Cut-Off Tool vs Angle Grinder: Which One Should You Choose

A cut-off tool is a small, power tool that is used to cut or sharpen tools. They are single-handed tools, and may come with or without a cord.

Because of their size, you can use them to cut hard to reach places and corners. They are also very easy to carry around as they weigh very little.

Angle grinders are similar in purpose too, cut-off tools. They are portable and come with a cutting disc. Angle grinders can be used for cutting, shaping, sharpening, polishing, etc. It is great for cutting very thick pieces.

Both tools are similar and  useful, but which one is better? Cut-off tools are lighter and more portable. This makes it easier to carry around than angle grinders.

Cut-Off Tool vs Angle Grinder

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 Cut-off toolAngle grinder
SizeCut-off tools are extremely portable and efficient.Angle grinders are a bit larger and heavier than cut off tools, but still small enough that you can carry it about in a tool box.
CostCut-off tools are affordable, and not too expensive.Angle grinders are usually very expensive, and out of budget.
VersatilityWhile cut-off tools are extremely helpful, it is not very versatile, and is mostly used for just cutting.Angle grinders are more versatile than most cutting tools. They are used for polishing, grinding, cutting, etc.
DurabilityAs long was you maintain it well, cut-off tools will last long for you.Angle grinders are strong and can last years without spoiling.
PortableCut-off tools are small and easy to carry.Angle grinders are larger, but still portable.

Key Differences Between Cut-Off Tool and Angle Grinder

Cut-off tools and angle grinders have lots of key differences that can help when you’re trying to decide which one to choose. Here are some of the main differences between cut-off tools and angle grinder


One of the biggest differences between angle grinders and cut-off tools is how you operate them. Angle grinders are bigger, so you need to handle them with two hands. They are more suitable for wider spaces that fit their size. On the other hand, cut-off tools are great for reaching smaller spaces and tight spots. It is small and can be operated using one arm.


It is important to decide on a budget before you start looking to buy any of these tools. Typically, cut-off tools tend to cost less than angle grinders. This is because they have fewer uses, use less power, and can only work on limited types of materials.

Angle grinders are more expensive because of their versatility, high power usage, and ability to cut into different materials, among other benefits. When buying, consider what you need the tool for, then decide which one to invest in. Both angle grinders and cut-off tools have strong and sharp blades. You can find some great cut-off tools and angle grinders for sale here


Another major difference is how versatile angle grinders are compared to cut-off tools. If you’re working on a new project, angle grinders could be used to do different things. This includes grinding, sharpening, shaping, sanding, etc. Angle grinders can work on metal, wood, plastic, and lots more.

On the other hand, cut-off tools are limited to cutting and sharpening. In addition, they only work with very few materials. Cut-off tools work best with materials that aren’t too thick.


To know the best option between cut-off tool and angle grinder, you need to know what they are used for. Cut-off tools and angle grinders share some key differences when it comes to operation and use.

Here are some uses of cut-off tools

  • It can be used in cutting wood.
  • It can be used in cutting metal.
  • Cut-off tools can be used for carving and shaping wood.
  • It can be used for sculpting wood and metal.

Here are some uses of angle grinder

  • It can be used in cutting metal and steel.
  • It can be used in cutting concrete and stone.
  • Angle grinder can be used for grinding and polishing metal.
  • Angle grinders are used for sharpening tools.
  • It can be used in cutting tiles and aluminum.
  • It is great for removing old mortar.
  • Angle grinders can be used for the removal of paint and rust.
  • It is used for the sanding and carving of wood.


Angle grinders use a lot more power than cut off tools. The average angle grinder has a motor that ranges from 3 to 7hp in terms of power. While cut-off tool’s motor is usually around 1hp.


Cut-off tools are arguably more portable than angle grinders. They are small and can fit in a small tool box. Their lightweight qualities also make them very easy to carry around.

Angle grinders are also portable, but they are a lot heavier. They are small in size though, so they can be carried in a tool box as well.

Similarities Between Cut-Off Tool and Angle Grinder

They have Similar Parts

Cut-off tools and angle grinders are made-up of similar parts. Both tools include a driveshaft, a handle, a cutting disc, and a power motor.

They come in the Same Variety

Cut-off tools and angle grinders are powered up similarly too. Their energy systems come in either of these three types; pneumatic, cordless, and corded.

Pros and Cons of Cut-Off Tools


  • Cut-off tools are small and easy to carry around.
  • They are cheap and affordable.
  • They are easy to hold and can be held with one hand.
  • There are different types of cut-off tools to suit your preference.
  • They are easy to use and precise.


  • Cut-off tools are not very versatile.
  • They only work well for light jobs.
  • They can cut thick pieces of wood or metal.

Pros and Cons of Angle Grinders


  • Angle grinders are very versatile.
  • The motors of angle grinders are extremely powerful and strong.
  • Larger discs can work with angle grinders.
  • Angle grinders have an ergonomic design.


  • Angle grinders are more expensive and out of budget.
  • The motor can get really hot when used for too long.
  • Oversized discs can lead to disc bursting.


Before deciding which one to purchase between angle grinders and cut-off tools, consider the type of work you want to do, the long term uses of these tools, and their various advantages and disadvantages. Both cut-off tools and angle grinders are superb choices, although angle grinders are more useful and can perform more tasks.

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