Can You Use Mrs. Meyers On Granite

Meyer’s Cleaner is known for eliminating dirt from decorating countertops to removing stubborn food stains. It uses botanical ingredients and leaves a fresh fragrance in your home rather than in a sanitized room.

But can you use Mrs Meyers on granite?

Yes, if you have a granite countertop, Mrs. Meyers is entirely safe for use. It’s a very mild cleanser that won’t attack sealed granite or stone. Read till the end to find out more about it.

Can You Use Mrs Meyers On Granite?

If you have a sealer on your granite, you may use Mrs. Meyers as your everyday countertop cleanser. Countertop sealant is likely still intact if your granite surfaces reject water rather than absorb it and there are no visible stains or dark areas.

You can’t expect Mrs. Meyers to clean your granite countertops since it is not a disinfectant. The best thing about it is that it’s a terrific choice for daily cleaning.

Granite countertops, on the other hand, are inherently resistant to germs. As a result, a simple wash with Mrs. Meyers or dish soap is generally sufficient to keep germs away. While disinfecting cleaners is still an option, plenty to choose from.

Moreover, rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant on granite is a great idea. Only a spray bottle, some counter spray, and a moist cloth are needed to remove the residue on your countertops.

How Often Should I Clean My Granite Countertops?

It’s a breeze to clean the countertops regularly. Using Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, you can clean everything, including countertops, walls, cabinets, and baseboards. All you need are these low-cost microfiber cleaning cloths and your cleaner.

Sometimes, you may want to reduce your household’s reliance on paper towels for various reasons, like environmental friendliness and economic savings. Because they are so easily accessible, it has made that much easier. 

But after switching to Meyer’s cleaner from paper towels, you may see a significant decrease in your household’s use of paper towels. They’re excellent at removing stubborn stains from kitchen surfaces. Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner is certified for use on granite, which is essential for keeping the beauty of your granite (more on this in a minute). 

What to Watch Out for While Cleaning Granite?

Every night, you can make it a point to wipe clean your kitchen countertops. After washing the dishes, you can use microfiber cloths and Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner to wipe down the countertops, scrubbing the surfaces. It’s the most satisfying feeling to close a clean and tidy kitchen at night!

But you have to keep away from some ingredients when cleaning granite countertops. Listed below are the worst countertop cleansers you may use:

  1. Windex
  2. Bleach
  3. All-Purpose Cleaner Lysol Lemon
  4. Cleaning with Bleach by Clorox
  5. Wipes for Disinfection
  6. Using Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner
  7. Multi-surface Vinegar Cleaner by Windex

For the reasons that follow, none of these household cleaners are suitable for use:


In Windex, some chemicals might irreversibly harm the granite surface. However, Windex may also produce pitting on surfaces, making them less shiny. If you use Windex, this might leave your granite countertops vulnerable to discoloration and other damage.


Granite sealers are sensitive to bleach, which may be corrosive. Because granite is porous, bleach may damage the sealant on your counters and discolor them.

All-Purpose Cleaner Lysol Lemon

Lysol Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner, which contains both ammonia and lemon, isn’t a suitable choice for cleaning granite surfaces. Lemons have been shown to degrade the sealant that protects granite countertops because of their acidity. Ammonia may also scrape and even eat away at your granite’s surface.

Cleaning with Bleach by Clorox

Bleach is among the harsh ingredients in this all-purpose cleanser. Bleach, as previously indicated, may harm granite surfaces. 

Therefore, you should also avoid this cleanser. Additionally, the scents in this cleanser may cause the sealant on your countertops to deteriorate.

Wipes for Disinfection

Disinfecting wipes are helpful for cleaning, but they may cause difficulties on granite surfaces. Citric acid included in the wipes for granite counters is a known problem.

Using Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner

For granite surfaces, Pledge’s lemon aroma may be a real issue. Damage to the sealer on your stone counters might occur because of the citric acid in this cleaning.

Multi-surface Vinegar Cleaner by Windex

Windex Multi-Surface with Vinegar, which contains vinegar as a primary cleaning agent, may dull and etch granite surfaces. Using vinegar to clean granite countertops is a bad idea. All-purpose cleaners, including Windex, are not recommended for granite surfaces.

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