6 DIY Home Redecorating Tips

Giving your home a whole new look does not have to cost the earth. Nor do you need to make radical changes to give it a facelift. All you need is a bit of imaginative thinking and work in the functionality you hope to get.

Take a look at these six  DIY creative ideas that can transform your home without spending too much money, time, and effort. The most exciting thing about DIY projects is that you can do them in stages and take pride in accomplishing beautiful interiors that friends and family envy.

DIY Home Redecorating Tips

6 DIY Home Redecorating Tips

1. Invest in a Few Cans of Paint

For the Doorway

Paint is the simplest way to change the look and ambiance of a room without too much effort. Start with your main door since it’s the first thing people see when they arrive. Get creative with colors and shift away from white, black, or the classic wooden door look with ornate knockers. Instead, go with a beautiful sky blue, red, or yellow to make the door stand out from the house’s facade. You can also create contrast, like, for instance, a teal or turquoise door for a white or beige-colored home. Or, say, a dark, rich red for a house with a stucco facade. 

For the Interiors

Playing around with paint for the interiors is also an exciting way to refresh your home. If you have a small, multi-functional room, you can segregate the areas with a different shade of paint on the walls. For example, if you have an open kitchen that blends into the living area, use the magic of colors to give the impression of stepping into another room when walking out of the kitchen. 

Paint also works beautifully to make a smaller room seem larger in an instance. Use lighter colors on the walls, and remember to paint the ceiling white, so it looks higher than it is. Pick out a section or one wall and use jewel tones or contrasting hues to add an element of interest. Decorate this wall with a collage of family pictures, framed artwork created by the kids, and mirrors with gilded frames. You could also add a custom house painting to preserve a memory of a place you grew up in or has a special place in your heart. 

2. Change the Furniture Upholstery

Old, worn-out, and threadbare upholstery makes any room look shabby and tired. Right after you’ve completed the painting project, turn your attention to the furniture. While changing the fabric is the best way to go, you could also consider adding throw blankets to cover up the flaws depending on the condition of the material. Or, get a few cushions in brilliant hues to liven up the place instantly.

Don’t want to buy new pillows? Get new covers instead and keep changing them as the mood strikes. Here’s another secret. Clean the sofas and chairs. Oftentimes, use the steam cleaner to remove the layer of dirt and stains. It can restore the original colors and appeal of the furniture.

3. Refurbish the Lamps

Have your lamps become boring and monotonous? Or, maybe, the fabric is starting to look frayed and old. Don’t toss it out just yet if it is working well. Simply invest in a new shade, and it will look fresh and new instantly. But, if it needs a makeover, get a set of fabric paints and revive the shade with a few delicate motifs in gold and silver. Try adding a bit of lace on the edges or stick on tiny beads or pearls that will catch the light and brighten the room.

4. Revive Your Tabletops

Whatever may be the material used to make your tabletops, they undergo wear and tear over time. You could be working with wood, stone, marble, concrete, or metal tables displaying scratches, fading, discoloration, or liquid staining. Give your flat surfaces a makeover by using deep pour epoxy, which is incredibly versatile and easy to use. 

Epoxy resin is available in a combination of two different liquids that you’ll mix and set. Take the time to read up on how to handle the material, and you can experiment with a selection of colors, fillers, and embellishments to give a brand-new look to your tables. The most exciting feature of epoxy is that it is highly durable and resistant to scratches and UV damage. For this reason, it is quickly catching the interest of artists who can create entire landscapes on just about any surface. 

5. Adopt a Few Plants

Setting up a few planters around the house will instantly give it warmth and appeal. Look for plant varieties that need the minimum of upkeep and do well in the shade needing only a spritzing of water now and then. You could also invest in a terrarium, which is a mini-ecosystem encased in glass with a small opening for light, heat, air, and moisture. Make your own mini garden in a mason jar with some soil and small plants that like the humid environment of the enclosed space. Lightly spray with water and add some homemade compost to have your green guests thriving.

6. Liven Up Your Cabinets

Should you search around the internet, you’ll come across several interesting ideas to liven up your cabinets. Whether kitchen cupboards, nightstands, or bedroom dressers, you can renovate them with a minimum of effort and a lot of imagination. The simplest way is always painting, and you can play around with high-gloss, distressed, or basic finishes. Change the hardware and drawer pulls, and you’ll have them looking as good as new. Replace the hinges if needed, and you’re all done. If not paint, you can also try wallpapering the surfaces. Choose stick-on sheets with patterns and colors you like, and give any room an instant makeover.

You could be decorating your home for the first time, or looking for ideas to revive your spaces and give them a fresh, new feel. Try these ideas that are easy to execute and won’t need you to spend a lot of money.

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