Top 5 Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors in 2023

Unlike some years back, concrete floors have resoundingly found wider application in modern homes and commercial buildings. These heavy-duty floors have earned their edge in the construction market for their versatility, exceptional strength, and durability second to none.

That said, concrete floors are not immune to damage especially from spills (chemicals, sauce, coffee, etc.). Dirt, dust, and debris can also frequent your floors and tarnish their appeal. When such invaders attack your concrete floors, you need the best vacuum to effectively deal with the menace.

If the stubborn dirt gets embedded in the floor, you need a vacuum with the best suction. While many vacuums promise to deliver that, not every word is worth trusting. That’s precisely why this eye-opening review of the best vacuum for your concrete floors will offer you the right guidance in your next purchase.

Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

What is the Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors?

Whether you are dealing with a sealed, unsealed, decorated, or polished concrete floor, you need to arm yourself with the right tools for floor maintenance. Cleaning your concrete floor properly is part of routine maintenance be it inside or outside your property.

If you are after an uncompromised performance on all types of concrete floors, you might want to hone in on the Shark NV356E S2 Navigator. With its impressive technology infusion and surpassing suction strength, you will be glad you did.

On the other hand, if extra convenience is your thing, a powerful cordless vacuum like the Eureka NEC222 HyperClean might be a suitable companion yet without sacrificing performance.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for multi-surface cleaning: Shark NV356E S2 Navigator
    Combining impressive Lift-Away technology and easy steering, this vacuum is best for penetrating the tiniest crevices in all floor types. It has impressive suction, a pet power brush, and a crevice tool for carpet, hard surface, bare floor, and wood floor cleaning.
  2. Best for commercial use: Oreck Xl Commercial
    Being a bagged vacuum, it has large storage that ensures the suction stays at maximum for that much-needed professional-grade performance.
  3. Best cordless vacuum: Eureka NEC222 HyperClean
    Featuring an advanced digital motor and a super-powerful battery, there is no doubt about this being the best cordless vacuum for concrete floors.
  4. Best canister vacuum for fine dust particles: Bissell Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister
    Its Multi-Cyclonic Technology uses centrifugal forces that cleverly trap fine particles to lower the dust cup filling rate and prolong optimal suction.
  5. Best for suction versatility: Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction
    It features a special vortex motor for the highest suction power while optimizing power efficiency in different suction settings.

Top 5 Best Vacuum for Concrete Floors

To eliminate the hassle in your decision-making, we have deeply researched and collated an exhaustive review of the 5 best vacuum cleaners for your concrete floors to ensure you get the best outcomes. Take a look.

1. Best for multi-surface cleaning: Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

Looking for something lightweight for that heavy-duty concrete floor cleaning? The Shark NV356E S2 Navigator might just fit that description. This ultramodern concrete floor vacuum comes complete with the Lift-Away technology to afford you a superior deep cleaning convenience. With a simple button push, the super powerful vacuum can easily clean all the hard-to-reach sections tucked inside your hard floor.

What’s more, floor maneuverability is made a lot easier with the addition of exceptional steering control. The vacuum also comes in a completely sealed sleek design featuring a HEPA filter to guarantee optimal indoor air control. What more could you want in a vacuum?

  • XL dust cap capacity

With a bagless dust cap capacity of 2.2 quarts, the Shark Navigator promises unmatched cleaning convenience. That is enough dirt storage capacity to let you clean your whole concrete floor uninterrupted.

  • Lift-Away Technology

Built with concrete cleaning power in mind, this incredible vacuum for concrete floors never runs out of convenience. Thanks to the clever infusion of the Lift-Away technology, you can convert the upright vacuum into a portable cleaner completely hassle-free without worrying about losing suction power.

At the touch of a button, simply lift the canister away from the vacuum head to create a portable unit. This gives you the extra power to reach even the remotest and otherwise unreachable floor sections. You can even go the extra mile to clean all your above-floor areas including the stairs without any added weight on your hands. What a versatile way to restore the luster of your concrete floor.

  • Anti-allergen Technology

Talk about a vacuum designed with your wellbeing in mind and the Shark Navigator pops right up. Is pet hair, stubborn dirt, or irritating allergens causing you endless trouble? This health-friendly vacuum might just be the remedy to all that.

It features a complete seal coupled with a HEPA filter to afford you unmatched anti-allergen capabilities. According to Shark, this extra feature means the vacuum can capture up to 99.9% of dust and allergens.

