How To Remove O Cedar Mop Head

Almost everyone dreads mopping the floor because of its back-breaking nature. 

However, O-Cedar spin mops have revolutionized mopping and made it easier and faster.

O-Cedar Spin mops are strongly built and long-lasting mops that reduce your mop time and save you from back pain, but most people don’t know how to remove the spin mop heads. 

They tend to use force and sometimes abandon the mops when they can’t remove the heads.

This article will get you acquainted with the steps to remove the O-Cedar spin mop head.

How To Remove O Cedar Mop Head

When Should You Replace the O-Cedar Spin Mop Head?

Some cleaning experts suggest that you replace your mop head every three months. Others recommend you replace your microfiber mop head after about 500 washings.

A more practical solution is to watch for the following signs that tell you it’s time to replace your mop head. 

  • When the mop head is permanently discolored, no amount of washing makes any difference. 
  • When you notice fibers of the mop head removed.
  • When the fibers become worn out.

How To Remove O-Cedar Spin Mop Head

First of all, let’s discuss the wrong way to remove the O-Cedar spin Mop head. 

The wrong way to remove the O-Cedar spin mop head 

There’s a common way some people try to remove the wrong mop head. The Mop head is placed flat on the floor with the person stepping on the microfiber pad. The handle is then pulled hard away from the microfiber being stepped on. 

There are several things wrong with trying to remove the Mop head this way:

  • You can damage the handle joint.
  • You can also damage the mop head.

There’s a better and easier way to remove the Mop head while also preserving the life span of your mop. 

The right way to remove the O-Cedar spin mop head

Step 1: Study the instruction of the mop head. 

The first thing you need to do is to study how the O-Cedar spin mop head is assembled carefully. You will notice that it is made up of a long handle that is adjustable and a mop head.

The mop head is a mix of plastic and fiber. It has a triangular red frame. Inside the red frame is another black frame to which the fibers are directly attached. It is this black frame that needs to be removed. 

Step 2: Position the Spin Mop correctly

To remove the Mop head, a better way to position the mop is to place it upside down. 

This way, the handle is towards the floor while the Mop head is at the top. 

Step 3: Detach the mop head

To remove the black frame, hold the mop head firmly with one hand, with the microfiber pad facing you. Firmly but gently pull on the microfiber pad. The black frame will pop right out. 

That’s the only part you need to wash or replace.

How To Replace the O-Cedar Spin Mop Head

To replace your O-Cedar spin mop head, all you need to do is align the black frame with the red frame and gently press it into the red frame. 

The black frame will snuggly snap into place. You do not need to use force.

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How Do You Clean an O-Cedar microfiber mop head?

The easiest way to clean your O-Cedar microfiber mop head is to toss the microfiber pad into the washing machine. 

Wash it using a mild detergent solution mixed in hot or warm water.

How To Store Your Mop Head

The proper way to store your O-Cedar spin mop bead is to turn it upside down with the mop head on top and completely dry. Never keep it wet or with the mop head directly on the floor.

Can I use any chemical cleaner to wash the O-Cedar mop pads?

O-Cedar mops are well made. You’re assured of their ability to remove 99% of bacteria on your floor without using chemicals. Tap water is perfectly suitable to get the job done. The use of chemicals is not recommended as it can damage the microfiber. 

How can I dry the spin mop head?

To dry your O-Cedar Spin mop head, you can simply air dry it, nothing fancy. Just make sure the mop head is not resting directly on the floor to dry. Place it on a rack, on an elevated surface, or lean against a wall with the mop head on top.

You can also dry it in an electric cloth dryer on low heat. 

Can I put the O-Cedar spin mop head in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash the O-Cedar spin mop head in the washing machine. It is perfectly safe to do so. 

Can O-Cedar spin mop clean all surfaces?

The O-Cedar spin mop has been tested on the prefinished hardwood flooring, laminate and ceramic tiles. These happen to be the two most commonly used flooring surfaces in homes. The result showed that O-Cedar spin mop can be used on almost all hard flooring surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tiles. However, if you are still unsure of its suitability for your home, first carry out a small test on a small hidden area.  

Can the O-Cedar spin mop head remove bacteria?

Absolutely! The mop head can remove bacteria, but it will not kill them. A test was carried out to determine the effectiveness of the O-Cedar spin mop to remove the two most commonly found bacteria in the home, Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The result showed that the microfibre pad of the O-Cedar spin mop removed both bacteria effectively using just tap water.


The O-Cedar spin mop’s unique feature is that once the microfibre removes bacteria, it does not transfer it to another surface. The bacteria stay on the microfibre mop head until washing or rinsing the mop head, at which point it is removed from the mop head. Talk about an added safety point. 

It is long-lasting, super easy to maintain, and removing the mop head to clean or replace is super easy.

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