How to Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer: A Guide To Save $700

All the homeowners love to stay connected with nature and have a garden in their backyard. But the concerning fact is- mosquitoes love to make a colony deep inside the plants and underside of leaves. If they bite us, we may suffer from 15 different diseases

And a mist blower comes into play to kill the mosquitoes. The heck is- it will take you several hundred dollars to get. All of us don’t have the fortune to buy one. Of course, you can’t ignore the mosquitoes which may make you & your family severely ill. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend several hundred dollars to get a mist blower if you make your DIY mosquito sprayer. Yes, you can build a DIY mosquito sprayer with the help of your existing leaf blower. 

We bet you make your eyes big with wonder and ask- how to convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer?

How to Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer

How To Convert Leaf Blower To Mosquito Sprayer?

You already know how expensive a mist blower is. But at a fraction of the cost, you can make a DIY mosquito sprayer by converting your leaf blower. And this chapter will let you know how to do that.

Step 1. Equipment You Need:

Ensure you have these pieces of equipment at your fingertips. 

  • A mosquito sniper system
  • A Tank Sprayer
  • A Blower
  • Insecticides

We recommend you buy a tank sprayer that is compatible with the Mosquito Sniper System. Each of the M.S Systems is designed to custom fit different types of tank sprayers. To get the ideal tank sprayer for the M.S system, check out this article. Lastly, buy the insecticides to kill mosquitoes. 

Step 2. Set Up the Sniper System With The Blower & Tank Sprayer

It takes only a few minutes to set up the Mosquito Sniper system. 

First off, locate the black nut on the hose of your mosquito sniper system and connect it with the wand handle of your tank.

Then, loosely place the turnkey clamp around your blower tube. 

Next, properly fit the nozzle to your blower tube with the following steps-

  • Locate the ridges on the stem size of the nozzle
  • Place the nozzle at the top end of your blower tube stem side down. In return, the ridges butt up against the end of the blower tube. 
  • Determine which of the three holes on the stem of the nozzle is closest to the center of your blower tube. And insert your tube fitting into that hole. 
  • Do this while keeping the hose at a 90-degree angle from the stem. 
  • Once you are correctly inserted, the tube fitting will stick out about an eight-inch on the other side. 
  • Now, rotate the hose back to the middle of the nozzle. Use your thumb to push the hose into the two c channels, and this completes your nozzle fitting. 

Secondly, secure the nozzle to the blower tube by moving the clamp forward into one of the three divided sections on the nozzle. And then, use the turnkey to tighten up. 

Finally, secure the wand handle by placing it into the pump sprayer handle, allowing easy grip of the tank and use of the thumb-operated valve. 

Step 3. Start Spraying

Now, the setup is complete. You are ready to spray the insecticides on the leaves to kill the hidden mosquito.

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Can I turn my leaf blower into a mosquito fogger?

Yes, you can turn your leaf blower into a mosquito fogger. In this case, just get a Mosquito Snipper System, a tank sprayer, and a blower. Now, attach them to convert the blower into a mosquito fogger. 

How do I make my own fogger spray?

Make sure you add 1/4-pound of garlic to the blender with one quart of water. Start blending the garlic until it reaches to smooth liquid consistency. Now, strain out the garlic a little bit by pouring the mixture through the mason jar. Make sure you place a piece of cheesecloth over the jar. Finally, put the homemade spray in the fogger tank and use it immediately. 

What can I use in my mosquito fogger?

You can use the following chemicals in your mosquito fogger:

  • Tetramethrin 
  • Phenothrin
  • Malathion
  • Pyrethroids

What is the best fogging solution for mosquitoes?

Undoubtedly, Riptide Water-Based ULV is the best fogging solution for mosquitoes. 


You don’t need to spend $700 bucks to get a mist blower to kill mosquitoes. Just convert leaf blower to mosquito sprayer by following the three actionable & easy-to-follow steps. 

You just need a blower, an M.S System, and a sprayer tank compatible with the M.S System. Then, attach them to make a DIY mosquito sprayer at a fraction of the cost. 

And the best part is- you don’t need to make any modifications. Indeed, it’s a piece of cake to build a mosquito sprayer.

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