  • Easy maneuverability

For a vacuum with extra flexibility, the Shark Navigator does an excellent job at cleaning your concrete floors. Thanks to its advanced Swivel Steering feature, you are guaranteed superior control to maneuver even around furniture and other floor obstacles.

Why we choose Shark Navigator over Kenmore DU5080

While the Kenmore DU5080 offers extra functionality (3-in-1 vacuum) compared to the Shark Navigator (2-in-1 vacuum), it is way costlier than the latter. It also limits your convenience in that it is extremely heavy. Thanks to its superior suction, the Shark Navigator can easily match the performance of the Kenmore vacuum hence promising more value for money.

2. Best for Commercial Use: ORECK XL COMMERCIAL

If you are after that commercial-grade performance for your carpet and hard floor surfaces, you might want to try the company of this fellow. This upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful suction ideal for not only concrete floors but also carpet, laminate floors, tile floors, and wooden floors.

What’s more, at only 9 pounds, it is extremely lightweight to keep your cleaning energy intact for the entire home cleaning. Being a bagged vacuum, expect to get extra dirt storage capacity to minimize floor cleaning interruptions. Even with such extra powerful performance, you will be amazed at the super low price tag attached to the Oreck XL Commercial.

  • Lightweight design

At only 9 pounds of handheld weight, even a child can operate this vacuum like a breeze. It is extremely portable and very convenient to move around from room to room even upstairs without feeling any extra weight or breaking any extra sweat.

Not only is the vacuum itself lightweight but also its 35 ft. cord. The combination of both produces seamless cleaning maneuverability, something to be envied.

  • Heavy-duty suction

As the name suggests, this pro-grade vacuum can take on any stubborn floor dirt thanks to its super-powerful suction. This is backed by its high-speed and cleverly balanced double helix brushes that can spin up to a maximum of 6,500 RPMs.

  • Ergonomic handling

Who wants to inconvenience their hands during floor cleaning? The Oreck XL Commercial has been designed with hand care in mind. Featuring a unique Helping Hand Handle, you can comfortably clean your floor surfaces without unnecessarily squeezing your hand or twisting your wrist.

  • Microsweep feature

With this special addition, the upright vacuum allows you to easily and quickly switch from carpet floor cleaning to bare floor cleaning without making any tiresome adjustments.

  • High storage capacity

The Oreck XL Commercial is a bagged upright vacuum with an excellent dirt storage capacity of 9 quarts or 630 cubic inches. The top-fill inner bag keeps the suction power at the maximum even as it fills up ensuring an uninterrupted top-of-the-range performance.

  • Floor protection

This commercial-grade vacuum does not only clean well but also carefully. It features reasonably-positioned wall bumpers to protect your baseboards, walls, and furniture as you clean. Moreover, it also comes embedded with side edge brushes for thorough and spotless cleaning along baseboards and in corners.

Why we choose ORECK XL over Sanitaire Commercial

While they are both bagged and commercial-grade vacuums, the Oreck XL offers more motor life than the Sanitaire Commercial. That translates to more robust performance. Even with such superior performance, the Oreck XL promises better value for your money at almost twice less the price of its counterpart. Oreck XL is also more lightweight.

3. Best Cordless Vacuum: EUREKA NEC222 HyperClean

Has the thought of cleaning your concrete floor with a simple handheld cordless vacuum ever crossed your mind? Perhaps it’s time you tried the charm of the Eureka Nec222 HyperClean. Specially designed for all floor cleaning, this fellow boasts an enhanced digital motor to support a powerful suction ideal for deep cleaning your concrete floors.

It is also extremely easy to use, low-maintenance, and health-friendly with the addition of a powerful anti-allergen filter.

What more best-in-class features can you expect from the Eureka HyperClean?

  • 220W suction power

If you are always drawn to vacuum suction when shopping around, this here might make a splendid companion. The incredible suction capacity is solidly backed by an advanced digital motor technology powerful enough to surpass all your whole-house deep cleaning needs. The motor is uniquely designed to capture both large and small particles without leaving a trace.

  • Powerful battery

Being a cordless stick vacuum, the Eureka HyperClean relies on a lithium-ion battery for power. The battery is removable and can provide up to 30 minutes of run time in normal suction mode. For faster cleaning, you can easily level up to MAX power mode by the push of a button.

  • Convenient cleaning

Its grab-and-go cordless design makes using the Eureka HyperClean a complete breeze especially for frequent cleaning. Assembling the different vacuum pieces is also super easy further simplifying the storage.

  • Multi-operational dust cup

Is your dust cup marred with a filthy mess that is disgusting to the touch? Worry less. Featuring an easy-to-empty design, you don’t have to touch the dirt with this vacuum. You can either empty the dirt or debris simply by pushing the release button or manually twisting the dust cup.

