8 Ways to Decorate Your Rental Property

Turning your rental property from an empty space into a home is an important step in property investment.

Personalising and decorating your property can attract renters easier than a bare property. Having something that looks new and clean is more desirable than the property looking old or dirty.

RWInvest, a firm specialising in property investment in Liverpool, have put together this handy little guide to help show you 4 ways to decorate your rental property.

Decorate Your Rental Property

1. Eco-Friendly Technology

Having eco-friendly smart technology in your rental property is a popular way of both saving money and attracting environmentally-conscious renters.

This can lower energy costs to save money for your tenants, and help make your property look fresh and modern.

Some easy ways of doing this include using LED lightbulbs, which are brighter and use less electricity than regular lightbulbs. You can also install a smart thermostat to help regulate energy usage.

Given the current rise in energy prices, helping your tenants save on costs is a very smart move right now. Many young renters are more eco-conscious now, and appealing to this is a good way to find renters.

2. Minimalist Designs

This is a great way of allowing tenants to personalise the property for themselves, whilst allowing you to save money on decor.

Furnished properties cost a lot more to set up, and tenants are less likely to remain for a long time. If they have to bring their own furniture, then it feels more like a home for them.

Having some minor decorations such as paintings or wall hangings can help create a unified theme for the property, whilst avoiding the expense of fully furnishing the property.

Giving tenants the freedom to decorate the property how they like is a great way of helping them turn a property from a place to stay temporarily into a home to live in.

3. Use Neutral Colours

A fresh lick of paint can brighten up a property and make it seem fresh. It is recommended to use neutral colours like white or grey when painting, as these are colours that most people like.

Water-resistant acrylic or eggshell paint is best, as it helps avoid stains and damage to the property. It can also help cover up damage to the property.

Also, if you use the same colours across all your properties then it means you can keep a tin or two to touch up any fading colours or stains that happen. This means you save money on decoration.

4. Use Laminate Instead of Carpets

It is important to keep a rental property clean between tenancies. Carpets can become stained and ragged easily through wear and tear. Cleaning them can be an expensive hassle.

Using laminate flooring helps you save money in the long run, and is far easier to keep clean.

To get a soft feel to the flooring, you can use rugs. This can add some decoration to the property whilst being easier for the tenant to clean.

If your heart is set on carpets, use dark colours to hide staining and damage. It is also better to pay for a more expensive underlay than a more expensive carpet.

5. Add House Plants

Energise your space with house plants. Adding greenery to a space is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Indoor plants can also help to open up a space and brighten the corners of a room.

House plants can also boost your health and wellbeing, some favourites are the The Swiss Cheese Plant and the Peace Lily.

These plants can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, and lower stress and anxiety making them a perfect fit, especially for people working from home.

6. Statement rugs and Cushions

If you opt for laminate flooring you can still add some warmth and colour with statement rugs. Incorporating rugs in different colours and patterns will add some personality to the space.

Rugs can also be replaced when the prints become outdated or if they are spoiled in between tenancies. Some tenants may even want to add their own rugs to a room.

The same goes for cushions when looking for ways to add some character and comfort to a space. Adding scatter cushions can provide flecks of colour to minimalist spaces, and again are interchangeable depending on the current trends.

7. Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture isn’t cheap and sometimes you have limited space. Multifunctional furniture can be a cost-effective way of utilising certain furniture pieces whilst maximising the space.

You may include a sofa that doubles as a bed so you’re able to invite people to stay for the night. You could also transform the dining table into a work from home desk.

Multifunctional furniture is all about maximising potential so that every item has more than one purpose.

8. Decorate Outdoor Spaces

Usually, rental properties come in the form of flats or studios and often only have small terraces or balconies as an outside space.

Make the most of small outdoor spaces and treat them as a tiny backyard. Adding some thoughtful furnishings can make the outside area more appealing and comfortable to residents.

Combine a few of the earlier suggestions like an outdoor rug, floor cushions and storage that doubles as a seat, and it’ll make for a relaxing space.

You could also add some kitchen staples to the balcony using pots, troughs, and hanging baskets filled with different herbs for cooking. By adding some of these decorative ideas to your rental property you’ll turn the space into a comfortable home in no time!

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