Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum 2022 – Automatic, Suction or Pressure Side Cleaners

What could be a better friend than a swimming pool for you and your family in the heat of summer! In the scorching heat, your kids swim in the pool water to cool down and find peace; it has made your family life more comfortable.

But you’re worried about the dirt and germs in your Above Ground Pool! It would be best if you were kept clean and healthy, as it involves your family’s well-being. So you need the best above ground pool cleaner for your swimming pool, which will ensure your pool’s cleanliness.

But choosing the best pool vacuum cleaner on the market is not an easy task. That is why you are not the only one; most pool owners suffer from anxiety; in fact, the cleaner would be perfect for the pool. You can clean the pool in two ways! The first step is to purchase a good automatic pool cleaner, clean the pool with it, or clean the pool manually. If you want to do it manually, start.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

If you are interested, below, we are going to share detailed info of ten such vacuums. The purpose is to share all the nitty-gritty details of these vacuums. So, let’s jump straight to the review.

What is the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

You will find three types of vacuum pool cleaners in the market for cleaning your expensive Above ground swimming pool; these are very efficient to clean your pool. These are capable of lifting all the debris in your pool. It also cleanses the pool of all dirt, leaves, sand, etc., and makes the pool look new. Let’s not know what kind of cleaner we can use to clean the pool.

Well, you must know these three most popular types of automatic pool vacuum. 

Understanding the vacuum differences will make it easier for you to choose the best according to the requirement. Each type of pool vacuum holds different functions and facilities. Although that might increase electricity bills slightly, it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll get instant ready to swim and clean the pool. 

Give a quick check here ad pick your preferable pool vacuum: 

Pressure Pool Vacuum

A pressure pool vacuum is the best and affordable choice to clean all heavy debris above the pool surface.

They don’t require any extra maintenance hassle. Regular cleansing is enough to keep up the longer service of the pressure vacuum. 

It has got wheels to make the movement easier. The independent circulation system distributes heat production and improves user experience as well.

This filter comes with a vacuum bag that can cut off the pressure of the pool filter. So, your pool filter won’t get any clogs quickly. 

If you want to increase the power, just connect a booster pump with this vacuum.

A pressure pool vacuum would be best for people who want a practical yet robust pool vacuum cleaner.

Suction side pool vacuum

The suction side pool pump is the first and only pick for many. It’s considered one of the smartest automatic pool vacuum cleaners.

It has got a separate dedicated suction line that works by connecting with the skimmer. This vacuum works through the water, pulling power and cleans all the specks of dirt and debris. As suction side power vacuum can reach over the challenging areas, you can expect a better cleaning with this. 

Its high-level strength is capable of removing rocks. For bigger and heavier debris, adjust an in-line leaf canister with the vacuum. 

You can also consider this as a budget-friendly option among all. 

For increasing the service life, take good care of the vacuum. Try to clean and backwash this after every heavy cleansing. 

Robotic pool vacuum

You can guess its facilities by the name. A robotic pool vacuum is easy to use and clean with. You can just follow the plug-and-play rule here. This vacuum is run by a voltage motor. 

This has got a self-filtering system. So, you don’t have to connect it with a pool filter. Still, you will get reliable and super-efficient cleaning. The DE filtration system will clean even the smallest particles over the pool surface.

As it’s a robotic filter, you can set the timer and path too. The updated models also have the Bluetooth feature. Regarding all these, it’s the most accessible automatic vacuum cleaner to use and control. 

If you’ve got a high budget and want something handy and quick, go for a Robotic pool vacuum. 

1. Dolphin E10 Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 is made with groundbreaking technology. You can be assured of a clean pool without any struggle to clean it. The vacuum can sense the walls, ladders, and drains. So, there is hardly any chance that it is going to miss cleaning, even the toughest-to-reach spot of the pool.

E10 has a smart navigation system. With advanced algorithms, the vacuum tracks every corner of the pool, which includes the ladder, drain, and walls.

