Why Do We Find the Fishy Smell in Bathroom?

When you step into your bathroom and discover the harshness of a fishy smell in the bathroom, then what would be the possible reason to make it happen? It is confusing because there are many reasons out there however, the consequence remains the same.

We know many of us to get started with deep cleaning once they find such a smell. But only cleaning work around the bathroom won’t kick out such a fishy smell. So, you need to find out the source of odor, then take some precaution.

No worries, here in this article we will guide you across some possible sources. Turns out, you will come to sort out your own and take some action.

Why Do We Find the Fishy Smell in Bathroom

Possible reasons to find the fishy smell in Bathroom

If we find only one reason that drives the fishy smell then we won’t need to write more on this. But there are so many possibilities to encounter such a condition. So let’s define them all one by one from below

Run a normal test

To find the smell go inside your bathroom then run a fan for a few minutes, meanwhile don’t flush your bathroom and find the source. Let’s see whether the smell is fainter compared to the normal smell afterward, flush the toilet. If you are having a major issue then this will take you to the sudden burst of abnormal fishy smell.

Sewerage Gas untrapped

It is one of the common problems when you will find a fishy smell in your bathroom. When you flush the toilet and you find the smell source is not the bowl rather it comes from the sewerage gas, then it comes through the breakage of the wax ring seal. Therefore, when you flush out the toilet, the ring puts the pressure around the base so the gas comes out with air-blow.

Plumbing Vent gets clogged

Most of the times, a recently installed bathroom faces such an issue. Previously we shared the source with the sewerage gas, but this time the wax seal seems perfect and the problem shifts with the plumbing vent. Normally such a plumbing vent allows access air blocking the fishy smell. The scenario would be to turn out a con when it gets clogged. Therefore, the air comes back with this odor and you will experience a fishy smell.

So once you encounter such a problem, you can not fix it alone. Call a professional plumber and ask him to fix the seal or the vent. Either way, you can ask him to clean the pipeline coming from the toilet. Turns out, you will find a dramatic change with the bad smell.

Electrical wire overheating

Sometimes the problem is not directly related to the pipeline or the sewerage. Before calling a plumber, find the issue of whether you would find the burning rubber smell from an electrical wire of your bathroom. For such an issue, you should rather call up an electrician.

Ammonia Smell comes from the corpse

You might be going outside and come to your home many weeks later, or there would be a different reason to find a dead body of an animal like rats. Under this situation, the smell of rats called the acidic condition of Ammonia. This smell resembles the fishy smell. Once you will remove the corpse from your bathroom then you can resolve this issue.

Dirty Socks

Have you ever been come to know that your dirty socks oftentimes let you smell fishy smell? Yes, if you leave your socks for a few days without washing them or rinse them well, then the smell will turn out like a fishy one.

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