How to Clean a Travertine Tile Shower? (Daily & Yearly Maintenance)

Travertine tiles are always the most recommended, attractive and reliable tile for pool/bathroom areas. People seem to choose this particular tile in such areas where there will be comparatively more moisture.

Travertine promises to hold up the shine and beauty for years after years. It is basically the combination of onyx, slate, limestone and marble. These types of flooring include small holes that can absorb soap scum easily. If these are not removed in time, they will create stubborn stains. As a result, your flooring will get slippery and filthy.

If you clear this flooring daily and hold up good maintenance, your travertine tile shower apparently will certainly last longer than any other type of flooring. Here you’ve to consider what are the right elements to the following correct process for safe and efficient cleaning.

How to Clean a Travertine Tile Shower

How to clean travertine tile showers regularly?

Regular cleaning is not a tiny factor in cleaning travertine tile showers. Else, the natural holes of the tile will absorb soap. And in the long run, your flooring will get damaged. This is not just about maintaining regular cleanliness but also for protecting the flooring from potential damages. Here you don’t have to use any fancy chemicals. Make sure you follow a good routine.

Cleaning your travertine tile after every shower is a must. During the shower, your travertine tile will get primed automatically. Because of running water, the extra soap residue and dirt get softened, and you can remove that easily. You can use a microfiber towel to clean out the debris. For more effective cleansing, you can use a non acidic scum remover. Pour the chemical into a spray bottle and spray over the tiles. Give the cleaner to sit for ten minutes and pour warm water to scrub the surface. You can use a diamond shape brush to reach every corner of the travertine tile thoroughly. If you notice any extra gout in the corners, take the wasted toothbrush and clean it out. Once you’re entirely done with these, use water and finally remove all excess chemicals/specks of dirt. 

Can I clean a travertine tile shower naturally?

If you’re afraid of using any harsh chemicals, go with the natural cleansing. It is straightforward and effective. You have to gather some hot water and a good-quality stone cleaner here.

First of all, ensure enough water flow over the tile. It will prime the tile efficiently. Next, you can apply some safe and nonacidic homemade cleanser. Let the cleanser sit for some minutes. Take your stone cleaner and scrub off all extra specks of dust. Don’t use any element that includes string chemicals. Instead, go with all PH-neutral vehicles. You can mix all-natural soap with warm water in a bottle. Spread the mixture over flooring and scrub off all debris from travertine tile naturally. Use warm water and get rid of all extra tints of dirt and water. Once you’re done, make sure you’re drying the travertine properly. 

How to clean molds over travertine tile showers?

Without proper maintenance, it’s pretty usual to grow mold over a travertine tile shower. After all, such floorings experience too much moisture exposure. And if the tiles are not cleaned thoroughly, the debris will ultimately make the surface dirty enough to grow molds. 

There is an incredible solution to clean mold and protect your travertine tile from further damages:

You’ll need 1:4 (Baking soda: Borax) to prepare the cleaning mixture. Spray the solution over the tile. Let the solution set correctly for 30 minutes at least. Grab a stiff brush and rub off all debris by scrubbing it in a circular motion. Once the mold gets out, there will still be stains. For that, you have to spray the second coat of mixture and let it sit again for 30 minutes. Give the second round of mixture and remove all molds thoroughly.

How to remove stubborn stains from travertine tile shower?

Travertine tile stains kill the entire appearance of your flooring. Such darker stubborn stains are the result of days of ignorance. You must not use any stubborn chemicals that might create damage. 

Safest cleaning solution for removing stains:

Bicarbonate soda works efficiently to clean out stains. These will not only clean but also give a shinier effect over the travertine tile. Follow the regular process of priming, pouring and scrubbing. Give the stained area more time and scrub in the circular motion. Once you see every stain disappearing, use a microfiber towel to dry the flooring.

Maintenance is a must:

Following the regular cleaning, the procedure is not enough. You must follow reasonable maintenance procedures to fight travertine tile debris. A good Maintenance routine can increase the tile durability.

Give a quick check:

  • Arrange enough air circulation in your shower space. This will let the natural air and sunlight fight with debris and molds over your tile. It is also essential for keeping up good health.
  • You’ve to fill all the gaps of your travertine tile yearly. Else the gaps make it easier to intake soap and other dirt. If you’re not an expert in this section, don’t hesitate to hire an expert.
  • Consider cleaning any tint of chemicals, cosmetics or soap immediately from the travertine tile. Such elements can create stains.

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How often should you seal a travertine shower floor?

How often one should seal the travertine tile will depend on the using frequency and weather. You might have to fill the travertine tile once or twice every year. For exact timing, follow the condition of your flooring.

Which is the best commercial floor cleaner for travertine?

There are a few chemical solutions available in the market on different budgets. One of the most recommended cleaners is the “Black Diamond Stoneworks Limestone and Travertine Floor Cleaner.”

Wrap Up

Travertine tile is the most recommended and popular type of flooring for shower areas. It takes little time and energy to give your shower flooring the ultimate shine. People often stay confused and clueless over how to clean travertine tile showers. Clean out the debris daily. Else the dust will create an excess level of stains and molds. You must also take care of the yearly and monthly maintenance.

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