What Causes White Spots on Hardwood Floors and How to Remove?

Hardwood floor creates a luxurious touch in your resident. For its glossy finishing, its furniture with the polyurethane which makes it most durable too. So we need to maintain that wooden floor with extra care as we know that water is the wooden worst enemy. So during cleaning, we need to be concerned about it. There have several ways to clean up the wooden floor and all of them; the homemade cleaning solution is the best.

If you concern your daily based floor cleaning; it provides you with excellent results and doesn’t only look over in vacuuming. Instead, you can apply natural cleanser to makes your wooden floor shiny.

What Causes White Spots on Hardwood Floors

Though there are many causes of white spots on the hardwood floor, water is the primary season of white spots. We know that water is enemy of wooden floor, and water spilt on a wood floor may cause a white stain or mark if you do not wipe up immediately.

What Causes White Spots on Hardwood Floors

There are no doubt white spots generally hurt the appearance of wood floors. Water spills and Heat are usually significant causes of white spots on your hardwood floor. Hot items such as a hot coffee cup, pizza boxes, iron box or hot pan you place on the wooden floors usually cause white patches.

Many wood floors are made with polyurethane that makes them resistant to stain and damage. After using a long period, polyurethane wears thin making them susceptible to the destruction of water spills. If you don’t mop water on time, usually get trapped under the finish resulting to white or greyish spots.

Besides, perfumes, medicines, alcohol or juice a spill also causes white spots or streaks on the wooden floor. When you do wrong cleaning techniques and use cleaning products that can also wreak havoc on your wood.

Don’t panic over the ordinary look of your hardwood floor due to dried-up spills, stains, spots, marks or scratches. Firstly you need to understand that there are many options for removing these stains from your beautiful hardwood floors.

Removing White Spots on Hardwood Floor

Here are many ways to remove white spots and scratches of varying severity from your wood floors. You need to pay attention to every detail of each step, and the white spots or scratches never even happened.

With Hydrogen Peroxide

To remove white spots on the hardwood floor, use Hydrogen Peroxide, it is not so difficult. Take a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a plastic cup. Take a cotton pad with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and place it on the affected area of the wood to bleach out the stain. Before proceeding to the next step, let the soaked cotton pad sit on the wood for about 5 or 10 minutes.

After processing this, remove the cotton pad from the floor, and you will use a dry cloth to wipe the floor clean. If you can complete this processing, your floor should be as clean as new.

With Mineral Spirits

While the mineral spirit is another super way to remove white spot on the hardwood floor and you can use mineral spirits instead of hydrogen peroxide. Before using it, you need to be careful to apply large amounts of mineral spirit, because it can remove any wax that may have been applied to the floor in the past. You should follow the procedure to remove white spots on your wood floor.

Take a little amount of mineral spirit into a spray bottle and spray the affected area. After, you need to rub it thoroughly over the white spots using a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. The cotton pad is better to rub it carefully over the white spot.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing, use a clean, dry cloth and wipe off excess liquid from the floor. Allow drying. It will be best to allow the floor to air dry for a few minutes.

If the white spots are deep in your hardwood floor, and the mineral spirits or hydrogen peroxide is not enough to remove them. You will have to be sanded, and the affected area refinished.

With Mayonnaise

Before using mayonnaise you need to proceed with this step, here are the essential tools you will need for a decent result.

  1. Paper towels for blotting
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Rubber spatula
  4. Spoon
  5. A soft cloth

Take a paper towel and blot the affected area; this is only applicable if the white spots stains are still fresh. Then wipe off the water surrounding the stained area on the floor.

It the water isn’t dried then this step should be followed only. You will need a considerable amount of mayonnaise from the jar and spread on the white spot caused by a water stain. After, take a rubber spatula to help spread the mayonnaise around the spot until you’ve completely covered the affected area with mayonnaise. Allow it to stay for at least 30 minutes.

Now you need a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe off the mayonnaise from the floor. Wipe the floor again perfectly with a cotton cloth to remove any mayonnaise residue from the floor.

Using Salt and Oil

Take a teaspoon of salt with the same amount of olive oil, and make a past. This solution is very easy to apply that works wonders. You could mix it with a little water if you needed.

Rub it smoothly on the affected area of your hardwood floor and let it be seated for 15-20 minutes. After that times, clean with cotton pat and polish the wood.

Using Floor Cleaners

There several commercial cleaners are available in the market that formulated to remove stains and dirt from the hardwood floor. Before buying this product, you should follow the hardwood floor’s manual. They mention which floor cleaning solution is better for your floor.

These cleaners are perfect for removing white spots from the hardwood floor but also stains caused by alcohol, Heat or cold.

Using Vinegar with Olive Oil

You know vinegar is the common entrance that used to clean household dirt and grimes. Take white vinegar with an equal amount of olive oil, and mix it properly. This really works due to the effect of vinegar on hardwood floors. After, polish the solution on the affected area on the hardwood floor with a cotton cloth. After removing white spots, soak up the solution using another dry cloth and polish the surface, your floor will be as good as new.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ideal stain and spots remover on the wood floor, which is available in your house. Just follow the steps to remove white spots on your wood surface.

Ger, a tablespoon of baking soda with a little amount of water, and create a paste with it, then apply this paste on the affected area of your hardwood floor. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then clean up the paste with a moist cloth. If the white spot doesn’t get out, apply more paste and allow sitting overnight. After the night, wipe off the next morning with a cotton cloth.

Apply Heat on the white Spots

Heat is not only the causes of white spots but also can get rid of the white marks on the wood floor. For this method, you will need an iron box or a hairdryer that can provide the required Heat.

For using the hairdryer method: Take a piece of cloth, if it is cotton will be better. You should use the lowest heat setting and direct the hot air on the white spots are on the wooden floor surface. Do the hairdryer moving over the spot area until they disappear.

For the use of the iron method: To do this, you will need a piece of cloth and place it over the white spot area. Then take the iron box and set in on the lowest heat setting. You should run it over the piece of cloth for a short time. If you pinch it up, check the appearance of the white spots on your wooden floor. You can repeat it if necessary to completely get rid of the white marks.

Extra Care for Your Hardwood Floor

Some times it is very difficult or almost impossible to get rid of stain or dirt from the floor fully. Follow these ways to prevent stains and spots on your wooden floor. Use recommended cleaning products that are maintained for the hardwood floor by manufactures. Choose the best vacuum cleaner and best hardwood mop. Use always damp mopping and try to avoid wet mopping. In the end, avoid placing hot items on the hardwood floor surface.

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