How to Clean Gutters with Leaf Blower

The gutter of your residence may get blocked due to wastes & you may need a quick way of disposal. Cleaning the gutters with a leaf blower rather than using other instruments is the picked choice for saving time & energy.

As it’s easy to clean & worthy, people use it widely. This article is going to express how to clean gutters with a leaf blower. By elaborating on the cleaning process, we will also show how to attach a leaf blower.

Our glib instruction will help newbies to clean the gutter & operate the leaf blower. However, we’ll uphold two ways of cleaning the gutter. After going through this article, removing debris using a leaf blower will seem like an ordinary task. So, let’s get into the discussion part.

How to Clean Gutters with Leaf Blower

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Is it Better to Clean Gutters With a Leaf Blower?

There are some facts that should make a leaf blower better for gutter cleaning. For example, using a battery-operated leaf blower can provide serenity to the work. Sometimes, you may need to climb the extension ladder if your gutter is in a safe position. You can clean the gutter by standing on the ladder & moving the leaf blower.

Besides, saving time is everyone’s goal & a leaf blower can help you with this. It sucks the debris automatically & cleans the gutter instantly. As a result, you can cover the wastes of the vast area within a short time. On the other hand, no mistake like spreading wastes happen by the machine. If the talk is about professionals, they must prefer going with a leaf blower.

By the way, when you use a leaf blower attachment, your effort will be decreased on a larger scale. You won’t need to climb the ladder as you can do it standing on the soil. Just walking on the ground & moving the leaf blower accurately can grab all the debris. So, we think you’ve found the plus points of cleaning gutters with a leaf blower.

How to clean gutters with leaf blower

Now, we are going to express how to clean gutters with a leaf blower. There are two ways to clean the gutters. One is standing on the ladder or ceiling when the gutter is in a safe position. The other one is standing on the soil. Here we go with the detailed method of cleaning for both ways.


Before starting, some basic assembling of the parts is required. Here we go to briefly describe the preparation.

Attaching curved tube & the bag

Attach the curved tube with the debris bag. Pull the bag until you reach the elasticated neck. After that, pull the tube as much as it can go.

Connect to the power unit

At this point, you’ll need to attach the collection bag to the power unit. Unscrew the screws & move the curved tube towards the machine. When it reaches the power unit, keep rotating anticlockwise.

Attach the vacuum tube

After performing the previous steps successfully, the screw holes will be visible. Refit the screws & attach the vacuum tube. To attach a vacuum tube, take the help of a manual book to get detailed information.

Complete the session

You’ll need to attach the first tube to the second vacuum tube. Use the same method as you have used to attach the first one.

That’s all. Basic settings are done. You’re now ready to go for cleaning your gutter debris.

Clean Roof Gutters Efficiently with leaf blower

Step: 1

After positioning the ladder & wearing all the safety materials, get to the work. Hold your leaf blower in a convenient position. If it’s possible, get on the ceiling for better performance.

Step: 2

Turn on the leaf blower & hold it steadily towards the bulk debris. Taking the leaf blower to the debris grabs all the wastes quickly. Revolve the leaf blower continuously through the gutter & collect the wastes.

Step: 3 

Take some break to leave the wastes. If you have a vast amount of debris, you’ll need to repeat this several times. After removing the debris from the collection bag, attach again & then start to suck the debris.

Step: 4

After a certain time, it will be noticed that most of the visible debris is gone. If you want a deep cleaning, use a garden hose to apply some water. All the dust & micro plants will also be removed efficiently.

Clean the gutter with leaf blower and extension kit

Step: 1 

Stand on the ground taking a serviceable position. Get an accurate nozzle attachment of your leaf blower extension kit. It will eliminate the necessity of climbing up. After the basic preparations, meet the gutter with the leaf blower accurately.

Step: 2 

Turn on the leaf blower & hold resolutely. Ensure that it’s close enough to the gutter. Otherwise, the vacuum suction can’t collect garbage from the collection bag quickly.

Step: 3 

Move through the ground & keep moving the leaf blower. There is a chance that you can’t determine the bulk stuck debris surely. So, move the leaf blower through the gutter carefully to gather all the dungs.

Step: 4

You may take a break as well as your leaf blower. But, try to start from the last ending position. If you start randomly, the gutter may remain uncleaned. In addition, apply some water using a garden hose if you want to remove the dryness of the gutter.

Safety tips

Obeying basic safety tips ensures the safety of the worker along with the surroundings. Hence, here we are representing some safety cautions you should maintain.

  • Dealing with a leaf blower is completely dependent on physical movement. So, a chance of muscle straining arises. Keep support to get some medical help immediately during the accident.
  • When attaching the leaf blower, stay alert. Any part of the attachment may hurt your or your surroundings. Moreover, it’s important for the part’s safety.
  • Wear the safety gear perfectly. Wearing gloves & glass wears are mandatory. The gloves will protect your hand from debris & the eye protection will save your eyes from the dust.
  • Observe the place before working. Remove all the barriers from the nearby gutter.
  • While using the ladder, step carefully. A wrong step can hurt you intensely.


Having some questions & looking for a quick response? Read this segment & you’ll learn some basic answers.

Can you use a leaf blower to clean gutters?

Using a leaf blower to clean gutters sorts out the use of hands. A leaf blower collects debris by sucking intensely. After climbing on the roof using a ladder, you can quickly collect wastes. On the other hand, you have an option to collect debris from the land use an attachment.

Do leaf blower gutter attachments work?

Yes, the leaf blower gutter attachments work effectively. It helps to save time by doing the job fast. After getting a close connection to the debris, turn on the leaf blower u0026amp; the collection bag will be full at a glance.

How do I get my gutters white again?

The use of white vinegar may eradicate your issue. First, clean the gutter with a convenient cleaner like a leaf blower. Then, mix the vinegar u0026amp; warm water. After that, apply the mixture to the gutter carefully u0026amp; wait to see the result.

What happens if gutters are not cleaned?

May problems may arise if the gutters are dirty. The water may overflow from the gutter u0026amp;  spoil the area. Besides, if it happens regularly, it can soften the land. As a result, foundation crack may be seen. So, not cleaning the gutters is capable of creating devastating situations.


Reaching the end of the article, you have gathered our set of instructions. Now, you need to apply it to real life. The whole article was dedicated to explaining how to clean gutters with leaf blower. Our easily described process of gutter cleaning must assist you to perform neatly. If you walk according to our ideas, you can clean the gutter timorously.

The detailed cleaning process using a ladder might not be expedient for you. So, we have kept an option for you as well.  Using a simplified extension attachment, you can do your job. When working in an occupied space, maintain all the safety manners. We recommend working from the ground if the gutter is in a risky position. Therefore, use a leaf blower & get a tidy home.

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