  • Washable filter

Nothing beats a low-maintenance vacuum for concrete floors. Fortunately, with this ultramodern vacuum, you get that and more. The unique filter not only keeps your home allergen-free but also offers simple maintenance through a quick wash when dirty.

  • Rubber wheels

If you prioritize quiet operation during cleaning, this set of wheels will come in handy. They are sizeable enough to support a seamless cleaning of carpets and concrete floors and rubber enough to minimize the level of noise produced.

Why we choose EUREKA NEC222 over Tineco Cordless

For the same level of functionality and features as the Eureka Nec222, the Tineco Cordless is fairly costly. The only variation between the two vacuums is the runtime with the latter possessing an extended runtime by 10 minutes.

But why pay extra to use more battery power when you can actually clean in just under 30 minutes? Besides, the cleaning outcome is the same.

4. Best canister vacuum for fine dust particles: Bissell Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister

Looking for a multi-surface canister vacuum that is tough on dirt but gentle on your floors? The Bissell Multi-Cyclonic might make a good fit overall. It boasts a lightweight and compact design for easy portability and a sizeable dust cup capacity to suck up all your floor dirt without complaining.

The perfect combination of the various specialized technology features makes cleaning with this fellow a completely effortless task. The overall design features Multi-Cyclonic Technology to afford you extended deep clean periods with floor care in mind.

What else is there?

  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology

This unique technology provides prolonged suction power that uses centrifugal forces to separate dirt particles from extremely fine dust. This keeps the dust cup empty for long ensuring it only collects fine dust. That means you don’t have to keep stopping to clean the cup allowing you uninterrupted cleaning.

  • Hard floor turbine foot

This special addition is designed for hard floors such as concrete. It powerfully picks up dirt, debris, and pet hair without an ounce of scratch on your floors.

  • Telescopic metal wand

This special feature is specifically woven into the vacuum to enhance its maneuverability. That extra flexibility of the wand is what makes cleaning around and beneath furniture possible while giving you easy access to all the hard-to-reach areas of your home.

  • Retractable cord

Simply by the press of a button, your power cord can easily retract making usage easy as well as storage convenient. This coupled with its lightweight and compact design makes a great option to go easy on your back and hips.

  • Zero-mess disposal

When you are ready to empty the dust cup, the tank easily opens from the bottom to release all the dirt without you touching it. However, that rarely happens because, with a 67.6 fluid ounce of storage capacity, it will take a considerable while to fill up with fine particles.

Why we choose Bissell over Kenmore Bagless

First of all, the Bissell vacuum offers better convenience in terms of portability. Its overall weight is only a tiny fraction of what the Kenmore Bagless vacuum weighs. Secondly, although the Bissell vacuum is slightly costlier than its counterpart, it provides a more powerful suction ideal for hard surfaces such as concrete. The real question is, why pay less only to sacrifice convenience and unbeatable performance?

5. Best for Suction Versatility: Miele Classic C1 Pure Suction

Think about what a bagged canister vacuum featuring a broad range of suction power settings would accomplish in your entire house cleaning. Once the pleasant thought has sunk in, narrow down your options of such superior vacuums and the magic of the Miele Classic will become clear.

The powerful vacuum that also doubles up as an air cleaner is bound to leave your house not only cleaner but also saturated with the finest indoor air quality. In other words, the vacuum features many distinct parts that all together translate to superior performance.

  • High suction power

Thanks to its 1,200W Miele-Made Vortex Motor, this vacuum boasts an incredibly high suction power ideal for spotlessly cleaning all hard floors. The special motor has been designed to optimize power efficiency accordingly with each suction level set. As powerful as it is, the vacuum provides one of the quietest operations.

  • Multiple suction settings

With this vacuum, you can easily switch between 6 different suction power settings based on the surface cleaned. That translates to an easy transition between floor cleaning and upholstery when the need arises.

  • AirClean System

The unique Miele AirClean System cleverly combines a motor protection filter, Miele FilterBag, and AirClean exhaust filter to guarantee optimal filtration during cleaning. The special filter bag is equipped with a self-sealing collar that prevents dust and dirt from escaping once they are vacuumed.

  • Wide cleaning radius

Backed by a significantly lengthy electrical cord and a stainless steel wand, the Miele Classic can achieve a wide cleaning radius of up to 29.5 feet. This capability is further enhanced with the ability to attach extra accessories to the end of the wand in order to cover more cleaning ground.

