Bamboo vs. Cotton Towels: Which One Is Better

Bath towels are one of the essential possessions with a specific purpose of use. They are considered to be of high- quality when capable of drying any part of the body. This means that at the top of a decent quality towel is the property of good absorption.

There are different kinds of bath towels with their peculiar features. Bamboo and cotton towels are some of these numerous varieties.  So, for those interested in knowing the better product, it’s wise to research what makes them different.

Are bamboo towels better than cotton? Based on intensive comparison between both towels, bamboo towels are considered better. Bamboo towels are designed with bamboo fiber and an organic cotton blend. The combination of their features produces a superior fabric. Besides, bamboo towels are more beneficial by being more absorbent, resistant to odor, and softer than cotton towels.

Bamboo vs Cotton Towels

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 Bamboo TowelsCotton Towels
AbsorbencyBamboo towels are characteristically very absorbent.  They dry much faster when compared to their cotton counterpart.Although the cotton textures of cotton towels allow air to pass through, making the towels dry rapidly sometimes, cotton towels are not as absorbent as bamboo towels.
TextureBamboo towels are soft towels. It features a welcoming material ideal for use after finishing off a shave or stepping out of the shower.The texture of cotton towels is excellent. It is plusher, thicker, and exceptionally delicate.
DurabilityEven though they are soft, bamboo towels are very durable.Cotton towels are not only absorbent but also durable.
CostBamboo towels can be more expensive when compared to their cotton counterparts.Cotton is one of the most cost-effective materials on the market. This makes it popular and highly rated out there.

Differences Between Bamboo towels and Cotton

Bamboo towels and cotton are different in so many ways. You can check below for some of them for clarity.

Detailed Descriptions

  • Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are designed with bamboo fibers, making them a more eco-friendly option compared to standard cotton towels.  They are softer than cotton and feature high dampness-wicking properties. They are very absorbent and dry faster. When compared with cotton towels, they are renewable and more manageable.

What makes the bamboo towels a natural and hygienic option for washroom conditions is their impressive anti-microbial properties. They can keep your skin cooler in hot atmospheres and hotter in cold temperatures. They are defensive and clean, featuring UV properties, anti-static properties, and scent safe, making them better than cotton towels as far as performance is concerned.

  • Cotton Towels

Every towel maker utilizes a different kind of cotton to make cotton since there are many types out there. Cotton towels are plusher, thicker, and very delicate,  but they can take more time to dry subsequently.

For Supima or Egyptian cotton qualities (designed from premium cotton), users can be guaranteed a luxuriously delicate cotton feel because they feature better and more grounded yarns.

Cotton belongs to the class of dependable texture materials. The towels become much gentler after washing, especially after making a snappy turn in the dryer. Besides, they are absorbent and durable.

Key Features

  • Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels feature high absorption intensity, are eco-friendly, and are comfortable. When it comes to removing dampness, bamboo filaments happen to be one of the best agents. They have an outstanding water-soaking capacity.

Bamboo towels are great for nature. They are environmentally and user-friendly.  Users find them welcoming as they are odor resistant. Also, they are an excellent choice for those with a sensitive skin type because they are hypoallergenic.

Moreover, these towels are very comfortable to use. They are very delicate, particularly when completely made out of bamboo (no mixes)

Nonetheless, they can be costly, feature hypersensitivity, and sometimes even be of low quality. If you want a less expensive towel, it would be best to go for cotton. This is because bamboo towels can be more expensive.

Moreso, bamboo towels are studied to be items capable of discharging some segments into the air that could trigger users’ sensitivities– unfortunately, users may find it challenging to stay away from these segments

It’s important that buyers check for quality while purchasing bamboo towels.  This is because some makers are not trusted, producing low-quality items. People do face this challenge when looking for bamboo fiber.

  • Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are cost-effective, simple to wash, durable, easy to dye, quick to dry, and comfortable. These great features are why many buyers make them their choices.

These towels are less expensive yet offer high-quality service to purchasers. They are also easy to wash. With just a washer, you can make it clean. You can make the towel change hues with no chemical alterations in the composition by simply dying the cotton using natural materials.

Although bamboo towels dry faster, cotton towels dry rapidly as well. Its texture allows air to pass through, making the cotton towels experience a fast drying process.

Cotton towels are exceptionally durable. They are heavier and thicker, making them long-lasting and excellent for a luxury shower. These towels are also very comfortable to use. They can be recommended for ordinary use at home.

Nonetheless, cotton towels are susceptible to being harmed. In fact, they can be harmed more easily when compared to their counterparts.

Moreover,  you may need to avoid washing cotton towels with other garments if you intend to wash them in a washer. This is because their color does come out sometimes, affecting other products.

Similarities Between Bamboo Towels and Cotton

Bamboo towels are typically made together out of bamboo strands, just like cotton towels.  Not too different from cotton, bamboo towels can be mixed with different kinds of materials such as polyester or spandex; nevertheless, the towel’s nature usually suffers from the mix. However, this entirely depends on the mix’s material. Moreover, towel makers may join bamboo towels with cotton to produce some outstanding products for restrooms.


Both bamboo towels and cotton look great. They feature energetic hues, which are ideal for the home. But if there is a need to pick the better product, bamboo towels will be the winner since they offer many impressive benefits by being much softer, more absorbent, resistant to odor, etc.  Notwithstanding, you must understand that proper care is essential irrespective of the towel material you opt for in order to prolong their life.

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