How to Open an Above Ground Pool in 11 Steps

Before feeling the heat of summer, Above Ground Pool owners are busy opening their pools. Commercial pools and private pool owners usually keep their pools closed during the winter season.

By the way, I want blankets for winter and a swimming pool for summer. Just as the ice water in the Above Ground Pool is terrible in winter, so the water in the pool is freezing in summer. But even in hot weather, the pool is not suitable for use in a hurry. Its old water is not safe for swimming as the pool has been closed for a long time.

If you want to open your Above Ground Pool at the beginning of the spring season, you must make some pool repairs. So don’t start swimming in the pool as soon as you see the sun scorching; get into the water after cleaning the pool for safe and safe swimming.

How to Open an Above Ground Pool

If you can’t open the pool on time, you can’t save the pool business. Again, if swimming in the pool water harms the swimmer’s health, it will also be a bad reputation for the pool. Not a day or two, a whole season, the pool was locked. So the germs, leaves, and dirt in the pool’s old water can be dangerous for the swimmer’s body.

But there is no significant reason to be afraid, and I also want you to open the pool quickly. Because you and your family are eager to swim in the freshwater of the pool, but start the process of opening your favorite Above ground pool. Perform the task of opening the pool ground given by me and finally find the right pool for your swimming.

Things You Need For Perfectly Open Your Pool

You can only swim in the pool with empty hands, but you cannot make the pool suitable for swimming. You will need to collect several tools to start the process of opening the pool. If you have done this before, you will understand how much suffering increases if you do not manage the necessary things. So when the essential equipment arranges, then opening the pool is completed quickly.

Collect a sump pump or pool cover pump first. Then store the pool cover cleaner and all the chemicals needed for the job. Also, keep a schemer net or soft broom collection. The essential thing is, you need to have a closed Above ground pool. Before you start work, you should manage a worker or someone else who will help you.

How To Open an Above Ground Pool?

At the beginning of this instructive post, I commented that there are a few steps you need to take to open a closed above ground pool. I am going to present those steps in stages. Hopefully, you will complete each step correctly, then successfully open your pool. let’s start the procedure

1. Start Pumping Your Pool Cover Perfectly

Firstly, you have to find out your pool. The cover used to protect your pool from dust or relics is thrust into the stack of rubbish. Take a soft whisk or skimmer net to get the thrash off from the cover as possible. From the pool cover must carefully remove garbage.

Be careful! It would be the best way to take care not to cause any damage because it keeps your pool safe throughout the winter from the garbage. Due to your negligence, the pool cover may be perforated or damaged, which has appropriately protected your pool. An immersive cover pump should be taken to remove water that has accumulated on top. If there is no immersive cover pump, a sump pump will do the same work. Please don’t attempt to remove the cover while the water is still on it. That can cause the cover to become detached and contaminated waterfalls into the pool.

2. Now Remove The Pool Cover

Removing the pool cover is an easy task, but it is difficult for one person to carry the extra load. You can offer a tempting offer to get help from friends like a party at the pool or something. With a friend, you can remove the pool cover in a short time easily.

Place the cover in an open and dry place. Not all of us have a self-contained garage to store a pool cover. So the yard will be a suitable place. If you put it on the ground, you don’t have to answer anyone for it. No one will bother you for it.

Check if it is suitable for next year. If used, clean, and store well. Otherwise, a new pool cover will have to be arranged before next year. When you remove the pool cover, care should be taken to ensure that the surface does not spoil the pool water. Because of being in the same place for a long time, there may be different garbage types on the cover.

3. Now Scrub The Pool Cover For Reuse

If you want to reuse the pool cover, give it a fresh scrub with cleaner and a brush. You can use some harsh chemicals for your pool cover to save long. Sharp Chemicals help preserve your pool cover longer and will protect it from all kinds of bugs and insects.

After cleaning, you can sweep it in your yard or garden then let it dry in the sun. If the pool cover does not dry completely, it will deteriorate quickly and can no longer use. When the cover is completely dry, fold it up store it in a bag in the warehouse. Rats or other insects will ruin it. It does not accumulate inside the bag. At the year, it will see that your whole year’s efforts have been in vain.

4. Now Reacquaint The Pool And Equipment

Now you can use your pool. The parts used in the pool removed in the winter will have to be re-installed, such as rails, ladders, or diving boards. After installing all the elements, the pool will get a new life.