It operates with two low voltage DC motors. These motors need 90% less power than the regular ground pool vacuums.  To be precise, just 180 watts. So, as you can see, you save energy to quite an extent.

Instead of using conventional wheels, Escape uses continuous rubber tracks. These tracks help the vacuum to prevent slippage.

For deep cleaning of the pool, vacuuming is never enough. And Escape gets that pretty well. So it comes with a very efficient scrubbing brush to remove the tough contaminants.

Last but not least, it has a large cartridge to load all the debris. The filtration system of it is such that it tackles debris of all sizes. So, it needs a big container to hold that load.


  • Handles debris of all sizes
  • Sense walls, ladders, and drains for a thorough clean
  • Hyperbrush Active Scrubbing brush for scrubbing the stubborn contaminants
  • Large cartridge holds up to 60% more debris
  • DC motor needs 90% less power to operate


  • No remote to control

2. Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Cleaner

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Cleaner is an excellent quality pool cleaner; it has a flocking valve attached to it, whose job is to control water flow. It works by coordinating between the pool pump and the cleaner and completes the work without any additional booster pump. The Ranger is noise-free and works without running gear. It specializes in cleaning the hard side of the swimming pool, it is not made to clean the soft side, but it should be used to clean the above ground pool’s farm side.

Above sided can clean almost all hard sides of the pool, remove all dirt and tree leaves from the pool floor. Also, it can clean gravel. It keeps the pool cleaner active by connecting directly to the pool pump and skimmer line. It is capable of working with filtration pumps of any size but has been seen most of the time – it works very well with one horsepower sand pump and 1.5 horsepower pumps.

The Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Pool Cleaner also has some essential components, including a wheel deflector, adapter, disc, valve cuff. The 32-foot hose has the correct hose connector. To avoid the hassle of getting stuck in the stairs, it is best to remove the ladder from the above ground pool. When treating your pool with chemicals, do not leave the ranger cleaner in the pool, as this may damage the plastic cover.


  • Best for hard side pools.
  • Comparatively cheap above ground pool vacuum.
  • Noise-free cleaning system.
  • Work Quickly & Quietly.
  • Ladders deflectors.
  • AG Disk Drive System.
  • Flockkeeper valve.
  • Affordable cleaner.
  • Easy installation.


  • Not Suitable for Intex Pools.
  • The scrimmer gets stuck on the big leaves.
  • Unable to Clean Shorten Place.

Personal Opinion:

You can purchase it to clean your Above ground pool if the sides of the pool are hard. The Zodiac Ranger is an ideal suction pool cleaner for farm sided pools.

3. Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Above Ground Robotic Vac

Aquabot specializes in cleaning the above ground pool; it is built according to complete automation rules, so the rover cleaner works with automatic power. The Aquabot Pool Rover Cleaner has a powerful motor and a built-in high-capacity filtration system. You plug it in with the power, then lower it to your upper ground pool, then go to work or wait, it will continue to clean your pool at its own pace. Pre-programmed using the latest technology in this cleaner to make the pool ground completely spotless, Aqua Rover knows what to do with the pool ground. It is capable of cleaning pools of almost all sizes and designs; whether the design of the pool is rectangular or round, the Rover will give you the perfect shiny ground.

The Pool Rover Vacuum Pool Cleaner has a powerful and safe 24 volt motor for speed, so it works at breakneck speeds. Aquabot is a lightweight pool cleaner so that it can work with Freedom in the pool. Its powerful filtration system easily removes bacteria, algae, tree leaves, debris and sand from the pool ground. It contains a 2-micron filtering bag. The pool vacuum rover cleaner’s patented venturi system can run an effective cleaning process, forcing it to wash away even the most intense dirt in the pool.

