14 Golf Themed Home Décor Ideas

Living in a golf course home has so many great advantages from the amazing views to the fantastic access to the nearby course. If you are planning to own a golf course home or already have a property that is close to a golf course and you want to show it off with a fun golf theme then keep reading to see some great ideas.

Golf Themed Home Décor Ideas

1. Reduce, reuse, repurpose

Old equipment can have a new life in your home with a few minor changes and it only takes some DIY skills and a trip or two to the hardware store to turn old golf equipment into decorative pieces. 

2. Golf Bags

Golf bags are nice and sturdy so it doesn’t take much to rework them into table legs or lamp bases. They can also be used as-is to store your gardening equipment in an upright position. If you have one that is worn and unusable then use that to your advantage and turn it into a golf-themed planter for your garden. 

3. Golf Clubs

Golf clubs can become damaged and warped over time and many people prefer to get rid of their half sets instead of spending the money to replace the damaged clubs so it’s easy to find old ones at thrift stores for your DIY projects. Pinterest is full of clever and fun ideas like making a coat hanger out of the club heads or using multiple clubs as table legs. You can also use them in your garden to make silly golf club animals or even use them as fence posts for a cute veggie garden. 

4. Golf Balls

If you are living right on the course then you are likely going to end up with golf balls in your yard, on your porch, and even in your gutters. Collecting the balls may be a little annoying at times but at least you’re left with a pile of cute decorations. Use golf balls as drainage stones with a clear vase to add a fun touch to any room. 

5. Stay in the shadows for multiple items

Shadow boxes are a great way to display a few items without having them out and about so it’s the perfect idea for any smaller vintage items you have. Any balls, tees, photos, or even old golfing gloves can be displayed in shadow boxes and placed in any room to add a vintage twist. 

6. Keep it subtle

Golf-themed decor can sometimes be a little tacky or garish so if you want to play with the theme without being too obvious then check out a few of these ideas to keep it subtle. 

7. Use the landscapes

Golf courses have amazing views and gorgeous landscapes so look for some art that reflects the rolling green hills. Look for art on places like eBay or Etsy that are based on the topography or images of famous courses. It’s a clever way to add some fantastic nature scenes around your home while keeping with the golf theme. 

If you want a dramatic effect, take your favorite photo that you’ve taken of a course and have it blown up to a tall size. Use it as an accent wall for the upper half of a room to give a striking visual look. 

8. Play with shapes and texture

A theme doesn’t have to smack you in the face to be effective so look for items for your home that have a similar shape to golf items. There are plenty of clever-looking hanging lights that resemble golf balls, you can always find some vases that have the same shape as an upside-down golf tee, and a green shag rug or blanket gives you the same feeling as a freshly groomed green. Adding shapes and textures that resemble the golfing experience is a fun way to play with the idea. 

9. Add a splash of color

While there is no standard color scheme for golf-themed designs, green is an obvious choice. Choosing a grassy green for an accent color is a cute way to make the theme carry through the house. Golf Ball white is another color that looks fantastic against the green and deep mahogany stained furniture can add a luxurious clubhouse feeling to the space. 

10. Go all out

If you want to get a little wild with your decor then there are tons of different ways that you can take the golf theme and run wild with it. For a few fun ways to get crazy with your golf-themed decor, keep reading!

11. Give it a room

Focusing all of your golf-themed home décor into one room is a great way to keep with your theme while letting the rest of the house have its personality. Add a small area to practice your putting so you can impress your golf buddies during the next round. You can even add in a wet bar area and a lounge space to make the room feel like it’s your private clubhouse. 

12. Get virtual

If you want to make your golf room into the ultimate golfer’s paradise then look into installing a swing simulator. A swing simulator uses either a projector or a large-screen television to show what your shot would look like on a real course using sensors and cameras to see where your swing goes. These can be a little pricey so make sure you have the space and setup that works best for the system you’re choosing before you make the purchase. 

13. Take it outside

Your backyard might be full of stray golf balls already so why not put them to good use and get yourself some golf training equipment! Look into a putting area for your backyard or set up a golf swing tent to practice your aim. There are quite a few different options for putting sets and a removable one is best if you live in an area with bad weather. The swing tents are relatively inexpensive plus they’re easy to set up so you can start working on your swing within a few minutes. 

14. Get in the garage

An unused garage is a great space to play with if you are looking for a large putting practice area. It can easily be outfitted with a faux green astroturf and it doesn’t take much to add a slightly lifted floor so your balls can drop into cups like a real course. You can even get fancy and add some longer grass, sand traps, or hills so you can make sure you have all the skills you need to perfect your putt.

Golf décor can go so many different ways and you can take it to whatever level you want. Whether you want a few elegant touches around the house or you want to dedicate a whole area of your home to the great sport, there are plenty of different options for you. Use as many of these great ideas as you’d like to turn your home into the perfect golf course home.

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