Jessica Maynard

Jessica Maynard was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She is the founder & executive director at DIG (Development in Gardening). The goal of her company is to improve the nutrition & livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities by providing support in a self-directed journey. This company encourages people to plant gardens that grow health, wealth, and a feeling of belonging. Her company's human-centric design leads to sustainable gardening to let people discern how gardening meets their dietary and economic needs. She supports the leadership of the gardener in directing how and what they will grow. Indeed, DIG works on how to break the cycle of poverty & hunger of a farmer to harvest a better future.

Attracting Wildlife Into Your Garden

Attracting Wildlife Into Your Garden With These Simple Tips

There is no denying that wildlife has been under threat in recent years, with human activities destroying their natural habitat and reducing the space available to them. However, there are ways in which you can help them thrive in your garden and attract a range of different animals. These tips will help you do just …

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