As a pool owner, I am sure you have cleaned and stored the equipment used in the pool since last winter. You will need to clean and reattach the pool to the pool equipment for this type of case. All accessories must be properly washed and cleaned before storage can reuse them in later years. Otherwise, you will have to re-arrange the new additions.

5. Now Bring The Pool Water Levels

Despite having a pool cover, there is a chance that the pool water will decrease in winter. A little moisture will have lost during the winter season. Depending on the approach, you take to close the pool. It would be easy to find out what method did you take.

Finally, it is time to bring the amount of water in the pool back to normal. Use filters to protect pool water from all types of contamination. After leveling the water to a normal position, you can use the pool with any satisfaction.

6. Now Remove Winter Plugs from The Pool Skimmer Lines

When you take a walk around your pool, plug out of the equipment you installed in it, and show off the skimmer line again. You can reattach the plug of the pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, pool cleaner. After taking out all the winterizing pins from the pool equipment:

  1. Reattach the regular plugs.
  2. Do the same if you used an ice compensator or a skimmer cover to prevent freeze damage.
  3. Make sure you remove those as well.

Hold it right there: When you live in a super cold place, you probably used antifreeze in your lines last season. Before you remove winterizing, plugs to turn your pump to the waste setting and turn it on for a minute. It will get the water running so that the antifreeze will out.

7. Link Up With all Parts

Before burning this, it’s time to link and connect all the connections. Now Link the skimmer, pool pump, filter, and add-ons one by one. It will better to have a chlorinator or heater. Reverse the connection if you do not have any of those. Then turn the pump back on by flipping your circuit breaker. Once the pump is ready to flow the water throughout, it switches to the filter set by a multi-port filter.

Prepare the pump to start, turn off the pump cover, and add some water to it. By turning on the pump again, back up all the seals. After this, ensure all the parts are working accurately and no leakage anywhere. Then revitalize the pool filter with a back-wash. We recommend the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific filter for cleaning and back-washing; thus, nothing goes unexpected. So now, let’s clean the things up.

8. Now Clean Your Above Ground Pool

In winter, many types of muck grow up. So, there is a possibility of algae and insects being much more. That’s why from now on we should keep the surroundings clean. First, you must scrub the pool’s surfaces with the long-handled pool brush to clean it up. Once you remove all the rubbish from the surface, then use the chemical to clean up everything.

After removing the algae substances, vacuum the pool finally. Then you will find it’s looking like an above-ground pool which will attract your mind.

9. Now Test Your Pool Water Balance

After repairing the bulky car, perhaps this part is getting worse. Just test this with the kit to determine where the things stand after many months of pool hibernation. We are reopening the pool after winter, though the handy strips are best for your weekly checks. For getting a professional analysis, bring a water sample to a local pool shop and the test you made at home.

The balancing will be easy once you get the results. Though it will not be very disappointing, even then, you will not be sure until you examine. From here, you know about amnesia:

  • Total alkalinity: 80 to 120ppm
  • ph:7.4 to 7.6
  • Chlorine:2.0 to 4.0 ppm

You should put your chemical carefully to do some shocking things.

10. Give Pool Shock Treatment

Balance in anything is an essential facet of any system. Maintaining proper balance in work helps to be successful quickly. If you want to give double cleaning power to the gear at the opening time above the ground pool, it needs a double dose.

Suppose you don’t know about double dose and how it looks. Here is an example. Double dose contains around 2 pounds shock for every 10000 gallons of water or 5 gallons of the liquid shock for every 20000 gallons. An important fact is avoiding the sun’s UV rays, and we should mix this dose after the sun is set. This process should be under the guideline of manufacturers when you add the chemical to the pool. After mixing or adding all the chemicals or ingredients in the proper amount, it needs to mix up in the pot.

11. Retest Water After Filtering

It would be the best way if you were careful about using any chemical and harmful gunk out. When using the filter, be relaxed because filtering and circulating pool water is an important job. The filtering process can be taken at least 24 hours to work up everything correctly, including cleaned up, sucked out.

Keep a careful eye on things and skim out the rubbish that might have fallen in. Then it should be checked out or retest the water after 24 hours. If everything is set, you can now be ready to swim in the pool and put your mind to be relaxed.


You must have read the important things before opening the closed Above Ground Pool. Now you are ready to open the pool. Go to your pool and clean it up by applying it. Summer is not crazy about swimming, how to swim in the pool all summer healthy! You have to think about it. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This work of yours will not go in vain, but it will increase the fun of your swim. Then take off your closed Above Ground Pool and dive into the calm waters to forget the intense heat of summer.

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