The Aquabot Pool Rover Cleaner is capable of filtering 4200 gallons of water per hour and uses 2 hours to clean the pool vacuum. It has 4 round plastic speeding wheels; it can clean 5400 square feet of pool ground per hour, with cleaner only 40 feet. If you purchase the Aquabot Pool Rover Cleaner, you will get 12 months after-sales warranty service.


  • Independent Motor Configuration.
  • Safety Button with Reset Facility.
  • High-Speed Water Filtration System.
  • Bottom Climbing Ability.
  • Two Micron Filter Bag.
  • Auto Shut Off Feature.
  • Patented Venturi System For Power Wash.
  • 12 Months Brand Warranty.


  • No Scrubbing Ability.

Personal Opinion:

You can purchase Aquabot Pool Rover Vacuum Cleaner to keep the bottom of your above ground pool clean at all times. This good vacuum pool cleaner will quickly become your pool and clean all the dirt and debris; you will get the shiny and spotless beautiful pool in all sessions.

4. Intex Auto Above Ground Pool Vacuum

The Intex 28001E Auto Pool Cleaner is an ideal vacuum pool cleaner for top ground smooth pools. It has a powerful pool pump, which gives it excessive cleaning power. The Intex Pool Cleaner has 4 small plastic wheels that move around the ground of the pool. These wheels are not powerful, so the vinyl liner does not spin and scratch properly. This is not a Saxon side pool cleaner, it is operated with water pressure.

It can only clean above ground pools, as such, it is not the best vacuum pool cleaner. The cleaning process is done by connecting the threaded strainer of the hose adapter of the Intex Pool Cleaner to the cleaner screws of the adapter. We think that it has been specially made for cleaning the intake of Above Pool, as it cannot clean the underground swimming pool in any way. It comes with a 24-foot-long hose, so a rounded pool is 24 feet in size and a rectangular pool is no more than 16 feet in size. The whole process of this cleaning depends on where the return water inlet of the pool is located. Remember, this is not a powerful automatic vacuum pool cleaner, it is a pressure-based automatic vacuum pool cleaner.

Intex 28001E Auto pool vacuum cleaner Ebov removes most of the dirt, sand and debris from the ground pool. Just below the cleaner base of this automatic cleaner is a small brush set that can hang on the floor, making it reasonably capable of cleaning dirt. Every time the pool is cleaned, the debris stuck in the net should be removed and washed with water flowing from the hoses. It has a skimmer basket, which traps floating debris, then captures the dirt caught by the pump filter. Clean the pool hassle-free every time, the skimmer basket and filter have to be kept clean at the end of the work.


  • Special cleaner for Above Pool.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Fully pressure based automatic pool cleaner.
  • The ability for Cleaning Deep Corner.
  • Affordable pool cleaner.
  • Works with filter pump.


  • No navigation system.
  • No Autocratic vaccine option.

Personal Opinion:

You can buy Intex Pool Cleaner just to clean your Above Ground Pool, as it is cheap in price and also cleans the Pool Ground Floor nicely. If you are looking for a best and automatic vacuum pool cleaner powered by a filter pump, this will definitely suit your needs.

5. Water Tech Pool Blaster Pool & Spa Cleaner

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max is a 5.5-pound in-ground and above ground pool cleaner. As this machine mentioned, it is capable of cleaning almost all the dirt in the spa pool. It can remove dirt and debris from the pool in just 60 minutes if you can remove most debris from the spa with it. This pool cleaner uses a lithium battery to look very thin, so you can charge it and handle it wirelessly. If you turn it on and immerse it in the above ground pool and then lift it out of the water after work and then charge it, it cannot be turned off while underwater, then the machine is useless. It can be 6 Max’s battery bogie needs to be opened and charged while upstairs.

Pool Blaster does not get entangled due to being wireless, so it can also clean around the pool ladder, as well as work on the hard corners of the walls. It does not leave any exposed Debris, it uses an extreme multilayer filtration system, so it is more focused on removing debris. This multilayer filter, being quite, collects large and fine debris. Pool Blaster Max will tell you how to clean a spa ground pool in just 1 hour.

