David Brown

David Brown is an efficient Master Plumber hailing from Glen, Maryland, United States. He is a famous name in the Plumbing industry with a golden career of 20 years. It all started when Jason pursued a diploma in Plumbing from the Western School of Technology & Environmental Science. After the diploma, he wanted to take things further. So, he acquired a certificate in Plumbing Apprenticeship from Associated Builders and Contractors in 2004. That certificate helped him to get project management work for Phoenix TS. He was a journeyman plumber in Len the Plumber for approximately 4 years. In July 2010, Jason started working as a Plumbing lead in IAP worldwide services. His executions were so flawless that he got the opportunity to join EMCOR government services. This company helped him a lot to learn within 2 years of his working period. Leisure World of Maryland Cooperation hired him as their Plumbing Supervisor. After years of working hard, now he’s an Expert Plant Supervisor, Certified Professional Maintenance Manager, and licensed Master Plumber/ Gasfitter. He’s been working in the construction and facilities maintenance field for more than 20 years now. Isn’t that amazing? If you observe, you’ll figure out that he has a lot of experience and skill in his working field.

Toilet Leaking from Tank When Flushed

Toilet Leaking from Tank When Flushed: Explained 3 Reasons

Every time you flush your toilet, water trickles from the back of your toilet tank and flood the bathroom floor. Leaky Toilet! Yes, it’s a common but frequent plumbing issue every homeowner faces. The issue- toilet leaking from tank when flushed may occur for multiple reasons, like: Faulty or cracking toilet to bowl gasket The …

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