Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet vs. Bissell Crosswave

Finding the perfect match for your hard floor cleaning isn’t as tough as you might think. Yeah, there are a few things you need to consider, like cleaning efficiency, battery life, and ease of holding. But hey, there is no problem without a solution.

When it comes to vacuum mops in specific, the Hoover Onepwr and Bissell Crosswave have some of the best features.

For starters, both of them have a dual vacuum and wash pet hair removal and cordless battery support. So, who will be in the Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet Vs. Bissell Crosswave?

Well, it depends on the type of floors and how often you shift from hard floors to soft rugs.

Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet vs Bissell Crosswave

We bought both the beasts and now let’s see who wins the head-to-head battle. Read more below.

Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet Vs. Bissell Crosswave: Comparison chart

Features Bissell CrosswaveHoover Onepwr Floormate Jet
Vacuum and Wash YesYes
Usable surfacesArea rugs, tiles, sealed wood, floors, pressed wood, etc.Most hard floors such as wood, tiles, etc.
Thicker carpet performanceWorks flawlesslyStruggles a little
Cord size 25ft cord20ft cord
Removable filterNot availableAvailable
Clean and dirty water separationYesYes
Water Tanks0.8 L & 0.4 L1.4 L for both

What vacuum is comparable to the Bissell CrossWave?

If you are looking for pure performance, the Bissell CrossWave is all you need. However, the Hoover FloorMate Jet has some tricks of its own. It has a powerful micro-suction, easy to control handle, vacuum, and wash combo. Similar to the Bissell CrossWave, it also has two separate containers for clean and dirty water.

Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet: Why choose it?

The Hoover Onepwr Floormate jet vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful dual clean setting, which washes and vacuums at the same time. You hardly need to do anything other than to pick it up. A long-lasting battery offers you up to half an hour of useability. 

Having a powerful suction, you can literally pick up wet and dry messes and keep the floor dry. Let’s look at some of the features of the Hoover Onepwr floor vacuums:

Vacuum and wash

If you are a homeowner, there is no better floor cleaning option than a dual vacuum and wash. You can pick out stubborn debris and get a crystal clear floor at the same time. There is a parented spinscrub feature that lets you dig into dried-up dirt and remove them. 

Works on both dry and wet floors

Cleaning the floor isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need to face dry floors, and sometimes it turns wet. All floor vacuums aren’t made to resist wet floor messes. However, the Hoover Onepwr turns the table around with dry and wet floor usability.

You can shift from dry to wet floor settings without damaging the mop vacuum internally. 

Micro cleaning included 

Micro-sized dirt is everywhere. Even if you have a fine mop vacuum, some level of dust can still put you on pins and needles. With powerful suction and fast trapping containers, the vacuum can suck and trap almost any micro debris. 

Long-lasting battery and fast charging

The Hoover Onepwr has a long-lasting battery with up to half an hour of usage time. You can clean all the nooks and crannies of the house with minimal effort. Plus, the superfast charging takes you from zero to a hundred percent within 1.5 hours. 

Usable on all hard floors

Hard floors come in many forms. No matter the type of hard floors you have, the Onepwr can handle them all. You can even try switching from tiles to wooden floors and get a consistent result. 

Though the vacuum struggles while cleaning area rugs, cleaning hard floors is damn good. 


  • Keeps the clean and dirty water separately
  • SpinScrub brushes for extra cleaning
  • Additional detergent usable
  • Multiple surfaces useable
  • Easy to clean and dry 


  • No removable filter
  • Hard to fill the tank 

Bissell Crosswave floor vacuum mop: Why choose it?

Bissell CrossWave Floor mops come in tons of versions, depending on the floor you have. Then again, there is a pet-specific version just for picking pet hairs. You can literally go on a rampage on your home floor. 

No matter if you have wooden floors, tiles, pressed wood, or regular area rugs, the Bissell Crosswave can do them all. Here are some features of the Bissell Crosswave worth mentioning: 

Clean and dirty water separation

While washing, the clean water must always be set apart from the dirty container. This is where the two container separation feature kicks in. When it gets messy, and you are in a hurry, get the cleaning done as fast as you want. No amount of vigorous shaking can bring the two water types together. 

Dual-action brushroll

The dual action bushrolls help clean surfaces and mop the debris away at the same time. Rotating microfiber and nylon brushes spin about 3000 RPM, which picks up all the unwanted dirt. Now, you don’t have to shift to a water mop to get that dried-up dirt. 

