Can You Put Rugs On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Though a bit pricey, vinyl plank floorings are gaining more and more popularity day by day to decorate our homes’ floors. Since it is expensive, you want to get the most out of it by any means, right? Well, now the question is, can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

The short answer is YES, you can definitely put area rugs on your beautiful vinyl floorings and enjoy the comfort it offers. However, you should be careful about what the rug is made of and what type of backing the rugs have. 

Also, make sure the materials of the rug pad and vinyl floors are compatible with each other. You shouldn’t use a rubber rug pad on your vinyl floors at all.

Want to know what vinyl plank is, what rugs are perfect for vinyl plank flooring, and many more? Read through the article, this is for you.

Can You Put Rugs On Vinyl Plank Flooring

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is designed in such a way that it looks like hardwood and comes in stripes. This product also comes in a number of styles, each imitates a particular kind of wood, from oak to hickory and beyond. 

As vinyl flooring mimics hardwood, you will surely be able to find a version that matches your home’s decor. That’s fantastic!

Vinyl plank can be a great alternative to tile and hardwood because of its exceptional flexibility and versatility. It also feels softer to the feet and can absorb sound much better than solid surface floors.

Plus, if you want the look of hardwood without breaking the bank, then vinyl is the best budget-friendly option for you. It is easy to clean, waterproof, and needs a low amount of maintenance, too. Remember, vinyl floors are durable, but they are not unbeatable. 

Unfortunately, it also comes with some drawbacks. Vinyl floor can be scratched more easily by heavy furniture or sharp objects than other hard surface floorings, as it is softer in nature. 

For this reason, you get to make use of padding underneath the rugs or furniture.

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What Kinds Of Rugs Are Perfect For Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Typically, natural fiber rugs like cotton, jute, and wool are safe to put on vinyl. But, you should consider putting a rug pad beneath to avoid scratches caused by friction.

Let’s get to know a bit more about rugs that can be used on your vinyl floors without ruining the floors eventually:

Cotton backed area rugs

Area rugs that are available on the market these days most often come with a rubber backing to make them waterproof and non-slip. But, since vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, you need not get rubber-backed rugs for your floors anymore. 

Additionally, rubber-backed rugs are not safe as they can cause a chemical reaction with vinyl.

That’s why if you want to purchase area rugs for your bedroom or dining room, choose cotton-backed rugs instead. Being soft, these rugs won’t leave any scratch marks on the floors even if there is too much traffic on the rug. 

Plus, as cotton won’t cause any chemical reaction with your vinyl floors from friction, they’ll be safe from any kind of discoloration or stains.

But here’s the catch. Cotton-backed rugs may be slippery on the floors. Don’t worry! You can fix your area rugs easily by keeping a non-slip rug pad beneath, that will protect your rug from wear and tear and prevent slipping mishaps from occurring.

Hand-Woven Rugs

If you don’t want to use synthetic fiber like polypropylene (most rugs are made out of it), then hand-woven natural fiber rugs will certainly fit the bill. Some other good alternatives such as handwoven wool, seagrass, jute, and cotton rugs will serve your purpose as well.

In addition, hand-woven rugs have no backing that could cause staining and discoloration on your precious vinyl floor.

Wool rugs can be a bit more expensive because they are durable and can endure high-traffic areas. On the contrary, cotton is a soft material and can easily be cleaned. Just throw the rug into the washing machine, it will do the rest of the job for you.

Being a natural fiber material, jute is comparatively cheaper than cotton and wool and won’t stain or discolor your vinyl plank flooring. Therefore, it’s absolutely safe. 

As jute-backed rugs are scratchy and slippery on smooth surfaces, rug pads that are appropriate for vinyl floors will be the go-to solution for it.

Why Should You Use Rug Pads Underneath Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Have you already purchased a rubber-backed rug for your flooring? If so, not to worry, you can still use it on your floors. As it’s strongly recommended to put a rug pad underneath your area rug or carpet, never hesitate to place a rug pad on your vinyl flooring.

Some of the benefits of using rug pads are as follows:

  • Separating your floors from the rug backing, a rug pad protects your vinyl plank flooring from stains and scratches.
  • A rug pad reduces wear and tear from foot traffic and furniture, and extends the life of your area rugs.
  • Adding a layer of cushioning between your area rug and vinyl planks, a rug pad allows you to enjoy a plush feel on your feet.
  • Most importantly, not only does a rug pad help to keep a rug in its exact place, but it also keeps the rug from sliding on the vinyl flooring.


While choosing rug pads for vinyl floors, you have to err on the side of caution. Because the market is loaded with rug pads that can leave ugly stains on your prized flooring, and disgusting sticky residue that is difficult to remove. 

Felt rug pads, memory foam, as well as anchor grip rug pads, are some of the safest rug pads for vinyl flooring. These pads are made out of silicone with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

What Types Of Rug Paddings Should You Not Use?

Though it’s highly advised to use rug pads on Vinyl plank flooring, you should not use rubber padding on your floors. 

The friction from foot traffic or heat from the sunlight can trigger a reaction between the vinyl and the rubber due to the chemicals found in rubber and vinyl flooring. So, rubber is not safe for use at all.

Plus, numerous cheaper alternatives to rug pads are made out of PVC (a cheap plastic). Since these rug pads are manufactured with glues that stick to your floors and are unhygienic for your home environment, try not to purchase these rugs.

Can you put rubber-backed rugs on luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Every box of luxury vinyl flooring describes that the owner should avoid using rubber-backed rugs since they are known to cause discoloration or staining to the vinyl planks over time. 

But why does it happen? Because chemicals used to make vinyl react with the rubber while exposed to sunlight, leading to discoloration on the floors.

What should you not use on vinyl plank flooring?

Detergents or abrasive cleaners can leave a thin layer on your flooring, so try to avoid these products. Ammonia-based solutions are also not recommended to use on vinyl plank flooring, as it could break down the material as well as create cracks in the flooring.

To Wrap It All Up

Okay, guys, there you have it. Hopefully, you have got a clear understanding of this question, can you put rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

If you follow the aforementioned tips, then you can protect your expensive flooring from ruining. 

Now, it’s your turn. Please do let me know in the comment box below if I’ve missed anything in this article. I’ll try my best to update the article as soon as possible. Thanks!!!

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