Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Stunning

If you are looking to maximize both the space and style of your tiny bedroom, you’ve come to the right spot.

These simple and (mostly) budget-friendly tips will certainly transform your tiny bedroom completely, and what’s more, they can even make it appear more spacious which is something that many people are aiming for.

We’ve conducted research and came up with the most practical tips to make a small bedroom look stunning. From decorating tips, color schemes, eco-friendly and other insider tips, here’s what we discovered.

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Bedroom Arrangement

Although there is no magical formula to increase the size of your bedroom, with the right arrangement, you can create extra space and flow. Start with placing the bed in the center, instead of placing it on one side against the wall. This will give you more maneuverability and create some extra space. If you are dissatisfied with the current bed, check out some of the most comfortable beds with memory foam.

On top of that, even if you had the biggest bedroom in the world, it wouldn’t do you any good if it’s cluttered and untidy. So we suggest keeping your room decluttered, and you’ll notice how effective this strategy is.

Maximize the space

This simplistic but efficient approach can save you lots of space, without compromising the comfort or overall appearance of your bedroom! Some of the best-looking tiny bedrooms are the most simplistic ones.

As every inch of your bedroom is significant, put multi-purpose storage furniture into use and keep your stuff concealed inside of them. Whether it’s beds with storage drawers, storage ottomans, benches, or chests, they will enable your items to be easily accessible at all times while saving you precious space. Another great addition is the float shelves that can be attached above the bed.

If possible, consider adding window seats with storage, to maximize your bedroom space even further! This will enable you to have a nook where you can read or relax without having to add a piece of extra furniture to your bedroom.

Color Scheme

Did you know that color choice can affect mood? With that in mind, making a suitable color scheme choice is important as it can not only improve the appearance of your bedroom, it can also affect how you feel while being in it.

As everyone’s taste is diverse, pick a color scheme according to your preference and choose the colors of walls, ceiling, furniture, and accessories to create a matching color arrangement. But bear in mind, some colors don’t blend well, so choose thoughtfully.


A tiny bedroom can have certain advantages, such as being able to highlight the accessories that would otherwise be under the radar in a bigger room. An intricate choice of accessories will personalize your bedroom and make it unique. You can add anything to your liking – from paintings, ornaments, and mirrors to tapestry. Whatever your choice is, make sure to add some personal touch as your selection of accessories reflects your personality.


Keep your window treatments minimalistic and allow the natural light to come into your bedroom. For extra light, you can hang a large mirror or two. They are useful for multiple reasons, like making your bedroom look bigger and adding a symmetrical vibe.

In addition to that, add several layers of artificial light sources and combine them with natural light. Pay attention to those places where natural light cannot burst through, and consider installing a dimmer to be in total control of the light intensity.

Some of the best bedroom lighting choices are:

  • Floor lamps
  • Sconces
  • Pendant lights
  • Flush-mount ceiling fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Track lighting


There you have it! We hope our pieces of advice will assist you in turning your tiny bedroom into the most favorite room at your place. Try out some of our tips and you’ll notice the improvements immediately.

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