Reduced clogging and faster clean up

With a dual vacuum and wash feature, the Bissell Crosswave can vacuum and wash the floor simultaneously. Then again, you can shift from hard floors to area rugs without thinking twice. The best part is, there is no fancy tweaking for the surfaces you use it on. 

User-specific designs

Though the user experience of all the Crosswave versions is the same, you can make it even better. Just choose the version, which is best for your hard floor type. If you have wooden floors or tiles, try going for the wooden version or the tiles version. 

You can even find a pet-specified version that can help suck all pet hairs, including micro ones. 


  • Dual tank support for dirty and clean water
  • Usable on most house floors
  • Noise reduction feature available
  • Highly user-friendly control
  • Dry and wet cleaning


  • The charging cord is kinda off position
  • Edge cleaning isn’t as good as expected

Hoover Onepwr Floormate Jet Vs. Bissell Crosswave: Who will win?

Choosing a vacuum floor cleaner is a tough call, especially when it comes to Onepwr vs. Crosswave. 

In both the vacuums, you will find the state of the art features, a user-friendly experience, and so on. However, the Bissell Crosswave churns out the best results. Here is why:

Pet hair removal

If you are an animal lover, odds are you encountered pet hairs a million times. While the Hoover Onepwr offers a pet hair removal feature, no one can do it better than Bissell Crosswave. It has a pet-centered version, which is designed to pick micro pet hairs on the go. 

Dual-action brush for cleaning and mopping

With an innovative microfiber and nylon brush combo, you can use the Bissell Crosswave to mop and pick dry debris at the same time. The nylon brush offers rigidity, while the microfiber brush helps take out even the smallest dust particles. 

On the other hand, the Hoover doesn’t have a dual-action brush to aid in this feature. 

Multifunctional with area rug usable

In this sector, the Hoover Onepwr falls behind as it is not built for all surface use. Whereas the Bissell Crosswave can work flawlessly on any home floor surface, including area rugs. The only drawback of the Crosswave is that it can’t work properly in thick carpets. 

Ease while tank filling

Ease of refilling the tank is another feature where the Hoover Onepwr falls behind. Turns out, you will need a couple of minutes to fill the stubborn tank. The Bissell Crosswave is clearly the winner here. 

Removable filter support

Bissell Crosswave floor vacuums offer removable filter support for easy cleaning and rinsing. You will also get two extra filters that you can swipe at will. However, the Hoover Onepwr lacks this feature completely. 


Is there a better product than Bissell CrossWave?

Bissell Crosswave is one of the best floor vacuum mops for its high efficiency and cleaning performance. However, the Hoover Onepwr vacuums can also do a similar job when it comes to hard floors. Both of them offer similar features, durability, longevity, and battery life. Yet, Bissell Crosswave is the best if you consider the price. 

Is Bissell CrossWave good for Hardwood floors?

The Bissell CrossWave works on all hard floor types, including premium and regular hardwood floors. Its powerful suction takes away even the smallest micro dust particles. The best part is, your hardwood floors won’t turn pail despite using the Crosswave over and over again. 

Does Bissell CrossWave have a HEPA filter?

Bissell Crosswave does have a HEPA filter to take care of unseen germs in your home. The only drawback of it is, you need to reinstall a new HEPA filtration system once every 26 weeks or 6 months. 

How much is the new Bissell CrossWave?

The new Bissell CrossWave offers a top-notch cleaning experience, all at a price of just 350 dollars. Then again, you can save a couple of bucks by buying it from Amazon.com. 

Can you use Bona in Bissell CrossWave?

Yes. Bona hardwood floor cleaners are a good addition to Bissell Crosswave floor vacuum mops. But don’t use it regularly, or else the natural shine of your hardwood floors will fade away faster. A cleaning session a few times a month isn’t half bad. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.


Hope you found your dream floor cleaner mop vacuum. For us, the Bissell Crosswave wins due to its usability on area rugs, removable filter support, dual cleaning, and so on.

The Hoover Onepwr floormate Jet can have a somewhat similar user experience but lacks usage in area rugs. So, your cleaning is restricted to hard floors only. 

Then again, for pet owners the Bissell Crosswave will offer a microfiber brush, which takes away pet hairs at micro level. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t have a removal filter, whereas the Bissell Crosswave offers an easy swiping feature. 

This is all for today. Take care, good luck.

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