Best Way to Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring

The textured vinyl floors are one of the most popular flooring choices for a limited budget and the maintenance of efficiency. These floors are non-recyclable, but have good longevity.

More often than not, people find reliance on these floorings. They have the waterproofing feature, and the cleaning procedure here is way too more straightforward than that of the other kinds of floors.

Besides , the core within the floorings is adequately cushioned, which makes the beds very comfortable to work on.

However, cleanliness is an essential process when it comes to maintenance of the floorings of our houses and offices.

So, in the next, we are writing about the best way to clean textured vinyl flooring. We will also shed light on its importance, and the materials you will require to clean them.

Best Way to Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring

What is the Importance of Cleaning Textured Vinyl Floors?

It is always imperative to keep your floors clean. And more often than not, you use the textured vinyl floorings in houses, offices, and many other places. These floors can get dirty frequently. That is why the importance of cleaning these floors is immense. So, your feet won’t get any unwanted scratches or harsh marks.  The floors will always look bright and clean. Moreover, this will also ensure that your floors can last long.

Let us now see how to clean the textured vinyl floors in the best possible way.

The best process of cleaning textured vinyl flooring

1. Removal of the small exposed dirt

Dirt and filths can put unwanted scratches on the vinyl floors’ surface and leave the floors looking dull and permanently destroyed. By using a vacuum or a debris-cleaning mop, you have to remove those small dust particles.

2. Implementation of a cleanser for cleaning

Firstly, you need to pour some warm water into a bucket. Then you need to add only a few drops of the detergent you have bought for dishwashing. But for cleaning the floors of kitchens, you should choose a detergent that has the ability to clean through cooking messes. It would help if you did not buy harsh cleansers, damaging the textured vinyl flooring.

3. Using the Best mop for textured vinyl floor

Without a cleaning mop, a shining textured vinyl floor would look lifeless. Even premium textured vinyl flooring may turn dull and run-down. So, what is the best Mop for textured vinyl floor?

Today, we will find out just that and in the end you will find our top choice for you.

Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1

The textured vinyl floor is delicate & shiny. But it’s not scratch proof. To hold its sparkling look, you must clean the surface routinely without scratching it. And Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1, Wet & Dry Mop will be the best trait to leave the vinyl base dirt-free without damaging it.

Deep ridges and grooves of the dry pads this mop includes conform to your vinyl base and trap dirt, dust, pollen efficiently. On the other hand, wet clothes break down stubborn dirt & grime and suck it away to leave your floor crystal clean.

The best feature of this Swiffer Mop is its 360-degree swivel head. Now, you don’t need to hassle to move your heavy couch as you can clean tight corners with it.

Nonetheless, its compact & lightweight design makes the Swiffer mop easy to maneuver. So, you can use it wherever you need to clean the vinyl base.

Vmai Cordless Electric Mop

Cordless Electric Mop from VMAI is another vinyl floor-friendly cleaner you can go after. Like the Swiffer Mop, you can also perform both dry and wet clean with this electric mop.

VMAI cordless electric mop features a dual motor that spins up to 220r per minute to generate enough suction for breaking down stubborn dirt & dust. With minimum effort, you can remove dirt efficiently as this mop pushes the head to move forward automatically.

The notable feature we spot out is- its adjustable rod. You can extend it up to 48.8 inches long or short it up to 37 inches. So, no corner will remain unclean as you can adjust it according to your need.

Therefore, it comes with reusable & washable microfiber pads. As a result, you can use the same pad, again and again, to pick up dirt with minimum cost.

Lastly, VMAI electric mop features a 300ml water tank. With it, you can wet clean your vinyl base to trap away sticky grime & dirt with ease.

4. Cleaning of the Tough Stains

Since your floors can undergo a lot of traffic, stains may take place on them. And that is why, for maintaining the floors’ longevity, you need to clean different types of colors. Such as, for:

  • Food Stains: You might be using many sauces and wines in your kitchen, and upon the partial or improper cleaning over a long period, stains may be noticed on the floors. Firstly, you need to make a paste with baking soda and water. Then you have to put the mixture within the stains, and then by implementing a mesh-cloth, you will be able to clean the food stains. The baking soda and water should be used here in the ratio of 2:1.
  • Stains due to inks and lipsticks: By dampening a mesh-cloth along with rubbing alcohols, you can clean these types of stains. You have to initiate from the outer corner and then advance towards the stains’ core for preventing the stains from enlarging. Keep on moving towards a cleaner portion of the cloth as the stains are transferred to remove smearing.
  • The Scuffs: The shoes and our furniture can often leave scuff spots on the vinyl floors., by spraying the scuff with a small amount of WD-40, clean the space with a mesh-cloth.

5. Decide whether if you require to rinse off or not

If you have not implemented too much soap and the floor wasn’t filthy, you do not require to rinse off the flooring after the mopping operation. However, if the floor seems to be sticky, you have to execute a quick-rising off using plain water mixed with a cup of white vinegar. The white vinegar which you are going to use here should be distilled. This will make the floors look good and clean.

6. It would help if you allowed the floorings to be open-dried

You have to try your level best to stay away from the floor until it dries up completely. We use a fan for circulating air for fastening up the drying process.

The best techniques and tips for Keeping the Vinyl Floors looking clean and shiny

You can apply the following techniques to keep your vinyl floors looking clean and shiny:

  1. Avoid applying paste or fluid-like wax to the vinyl flooring. Because it can damage the quality of the finish. If any no-wax floor loses its cleanliness and shiny feature, you need to implement a commercial sealing material made for no-wax flooring to restore the shine.
  2. Never try implementing steel wools or a bristled brush for scrubbing the vinyl flooring.
  3. It would help if you placed a mat at each of the entrances for catching filths, which can ruin floors.
  4. Focus on preventing the dents from heavy furniture by draping the chair legs’ tables and legs by using protectors.

Things to look at while buying a vacuum for cleaning textured vinyl flooring

  • Good suction power: The vacuum you are going to buy should have an excellent and powerful suction ability, which will help clean even the smallest of dirt.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: It would help if you focused on buying a vacuum which can comprehensively clean your floors and you don’t need any additional rinsing off.


You have to keep your textured vinyl flooring clean and good looking. You are maybe searching on the web for the best ways to clean textured vinyl flooring. However, we anticipate that our content has greatly helped you.

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