You will find the inside of the box with Pool Blaster Max – a vacuum head, filter bag, nose cap, lithium battery charger, body cleaner, it will not give you inside any pole box, so you have to buy it yourself. Notice more, Pool Max’s filtration basket comes to you with fine mesh. If any error is found, the seller should be informed immediately.


  • Special for Above Ground Spa Pool.
  • Wireless pool cleaner.
  • High-power lithium-ion battery.
  • Lightweight.
  • Multilayer scrubbing filter.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy installation.
  • Powerful vacuuming.


  • Incompetent to pick up small stones and acorns

Personal Opinion:

If you want to buy the best suction side pool cleaner in the gin market of the spa pool, then this Cordless Cleaner is perfect. Its multilayer filter system from one of the best handheld cleaners is powerful and efficient enough, which is determined to remove all the debris and dirt from your pool, so you can consider purchasing this vacuum pool cleaner.

6. Hayward 900 Wanda Above Ground Vacuum Cleaner

The Hayward 900 Wanda is an Above ground pool cleaner capable of cleaning mud and silt pools, often with mud and silt falling on the pool ground, usually depending on the environment. Other pool cleaners are only used to clean floating leaves and debris; this is undoubtedly an added benefit. It also works well in 90-degree pools, where the pool walls come together at the pool ground, giving it the ability to work in a dished corner to work in these pools. The existing pump is enough to turn on the Hayward 900 pool cleaner; nothing more is needed. Because it is one of the best suction pool cleaners, it can clean the pool without using any electricity.

Using its pump to run Wanda properly around the pool, the pump creates pressure and turns the gear drive of this suction cleaner; then, it is understood that it is a highly efficient vacuum pool cleaner. It does not waste any energy except the pool pump. With the number of vacuum hoses provided with it, any medium type of overflow pool can be cleaned. The drive system and bumper ring attached to the machine help keep this machine in the truck. It can clean any ground without any hassle, only by connecting between hoses and pumps; no additional booster pump is required.

Wanda installation is effortless; just 10 minutes is enough to set it up completely. If you buy it, you will get one year warranty, which means you will get all the technical problems solved within 12 months. As long as you can’t afford an automatic vacuum pool cleaner, Wanda 900 will continue to serve you well.


  • Running with an existing pump.
  • Turbine system for balanced water flow.
  • Advanced head design.
  • Deluxe bumper ring for easy movement.
  • 2 hours run time.
  • The price is low.
  • Coming with vacuum hoses.
  • Just 10 minutes of installation.


  • Tail Falls of Complaint.
  • Bumper Ring Falls of Sometime.

Personal Opinion:

Hayward 900 Wanda is undoubtedly able to provide satisfactory pool cleaning services; if you are looking for a good suction pool vacuum cleaner without power consumption, then this is perfect for you. It is experienced to get started quickly and start working. You do not have to buy any booster pump; if it is ideal according to your checklist, then buy it.

7. Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly SuctionSide Pool Vac

The Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly is a wheelless flat vacuum pool cleaner; it works very well for smooth ground pools. Kreepy Krauly works without gears, and debris can’t get out of its flappers. It doesn’t let sand, dirt, debris move anything from the ground pool floor; it doesn’t matter if your pool is rectangular or round. Only a hose of the correct length according to the pool’s size will be required, although, with this machine, a hose of 32 feet length is provided. Making it suitable for the above ground pool, if you want to use it in Aya in-ground pool, you may have to pull the ladder. It comes with a functional hydraulic system, which allows it to operate by applying optimum vacuum power.

The cleaner of this machine you can easily attach to the skimmer quickly removes all the debris and dirt from the filtration system. It cleans the vacuum by covering random patterns on the pool floor, using E-Z vac technology. The Pentair Creepy Crowley supports hydraulic technology, allowing it to clean the curved bottoms and flat areas of any pool. It saves water from the Above Ground Pool through hoses and cleaners, then deposits the trapped debris into the skimmer basket.

