Ishmael Cervantes

Ismael was born in Arizona where he met a few friends of pool enthusiasts. They had made some business out of pool set up and from that time the pool renovation work inspired him to tie a long lasting relationship in this profession. The best thing about him is his amazing sense of humour while working with co-workers. His interpersonal skill made him popular among many pool lovers, vendors, sub or general contractors, and city pool planning authority. He built amazing trust among many pool owners in Arizona and nowadays, he is developing many new hacks about pool reconstructions, setting up new additions to pools (Spa and kids pool's zone), and more importantly, he knows about cost-management to reduce your expenditure. Ishmael is a reputed pool consultant for over 15 years so recently he has made up his mind to write a book to share his experience.

Do Salt Water Pools Kill Bacteria

Do Salt Water Pools Kill Bacteria – The Truth About Salt Water Pools

Whenever there is talk of a saltwater pool, I consider physical issues. To understand its benefits, you must know about the harmful effects of chlorinated pools. Many of my clients say that they lost a lot of hair and hair after swimming in the chlorinator pool. But the experience changed when I swam in the …

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