  • Additional cleaning accessories

You can easily clip these accessories to the hose depending on the cleaning need at hand. The featured accessories include an upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush to facilitate easy cleaning of hard-to-reach sections.

Why we choose Miele C1 over Soniclean Canister

If you are on a budget, the Miele C1 makes more economic sense compared to the Soniclean Canister vacuum. They are both high-end vacuums for concrete floors featuring the same accessories, technology infusion, and functionality with the only difference arising in the value for money and cleaning radius. That said, is a slight cleaning radius difference worth the trade-off?

What to look for in the best vacuum for concrete floor

The most important factor to consider when shopping for a new vacuum is your flooring type. If you have a concrete floor, you may have to factor in the following essentials:

Suction power

Sometimes dirt gets ground into your concrete floor. In such cases, a mere mop may not effectively penetrate the crevices and lift the dirt. Instead, you will need a powerful vacuum for a better job. A powerful vacuum should be able to effectively lift as much debris, dirt, pet hair, and dust off your floor as possible. Powerful suction is a necessary prerequisite for that to happen.

Power source

While both battery-powered and corded vacuums provide excellent suction capabilities, you want to make sure you have maximum runtime to thoroughly clean your concrete floor. Generally, corded vacuums do well with concrete floors because of their unlimited operation (larger spaces). That said, a top-quality battery-powered vacuum is still a potent option (smaller spaces).

Height flexibility

For high-pile surfaces such as carpets, a vacuum slightly raised from the floor level would do a great job at minimizing pushing resistance. Concrete floors, on the other hand, require vacuums that can be easily set lower to the floor to maximize suction.

Vacuum style

At the end of the day, you are looking to maximize a comfortable cleaning experience. That makes the vacuum style you choose an important consideration. You can either choose from upright, stick, or canister vacuums.

An upright vacuum features its motor in the main body. It also comes with a mechanical brush used for sucking up dust and dirt particles on your concrete floor. With a stick vacuum, you get a more compact design that’s portable enough for everyday cleaning.

Lastly, the canister vacuum comes with a separate tank and brush with a hose connection. This allows for more cleaning flexibility especially around and beneath the furniture.


1. Can you use a vacuum on concrete?

As much as you will end up cleaning the sealed concrete floor with a mop, you are better off launching the floor cleaning with a vacuum first. The vacuum will play an integral role in eliminating as much debris, dust, and dirt as possible hence setting the stage for hassle-free mopping.

That said, you must be selective in the type of vacuum you use as not all are ideal for concrete floors. In other words, a carpet vacuum may not be the best option for a concrete floor. Vacuums for concrete floors should have greater suction and be closer to the ground.

2. Can you vacuum polished concrete floors?

While a soft cotton mop and a broom are the most ideal cleaners for such floors because of their gentleness, a vacuum cleaner can also come in handy when getting rid of dirt and dust on the surface of the polished floor. However, make sure you only use a vacuum recommended for all types of floors such as the Shark Navigator.

3. Can you vacuum clean a concrete basement floor?

Depending on the extent of dirt on the floor, you can start by using a broom and dustpan before introducing a vacuum. The vacuum will generally pick up more dirt and debris than the broom and dustpan will catch.

With that in mind, ensure you use a vacuum designed for hard surfaces because such vacuums use a different sucking technology than a typical carpet vacuum. A Miele Classic C1 would do a great job here.

4. How do you vacuum a concrete floor?

Select the right vacuum with a strong suction power whether upright, stick, or canister. Consider the type of concrete floor you are cleaning be it polished, decorated, or exterior concrete floor. Analyze the type of dirt on your floor and if you are certain your vacuum can handle it, switch it on and start moving it gently back and forth over the floor. Remember to set the vacuum as low or closer to the concrete floor as possible to maximize suction and cleaning performance.

As you clean, constantly empty the dirt tank or bag to maintain maximum suction.

5. How frequently should you vacuum?

The vacuuming frequency may vary based on certain factors. High-traffic areas demand regular vacuuming, at least twice a week. If you have pets in your home, you may need to vacuum daily to eliminate hair, dirt, dander, and other small allergens.

Final Words

After an in-depth analysis of the best vacuum for your concrete floors, you are now armed with all the needed information to make an educated buying decision. Your concrete floor needs a vacuum that is gentle on it while still delivering the best results.

Therefore, as you shop around for a new vacuum, turn the highlighted considerations above into a checklist to help you narrow down the myriad options out there. Based on our top picks and their vivid comparisons, we hope you will have an easy time finding the most suitable option for your specific cleaning needs.

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