You should know that its flapper is its operational moving part; it has no wheels; it rubs against the floor. With the help of a screwing valve, it controls the flow of water and cleaning speed. It works very well in flat-bottle and dish-sized Above ground pools.


  • E-Z VAC coverage technology.
  • Superior hydraulic design.
  • Easy to install on schema line.
  • Drive Tubes for Mobility.
  • Bumper strap protection.
  • Swivel Water Stream Controller.
  • Regulatory valves.
  • Flapper for Moving.


  • Clicking Noise Comes From Flapper

Personal Opinion:

You can purchase the Pentair K50600 Kreepy Crowley Suction Pool Cleaner if you need to clean your pool floor, not for the walls. You can rely on it to clean your pool floor nicely; it is quite affordable as it does not have wheels and gears, plus it has many years of durability in customer reviews, so you can purchase this Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner if you want.

8. Pool Rover S2 40 Above Ground Cleaner

The Pool Rover is one automatic above ground pool vacuum that is on the pricier side, but in terms of quality. In fact, it’s simple design might be deceptive for the power it can deliver when cleaning your pool.

The Pool Rover has a good reputation for above ground pool cleaners. This is true not only for its power, but for the length and breadth of pools. It will cover with its abilities. The Pool Rover is so efficient that it needs fewer chemicals to keep a pool clean.

The Pool Rover S2 40 is one of the more expensive pool vacuum for above ground pool, but for power. There are few that deliver as well as this one does. Not only does it work hard, but it goes over a pool’s bottom as well as scaling sides like a champ. It has a two micro filter bag that allows it to pick up anything in your pool. And in terms of suction, the Pool Rover drives more than 80 gallons per minute, so there are few that can beat it. It has a 50 foot cable that can draw from a convenient power supply. It has both 1- and two-hour cycle options, so regardless of how dirty your pool is. The Pool Rover will be able to handle the job quickly, efficiently, and economically.


  • Features a power supply that is plenty powerful for your pool cleaning needs.
  • Also, it drives more than 80 gallons of water per minute, meaning it will get your pool clean.


  • Tends to skip some areas on walls of certain pools.

9. Hayward 100 Penguin Suction Above Ground Vacuum

Let’s review something cute. This one is an automatic pool vacuum that looks like a penguin. It is efficient enough to clean your above ground pool in less than two hours. To do that, it has the patented Smart-Drive programmed steering system.

The penguin vacuum pulls water from the bottom of the pool by moving here and there and improves the water circulation.

No matter whether you have a dished out above ground pool or a flat-bottom pool, it cleans your pool thoroughly.

It is auto. So, you do not have to do much while cleaning the pool unless it gets stuck against the wall. It handles the debris, seeds, grass, bugs and ensures the pool water to be crystal clear.

The penguin vacuum can be real fun as you can customize it with three different colored bow-ties as well as three eye stickers. The stickers and ties are included with it. If the whole penguin replica wasn’t enough for you, try the stickers to get a cuter version of this really efficient auto pool vacuum.

With it, you are going to get a 30 feet hose as well as a skimmer cone. The vacuum works to improve water circulation with its constant movement in the water.


  • Smart Drive Steering System
  • Cleans the pool within two hours or less
  • Comes with three eye stickers and bow ties
  • Moves and pulls water to improve water circulation
  • Vacuums dirt, leaves, grass, seeds and bugs


  • Gets stuck against the wall

10. Polaris Vac-Sweep

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is very impressive and is designed to work at a depth of 5 feet on almost all Above ground vinyl pools. It also flows enough water pressure into your pool, leaving both the skimmer and the filter-free to clean the dirt. The Polaris Vac-Sweep can loosen the debris with a strong flow on the pool wall and carry them in a filter bag without any hassle.

