Bin Primer vs. Kilz for Cat Urine

It can be not very pleasant to have to deal with cat urine on your furniture and carpets. What is even more challenging to deal with is getting the stain and smell off. Bin Primer and Kilz are excellent choices for removing stains, but which is the better option?

Bin Primer is a shellac-based primer that is not just used to remove and seal stains but will also permanently get rid of the smell of the cat urine. Bin Primer also does a great job of covering stains on interior surfaces. It can also eliminate other stains like markers, lipsticks, sap streaks, asphalt, etc.

Kilz primer is a heavy-duty odor-blocking primer that is latex or oil-based paint. It has an excellent resistance to mildew which helps in the sealing of stains and blocking of smells. Not only does it get rid of the smell of cat urine but also other smells like nicotine, grease, oil, black soot, tannin, pencil, etc.

Bin Primer is more expensive, has a faster drying time, and can give high coverage. On the other hand, Kilz Primer is the more affordable option and does not give as much coverage as its rival. It also does not dry as fast as Bin Primer does.

Bin Primer vs Kilz for Cat Urine
 Bin PrimerKilz Primer
SmellIt has a strong smell when applied to a surface.It has a mild odor when applied to a surface.
Drying timeHas a faster drying time of twenty and can be recoated in forty-five minutes.It has a slower drying time of about thirty minutes to one hour.
SandingBin Primer is harder to sand.Kilz Primer is easier to sand.
Heavy stainsIt gets rid of heavy stains much better than Kilz Primer.It gets rid of heavy stains, but not as much as Bin Primer will.

Key Differences Between Bin Primer and Kilz Primer


When it comes to providing high coverage, Bin Primer has the upper hand. It is a very thick product, and this increases its durability. Due to its consistency in thickness, you may not necessarily need to add more than one coat, increasing its coverage. One coat should be enough to get rid of the smell of cat urine.

Kilz Primer is much thinner, making it easy to spread and stir (an advantage for DIY users) but reduces its coverage level. It also allows for bleed-through, so you need to apply more than one coat, giving better coverage. Most users do not like to use Kilz Primer because of its low coverage ability.


You do not necessarily need to sand your surface before applying Bin Primer, except you want an extremely tight bond. It contains a high adhesion shellac formula which enables your paint to last for a long time. The higher the durability, the better the chances of your stain remover not scraping off.

Before applying Kilz Primer to your surface, you must sand the surface first. But because it is an oil-based paint, it is easier to sand. It is good at resisting mildew, and the adhesion does a great job in blocking the urine odor and sealing the stain.


Bin Primer is the more expensive option, so Kilz Primer is the better option for you if you are on a budget. Kilz Primer’s price ranges from $8 to $42 per gallon, while Bin Primer’s prices are as high as $10 per quartz. One good thing is that they give you your money’s worth.

Similarities Between Bin Primer and Kilz Primer

Apart from being used for the same purpose, which is to remove urine stains, smells, and other kinds of stains, they also have other things in common.

A Wide Variety of Products

Bin Primer and Kilz Primer are both stain remover brands with a wide variety of products. They have water-based primers, oil-based primers, generic primers, indoor primers, outdoor primers, and bare wood primers. These products are available for whatever purpose you may need them for.

Mold Resistance Properties

Both stain removers are excellent at resisting mold. When you apply the stain remover to whatever surface the cat urine is on, it will block the mold and ensure that the surface, whether it be your furniture or carpet, will not be ruined.

Pros and Cons of Bin Primer


  • Bin Primers have a high coverage which reduces the level of stress.
  • The thickness makes it more accessible as all you need to do is apply one coat.
  • It works well on different surfaces, so wherever your cat pees, you can be sure that it will do a great job at removing the stain and smell.
  • It dries faster than Kilz Primer, so you do not have to wait too long.
  • It will not just remove the stain of your cat’s urine but permanently block the odor.
  • It is suitable for interior and spot exterior use.


  • It has a strong unpleasant smell before it dries.
  • It is costlier compared to Kilz Primer.
  • The thickness makes it difficult for DIY users.
  • It is hard to sand.

Pros and Cons of Kilz Primer


  • It is cheaper compared to Bin Primer.
  • It provides a smooth finish for surfaces.
  • Kilz Primer provides a mold and mildew-resistance finish on surfaces.
  • It is good at blocking stains and will block the foul smell of cat urine from your surface.
  • It is an excellent choice for DIY users.


  • It dries slower than the Bin Primer stain remover.
  • It is very thin, reducing its ability to cover more surfaces.
  • Since it is an oil-based paint, it isn’t easy to clean.


Bin Primer and Kilz Primer are excellent stain removers that will get both the cat urine stain and smell off your surface. They have differences (costlier than the other) and similarities (both resistant to mold and mildew). This guide will help you determine which is the best choice for you.

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