Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors

Pine-Sol is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use to clean every floor type. It contains several chemical ingredients like PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers and C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates. These chemical elements can cut through grease and let you pick up oily messes from multiple surfaces.

But the thing that you make you think about is the chemicals this cleaner included. As the laminate floor is delicate and sensitive, chemicals can damage the laminate planks.

Now, you may ask- Can you use Pine-Sol on laminate floors?

Yes, you can use Pine-Sol on your laminated base without any doubt. It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals that will damage the laminate surface. Just follow the instructions on the package and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors

Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

Yes, you can use Pine-Sol on laminate floors without harming the finish or damaging the laminated planks. Pine-Sol is a multi-purpose floor cleaner and specially designed to clean multiple surfaces from floors to walls and the kitchen room to the bathroom. It contains no harmful chemicals that will do any harm to your laminate planks.

Now, you may ask another question, like- Will Pine-sol damage laminate floors?

The short answer is no. Here, we break down why this multi-purpose cleaning formula doesn’t bring any damage to the laminate planks.

According to Smart Label, Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner contains these chemical elements:

  • Water (Aqua)
  • PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers
  • C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Acid Violet 48
  • Acid Red 52
  • Fragrance ingredients

None of these chemicals bring any damage to your laminate surface. Both PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers and C10-12 Alcohol Ethoxylates are cleaning agents. And the best part is- both of the two ingredients can cut grease efficiently. So, you can use this cleaner to remove grease messes from the kitchen and sinks.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant, and it is used in most household cleaners like detergent & soap as it can create foam and remove soil.

In short, no chemicals used in Pine-Sol bring damage to your laminate surface. In other words, Pine-Sol is completely safe to use on laminate floors.

How To Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

Now, it’s time to check out how to use Pine-Sol to clean the laminate surface.

Have the equipment at your fingertips

Make sure you have the following pieces of cleaning equipment at your fingertips:

  • A bucket
  • Water
  • A mop or broom
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A Bottle of Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner

Vacuum the Floor First

Before going for mopping the laminate base, make sure you sweep and vacuum your surface. It will help to pick up dirt, debris, and filth. As a result, there will form no mud while mopping the surface. On top of this, loosening dirt can scratch the laminate plank and can damage the finish. So, it’s better to prepare the floor first by vacuuming.

Make the Cleaning Solution

Once you prepare your laminated base, it’s time to create your cleaning solution. So, pour a gallon of water in the bucket and mix 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol All-purpose Cleaner into the water.

Start Mopping

Now, you are ready to mop your laminated base once you make the cleaning solution. Take a mop or microfiber cloth and dit it into the cleaning solution. Then, start rubbing the laminated planks in one direction. Rinse the microfiber cloth frequently. When the solution gets dirty, you can change it.

After covering your entire laminated base, leave it to air-dry the floor.

What Safety Precautions Do You Need To Take When Using Pine-Sol?

Though Pine-Sol doesn’t bring any damage to your laminate floor, it may be harmful to your health. The chemicals like PEG/PPG Propylheptyl ethers or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Pine-Sol contained can cause eye irritation. So, wear safety glasses when mopping the floor with it. After finishing your cleaning workflow, wash your hands thoroughly.

Apart from these, follow the instructions on the package before using it on your laminate floors. Don’t forget to test it by applying the Pine-Sol on a small area of your surface to check whether it brings any damage or not.

Laminate Floor Maintenance Tips

To protect your laminate base and hold its shiny look for longer, follow the below maintenance tips. 

  • We recommend you vacuum your floor regularly between deep cleaning. However, you may vacuum the surface every other day if there is less traffic in your home.
  • Deep clean your laminate base once a week. In this case, you can use Pine-sol to mop your surface evenly.
  • Never clean your laminated base with cleaning agents that contain wax, bleach, or acrylic.


Is Pine-Sol and Pine Glo the same?

No, Pine-Sol and Pine Glo are not the same. Pine-sol uses pine oil to get a nice smell and fragrance. On the other hand, Pine Glo doesn’t use pine oil to gain smell. Instead of pine oil, it uses artificial chemicals to achieve fragrance.

Is Mr. Clean the same as Pine-Sol?

No, Mr.Clean is not the same as Pine-Sol. Mr.Clean focuses on several cleaning products like the multi-surface cleaner, Magic Erasers, multi-surface liquids, and multi-surface sprays. On the other hand, Pine-Sol only focuses on the multi-surface cleaners in its lineup.

How do you use Pine-Sol on floors?

You can use Pine-Sol by mixing 1/4 cup of Pine-sol multi-surface cleaner in a gallon of water. Before applying it to your floor, make sure you vacuum the surface evenly to remove dirt & debris. Lastly, dip a microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution and sweep the floor in one direction.

Do you dilute Pine-Sol?

Yes, you can dilute Pine-Sol. It’s a concentrated formula. So, you can add water to it to dilute the multi-surface cleaner. Indeed, a 24 oz. bottle of Pine-sol will provide you with 12 gallons of cleaning power.

What was Pine-Sol originally used for?

Pine-Sol is especially concentrated to pick up grease and heavy soil stains from every type of floor. Indeed, you can use it to clean the living room, bathroom and walls efficiently.


We hope you will get the answer to your question- Can you use Pine-Sol on Laminate Floors?

Yes, you can. Pine-Sol is specially formulated to clean every surface of your home. Whether you have laminated floor or tile, you can apply it to pick up tiny to sticky grease & grime. The chemicals it includes react with the grease and dissolve them. Then, use a microfiber cloth to remove the sticky debris from the surface.

Above,  we broke down how to use Pine-Sol on floors. So, follow the step-by-step guide to leave your laminated floor dirt-free.

To keep your laminate floor shiny and clean for a long time, vacuum your surface regularly and deep-clean the base once a week.

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