Home Electrical Upgrades You Should Invest In

Being a homeowner means that you can change your surroundings without seeking out the approval of a landlord. This freedom is one of the factors that motivate millions of people to buy homes every year in the United States. When choosing home improvement projects, you should consider how to make the systems in your home more functional.

Over the past few years, the technology used in home electrical systems has improved substantially. If you feel like your electrical system is outdated, now is the time to make a few updates. With the help of a qualified and popular electrician in Delaware, OH, you can modernize your residential electrical system with ease. Here are some great home electrical upgrades you should think about investing in.

Home Electrical Upgrade

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Surge Protection for Your Entire Home

Throughout the pandemic, homeowners around the United States have been taking on improvement projects. In fact, home improvement spending increased by more than 10% in the past two years. If you are looking for a home improvement project that can add a higher degree of safety to your residence, then a whole-home surge protection system is a must. Electrical storms cause a lot of damage to many homes in the United States every year.

If you don’t have proper surge protection equipment in place, you run the risk of losing valuable electronics and appliances. Rather than leaving your home vulnerable to electrical surges, you need to work with an electrician to fix this problem.

Full house surge protection systems are standard in new construction homes. However, if your home is older, you need to have one of these systems added. An experienced electrician will be able to get your new surge protection system installed and functional right away.

Make Your Basement More Functional With New Wiring

Utilizing every square inch of your home should be something you consider in your new home – including the basement. If your current basement is being neglected or underutilized, now is the time to do something about it. Many people ignore this space in their homes because of the lack of electrical functionality. If your basement has unfinished electrical wiring, you need to work with professionals to address this problem.

An electrician will be able to wire this area in your home and install a sub-electrical panel, if needed. With finished electrical wiring in this space, you can build a movie theater, man cave, play room, or bar with ease. If you are unsure about how to approach this electrical project, consulting with an experienced electrician is crucial. These professionals can provide you with the guidance and help needed to get this wiring project done quickly and correctly.

Rethink Your Kitchen Lighting

There are few things more enjoyable than cooking a meal in your home. If you consider yourself a culinary enthusiast, then having a well-appointed kitchen to cook in should be a top priority. One of the biggest complaints most homeowners have about their kitchens is poor task lighting. If you find it difficult to see properly when preparing or serving meals in your kitchen, it is time to rethink your existing lighting solutions.

Older homes generally have outdated lighting fixtures and placement. These days, there are many modern lighting solutions at your disposal. LED light fixtures allow you to brighten up this important part of your home. With recessed or pendant light fixtures, you can also boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Taking the time to do some research is crucial when trying to pinpoint the right light fixtures for your kitchen.

Car Charging Station

The United States is now home to more than two million electric cars. With the rise in popularity of all-electric vehicles made by Tesla and other reputable manufacturers, American consumers are starting to invest in at-home electrical charging stations. If you want your electric car to run smoothly, then installing an at-home car charging station is a great idea. 

An electrician will be able to install a 240-volt charging station outlet with ease. The best place to put one of these charging stations is in your garage. With the addition of a charging station, you can plug your electric car in every night to ensure it is ready to go in the morning.

Invest in a Generator

Dealing with natural disasters is something you may have to do as a homeowner. If you want to make dealing with the storms, wind, snow and power outages less stressful, it’s important to find a way to keep your electricity running during inclement weather. When bad storms move through your area, you can go days without electricity. This means that all of your electronics and appliances will cease to work.

Instead of dealing with the damage and aggravation this can cause, consider investing in a quality home generator. With a functional generator, you can keep the appliances and electronics in your home running regardless of how damaged your local power grid is. The key to getting the right generator selected and installed is working with an experienced electrician.

Update Your Electrical Outlets

If you are like most people, you spend a lot of time charging your mobile devices. Instead of trying to find a charging block every time you need to power up your electronics, you should think about investing in new electrical outlets that feature USB ports. These modern electrical outlets make charging your electronics simple and effective. 

While you are updating your existing electrical outlets, consider adding a few more in areas where you have a lot of electronic devices, such as in the kitchen or home office. Also, think about your entertainment needs – will you want a home theatre one day? Are you a musician who needs access to many outlets for your instruments, speakers and mixers? Having these updates done now can save you the headache in the future, when you realize you do not have enough outlets for all of your needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s electrical system with one of these ideas? If so, it is time to find a knowledgeable electrician to help you out.

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