Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas – Check the Top Picks

Queen Bed is a pretty common-sized bed with less space compared to King or other bed sizes. The standard size of a queen bed is 80-inch tall with 60-inch wide. You can easily fit two pillows in a queen-sized bed. Bolster will be an ideal addition to an arrangement.

The arrangement ideas will contain pillow, bolster, and euros. A formation won’t take much time and will beautify the output multiple times. The decoration with different pillows will be based on the size of the bed and the pillows as well.

Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

Top 8 Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

1. 4 Standard Pillow with 1 Bolster

The arrangement idea is pretty simple yet attractive. You will be required to have a total of 5 pillows. Set the four standard pillows in two rows. Keep the bolster horizontally in the middle to have a better look. Avoid white color pillow if you want to add an elegant look to your bed. 

2.  2 European Squares, 2 Standard Shams with 2 Boudoir Pillows

First place the European Squares against the headboard. The pair of standard shams will take place in front of the European squares. Place both boudoir pillows in the third layer. The arrangement will make your bed extraordinary. Using different colors in each layer will make the arrangement more beautiful.

3. 2 Standard Pillows, 2 Euro Squares, 1 Bolster

This arrangement is quite similar to the above one. Place the Standard Pillows and the Euro squares in two layers against the headboard. The Bolster will take place in the last layer in the middle portion. 

4. 4 Standard Pillows with 2 Accent Pillows

You will surely love this arrangement idea. Use the standard pillows to make a backrest. Place the accent pillows in the front in any direction you prefer. This is a simple arrangement method but looks very fresh.

5. 2 Euro Squares, 2 Queen Pillows, 1 Accent Pillow

To add a premium look, this one will be a top option to pick. This will suit your queen bed very well. Place the Euro squares against the headboard. The Queen pillows will be placed in the middle layer against the Euros. The Accent Pillow will be placed in the middle of the third layer. 

6. 4 Standard Pillows, 2 Euro Pillows, 1 Accent Pillow

This one will be an ideal arrangement if you use your bed frequently to watch television or read books. Stack the 4 Standard pillows in pairs at the first layer. Place the Euro Pillows against the standard pillows that will make you feel comfortable to relax in the bed. Use the Accent pillow to amplify the beauty of your bed.

7. 2 Queen Shams with 1 Large Lumbar

This is the most effortless queen bed pillow arrangement. If you prefer a smaller number of pillows, you may pick this idea of the arrangement. Use two Queen Shams against the headboard. Place the large lumber in the middle portion against the shams. 

8. 2 Standard Pillows with 3 Accent Pillows

If you want to make the decoration more attractive, this can be an alternative. Place the standard pillows against the headboard. Use the accent pillows as a circular layer. This will make the bed look pretty awesome. The pillows will make the bed more comfortable to use while watching television.

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What Are The Size Of Different Pillows?

You should know the exact size of the different pillows to use for your bed. Sometimes it’s tough to purchase them with names. So it will be a better option to have an idea about the size of different pillows. Have a look below to check the size of different pillows for queen-sized beds.

Standard Shams/Pillow

The standard shams come with the common pillow size. Almost all the arrangements require this pillow. Standard Shams has the size of 26” x 20”.

Queen Shams

Queen Shams Pillow comes in the size of 20” x 30”. They are perfect for queen-sized beds. For a classic look, they are preferable.

Euro Square/Sham

This variant has a square shape that looks better in the middle layer. The dimension of Euro Square is 26” x 26”

Accent Pillow

Accent Pillow comes in different variants. The most common dimension available for accent pillows is 18” x 18” and 20” x 20”.

Bolster Pillow

You will get different sizes of bolster pillows. Choose the one that matches your arrangement the most.


How many pillows should be on a queen bed?

This actually depends on the arrangement. A standard combination of pillows will make the bed look more beautiful. Don’t use too many bolster or accent pillows to maintain a fresh and simple vibe of the bed.

How many pillows are too many?

Don’t use more than eight pillows on your bed. It’s better to use fewer pillows to make the bed look simple yet attractive.

What is the correct way to put pillows on a bed?

The correct standard way to put pillows on the bed is by starting with the standard or euro pillows. Place the accent and bolster at the last layer. You may use the euro pillows in the middle layer to use the bed anytime you want.

How many decorative pillows should be on a bed?

You should use a pair of standard pillows or euro pillows along with bolsters. Queen sized bed looks good with two queen pillows as well.


A well-decorated pillow will surely enhance the beauty of your bed and the room as well. The above-mentioned ideas will help you to make your bed look better than the traditional arrangements. Apply the queen bed pillow arrangement ideas to your bed to have the best decoration.

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