It uses advanced filtration baskets, whose job is to remove large-sized debris like tree leaves and pebbles before they enter the pump, thus keeping the filtration process transparent and extending the life of the system. However, it is more suitable for pool floors and can clean the pool in less than 3 hours. It has a robust cleaning system, as it supports the jet sweep filtration system.

It is a thin pressure side small vacuum pool cleaner, making it easy to reach the pool by hand. Polaris Vac-Sweep 75 is easy to install; you can set up the unit in just 10 minutes and less. It is also effortless to hook up, so you can operate it with filtration system and pool pump.


  • Ability to clean leaves and different size debris.
  • Lightweight pool vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy 10-minute installation.
  • Strong cleaning system.


  • Allegedly stuck.

Personal Opinion:

Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00 Pressure Side Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner Perfect for 5 feet deep Above Ground Vinyl Pool, its powerful cleaning system will help clean your pool. So you can purchase this product if you want to clean by removing leaves, pebbles and debris from your Above Ground vinyl pool.

Buying Guide for the best above ground pool vacuum

It’s essential that you’re choosing the right vacuum for effective cleansing. And to choose the right, you have to know the right.

But if you’re new in the vacuum world, this might appear a little challenging for you. No worries! We got you. What if you get some buying guide over here? 

Things you must consider while purchasing above ground pool vacuum: 

Budget:  You’ll find various types of above pool vacuum cleaners in the different price ranges. You must check what your budget is and which one seems the best in the range. 

Maintenance:  Make sure the vacuum you’re choosing is easy to maintain. Don’t go for any complex one unless you’re professional. Besides, the vacuum cleaner should be easy to clean and store. Extra Maintenance can cost you a little more money. 

Energy Efficiency: For automatic pool vacuum, choose the most energy-efficient one. These days there are few brands with good energy-efficient features. You can try them out. 

Filtration System: Check if your filter has got any filtration bag adjusted or not. The vacuums without their own filtration system will need to be connected with pool filters. 

Movement: Go for pool vacuums that can be moved easily. Easy movement of the vacuum will let you clean a surface without any pressure. 

Cleansing efficiency: Don’t forget to check on the vacuum cleaning efficiency. For that, you can check on others’ reviews and learn more about the machine performance level. Go for a pool vacuum that can reach overall tricky areas and clean every leaf from micro to rocks and nuts.

Time: You should also check on the cleansing time. Choose a vacuum cleaner that cleans a surface quickly. It will save a lot of time while cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaners Pick up Algae?

Yes, robotic pool cleaners have got their own power supply system and filter media. So, they can easily pick up algae as well as other specks of dirt and debris.

Is it OK to leave a pool vacuum in the pool?

Either it’s a manual or automatic pool vacuum. You should never leave it over water. If your pool water has any chemicals added, then it can stand more threatening. Your vacuum might break its own color or get damaged.

How long should vacuums for above-ground pools run?

Well, the exact above the pool vacuum running time will depend on the cleaning efficiency. However, it can take around 6 to 8 hours approximately.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

Definitely, robotic pool cleaners are worth it. If you’ve got enough money to invest and want something smart, automatic, hassle-free, easy to use option, a robotic pool vacuum is an ultimate pick.

Which is better, dolphin or Polaris?

Well, Polaris is the better pick here. It cleans better, manages a larger pool well and is affordable as well. So, you can go for Polaris over Dolphin any day.


So, we have talked about robotic, pressure-side, and suction-side pool cleaners. The three types have different benefits. If you do not have a pool skimmer, then go for the robotic ones. If you have a filter pump, then try the pressure-side vacuum. And if you want an inexpensive vacuum for your above ground pool and have a pump system, then a suction-side vacuum is the best option for you.

To get the best above ground pool vacuum, you will need to check on what you have and what more you can invest in. We hope our detailed review will help you to know just the right things because the prime purpose was just that for us.

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