Toilet Smells Like Sewage When Flushed! How to Fix it?

Another worst day comes after a long time you paid the plumber! You are getting sick by smelling the heinous, hideous, and sewage odor that comes from your toilet.

In simple words, every time you flushed the toilet, the smell like rotten eggs started coming.

You replace the wax seal or reroute the sump line to eliminate the sick bad odor. But the heck is- the worst smell is still coming.

So, you ask yourself- why my toilet smells like sewage when flushed?

Don’t worry!

In this guide, we will break down everything behind the sewage smell and the solution to get rid of it.

Toilet Smells Like Sewage When Flushed

How to Get Rid of Sewer Smell in Bathroom

Vent Pipe Gets Clogged or Improperly Installed it

The vent pipe is a crucial piece of equipment in your plumbing system, which controls the air pressure. Also, it directs the odor to the outside of the home.

However, if the vent pipe gets clogged somehow or broken, the smell directs to your bathroom. And it causes the hideous odor.

Therefore, installing the vent pipe improperly also leads to the dead odor in your bathroom.

All these are responsible for the sewage like smells.


In case of improper installing, a professional can easily trace out the problem. And solve the issue by installing the vent pipe properly.

On the other hand, if the pipe gets clogged, it will be better to cut out that part. Next, add a studer vent under the sink. It removes almost 70% of the worst smells. 

If the odor is still there, we recommend flushing the entire vent pipe to solve the issue.

Therefore, if there are any leaks on the vent pipe, repairing the pipe will be your best bait. In this case, you must hire a plumber to do this task for you.

The plumber will use a smoke machine to trace out the leaking part and repair the pipe.

Dry or leaky P-Trap

Dry or leaky P-Trap is another reason for a sewer gas smell.

A P-Trap is a type of pipe that is like U used to trap and hold water. If this pipe functions correctly, it holds enough water and eliminates odor by preventing it from creeping into the drain.

The hideous smell will come if the P-trap pipe gets dried. Also, the smell starts spreading from the leaky P-trap.


You can easily get rid of the smell like sewage if the P-trap is dried. In this case, just turn the shower on and let water refill your P-trap pipe.

If the odor is still there, probably the P-trap pipe gets leaked. And it is tedious to repair the pipe for you.

Incorrect repairing or installing the P-trap pipe improperly will worsen the problem instead of fixing it. So, hiring a professional plumber will be a wise decision.

Loose or broken seal

Because of loose or broken seals, the toilet may smell like sewage.

Every toilet connects to the drain via two seals. If any of them come loose or get broken, they let the foul odor into your bathroom.

Now, you may ask, how can I understand that the seal gets broken? Abnormal filling of the toilet bowl with water lets you discern about the broken seal.

Loose seals also damage the wax ring, which could also be a reason to leak the toilet and spread the dirty smell.


You can easily fix the loose or broken seal by applying caulk. Use the caulk to the seal and also the bolt holes.

If your toilet bowl is wobbling around, then it is because of the broken wax ring. So, replace the wax ring and bring a new one and install it.

We recommend you call for a plumber if the toilet is getting broken to fix this issue.

Blockages Exist

A blockage may form if all the nasty or other garbage are flushed out into the toilet. These can build up a blockage and will be a reason for the smell when you flush the toilet.


Inspect all the pipes and release every blockage. We recommend you to call a professional to the task for you.


Getting rid of the dead smell when flushing the toilet is a pain in the ass.

The offensive smell doesn’t only make it impossible to stay in the home but also leads you to a serious problem.


Methane is the primary gas of the sewage smell. If you fail to control the gas, it spreads more methane. In return, you can suffer from weakness, vomiting, nausea, and others.

And most of the hideous odor comes from the toilet. And throughout this guide, we described why your toilet smells like sewage when flushed.

Try out each of the solutions to eliminate the sick smells from the toilet.

If any of the solutions fail to remove the bad odor, it’s time to call for a plumber.

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