Valspar 2000 Vs. Valspar 4000: Making the Perfect Choice

When it comes to making sure that you handle any paint project properly, there are several variables you need to put into consideration. One of the most important ones is determining what paint formula to use. This brings us to Valspar 2000 vs. Valspar 4000. While they may both appear completely similar on the surface, a lot is going on under the hood you need to know!

Valspar 2000 is the right choice for you if you want paint that gives you superior aesthetics and effect. But if you want something more affordable and, more importantly, free of all known toxins, then you may want to go for Valspar 4000.

Here’s more information about these two great paint products!

Valspar 2000 Vs. Valspar 4000 Full Comparison Table

S/NParametersValspar 2000Valspar 4000
1.AffordabilityLess AffordableMore Affordable
2.Level of AestheticsGreaterLesser
3.Volatile Organic CompoundsPresentAbsent
4.DurabilityHighly DurableHighly Durable
5.Ease of ApplicationVery EasyVery Easy
6.Best Location for UseIndoors and OutdoorsIndoors and Outdoors

Differences Between Valspar 2000 and Valspar 4000

Considering the fact that both these products are made by the same manufacturer and have almost the exact same appearance, many people are often easily led to believe that there isn’t any difference between the two paints.

However, this isn’t completely true.

We’ll be highlighting some of their most notable distinguishing factors subsequently.

Cost of Products

One of the places where you start to notice a sharp contrast between the Valspar 2000 and 4000 is when it comes to the asking price for both items.

At the moment, the cost of the Valspar Ultra 2000, be it for the semi-gloss finish, flat, or eggshell starts at $18. On the other hand, if you plan to get the Valspar Ultra 4000, whether in eggshell, semi-gloss finishes, or flat, the starting price here is $15.

For some people, this can be considered a relatively minor difference.

However, if you’re thinking of painting your home or commercial property and you’re on a budget at the moment, no one needs to say that the $3 difference here is of the utmost importance.

What’s more, the more paint you have to buy, the more pronounced this difference becomes.

Level of Aesthetics Afforded

The argument can be made that this is a resultant effect of the price difference. So, because the Valspar Ultra 2000 is more expensive than its counterpart, it delivers considerably better results as well.

However, whatever the reason behind the discrepancy might be, there can be no disputing the fact that you get a richer, deeper, and fuller effect with the Valspar 2000 as opposed to the Valspar 4000.

This is one of the major reasons that the former is favored when it comes to picking paints that stay beautiful and perfect for the long haul. Of course, the Valspar 4000 gives a very impressive result here as well. But, when that’s compared to the aesthetics of the Valspar 2000, one can almost immediately tell that something’s missing.

Presence of Volatile Organic Compounds

Also commonly referred to as VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds are chemical substances that are known to produce a significantly higher pressure of vapor when at room temperature.

These chemical compounds are a common feature in many water-based paints because their unique characteristics in these solvent-based mixtures increase flowability. In addition to this, VOCs also make the process of transferring paint to the desired surface easier and more accurate.

However, their presence in paints comes at some risk.

For example, while you might still be able to get by with using VOCs-based paint outdoors, their danger increases almost exponentially when used indoors. Also, these paints continue to give off harmful gasses even after the first year of painting! It also triggers allergies like headaches, asthma, and nausea more easily.

Lastly, because of how seriously VOC-based paints affect air quality, people who are in constant exposure to such air for long periods (like professional painters) can develop serious ailments like liver and lung damage.

Although the VOCs in Valspar 2000 can be considered minor, it’s important to remember that this paint does still contain trace amounts of the substance. This is as opposed to Valspar 4000 which doesn’t contain the substance in any amounts at all.

So, if you’re someone who intends to use the paint indoors and you’re very serious about air quality, you may find the Valspar 4000 more suited to your tastes.

The Durability of the Products

In fairness, this parameter is as much a similarity as it is a difference.

Both Valspar Ultra products are remarkably more durable than a host of other paints. What’s more, there isn’t any immediately observable difference in how both paints perform here.

That being said, we will count this as a difference and award the win to Valspar 4000 for one reason; it gives off a better shine.

Even though the Valspar 2000 no doubt has a more beautiful effect, its shine pales slightly, when placed side-by-side with that of the Valspar 4000.

In the Valspar 2000 vs. Valspar 4000 combo here, the latter takes the cake because it’s just as durable as the former and commands a lower price tag.

Similarities Between Valspar 2000 and Valspar 4000

All of the above being said, we have to point out that these two products share more in common than they have apart.

Two of their key similarities are;

Ease of Application

The two paint types follow the exact same procedure when it comes to preparation, usage, and even storage. They also have the same drying conditions and you have to clean up and dispose of both the Valspar 2000 and the Valspar 4000 in the same manner.

Best Location for Use

Both Valspar Ultra products can be used indoors and outdoors with a full guarantee that they’ll give you outstanding results in either location.

We will point out though that because of the VOC content of Valspar 2000, some people prefer to only use it outdoors.


So, now that you have a little more information about the Valspar 2000 vs. Valspar 4000 battle, which product do you find more to your liking?

As with most things in this area, it all comes down to what your preferences are.

If you want to save on costs and avoid VOCs, Valspar 4000 might be your only option. People who prefer nice and beautiful surfaces can always rely on the Valspar 2000 for that.

If you’d like more help making a decision, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck with your painting project!

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