used to protect houses from harsh weather. They come in various sizes, shapes and patterns. Weathered wood shingles are wood pieces that have been weathered down due to excessive exposure to sunlight and moisture. This gives them a dark brown, earthy look that looks great in furniture, roofs, and floors.

Both Landmark driftwood and weathered wood shingles are excellent choices for whatever wooden project you want to do. Driftwood shingles are lighter with splashes of brown highlights, while weathered wood shingles are mostly grey with some brown highlights. However, which wood type works best for you depend on the purpose, cost, and durability of the wood.

Landmark Driftwood vs Weathered Wood Shingles
 Landmark Driftwood Weathered Wood Shingles
 CostLandmark driftwood is very expensive and out of budget for most people.Weathered wood shingles are more budget friendly and affordable.
DurabilityLandmark creates some of the strongest driftwood you will find.Without the effects of changing climates, weathered wood shingles tend to last about 30 to 60 years.
WorkabilityBecause of its heavyweight properties, landmark driftwood is harder to work with.Weathered wood shingles are easy to work with and can be cut, glued and finished easily.
DensityThe wood is extremely thick and strong.Weathered wood shingles are light, thin pieces of wood.

Similarities Between Landmark Driftwood and Weathered Wood Shingles

Aesthetic value

One of the best features of wood is its natural beauty and shine. Weathered wood shingles have a gorgeous brown colour that looks great in walls and furniture. Wood shingles require good, long term maintenance, so it retains its shine. Simple cleaning will do well to prevent rot.

Landmark driftwood is equally luxurious and comes in a range of colours. Most buyers are attracted to the large selection they can choose from. If you’re looking in terms of beauty and design, landmark driftwood and weathered wood shingles are both great options.


With proper maintenance, weathered wood shingles can last up to 60 years. Not only are they durable, they are also strong and less susceptible to cracks.

Leather wood shingles are also durable and can act as a strong foundation for your house. Both wood types are durable, and whichever one you pick will be a great choice.

Key Differences Between Landmark Driftwood and Weathered Wood Shingles


Weather wood asphalt shingles are very affordable and easy to purchase. You can buy enough to roof a whole building without spending excess money. The price of weather wood shingles is about 90 dollars per square.

On the other hand, landmark driftwood products are very expensive. Both landmark shingles and landmark pro are costly and require you to spend lots of money.  Landmark driftwood prices range from 0.69 to 2.32 dollars per square foot, or 69 to 232 dollars per square.

Landmark driftwood also comes with a paid extended warranty and other paid features. However, landmark driftwood is one of the best-made driftwood on the market and is definitely worth the money.


One of the main reasons people like landmark driftwood is because of the variety the product has. The driftwood comes in over 17 different colours that appeal to homeowners. Buyers can choose which colour they want their driftwood to have.

Weathered wood shingles does not have as much variety. While weathered wood shingles have a beautiful surface, it only comes in one dark down colour.


While landmark driftwood is strong and heavy, weathered wood shingles has lower density and is easier to work with. The lightweight quality of wood shingles allows for easier construction and flexibility.

Landmark driftwood allows for better protection against rough winds and weathers. It is also less likely to be damaged by rain or moisture. This is why landmark driftwood is best for roofing, outdoor walls and furniture.

Pros and Cons of Landmark Driftwood


  • Landmark driftwood offers multiple colours you can choose from.
  • It is strong and durable.
  • Each landmark driftwood you buy comes with a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Landmark has some of the best quality driftwood you can find.
  • Landmark driftwood is heavyweight and contains lots of asphalt.


  • Landmark driftwood tends to be more expensive than regular driftwood.
  • You have to pay for extended warranty on your driftwood.

Pros and Cons of Weathered Wood Shingles


  • It has a beautiful brown colour.
  • Weathered wood shingles don’t shrink or grow during changing climate.
  • Because wood shingles are lightweight, you can easily cut, glue and finish them.
  • They are susceptible to paint and stains.
  • They are long-lasting and don’t rot easily.


  • If the wood is not chemically treated, it can attract insects.
  • Weathered wood shingles are highly flammable.
  • Wood shingles require lots of maintenance.
  • Cracks may appear in the wood after some time.


Landmark driftwood and weathered wood shingles are both great options for your wooden construction. Before deciding which wood type to use, consider your budget, what you want to use the wood for, and the durability of the wood. By examining all these options, you will know which wood is best for you.

Whether you select landmark driftwood or weathered wood shingles, both wood types are amazing and will work well for you.

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