How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It is neither an ordinary wooden floor nor a typical vinyl floor. When you want to use a luxury vinyl plank floor, you must know how honorable and noble it is. Just as you have to spend a lot of money to use a luxurious house, luxury car, etc., you also have to spend a lot of money to make a luxurious floor.

If this luxury vinyl floor looks dirty, it will look bad, not just this. The price of an elegant floor will also go down; no one will like a dirty floor no matter how expensive it is.

If you can keep this floor clean regularly, the floor will enhance the beauty of your home, and you and guests will appreciate the brightness of your floor.

So you don’t just have to lay the floor; you need to know how to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring.

How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It would be best to clean the luxury vinyl plank floors in your home if you had the right idea. If the luxurious floor does not look clean and fresh, there is no fun in using it.

You may be wondering to know, how to keep your home’s luxury vinyl plank flooring clean regularly, how to keep it fresh and prolong its life. I will give you a useful guideline on this subject, through all these processes; your luxury floor will always be clean.

You will learn more about how to clean stains from this type of floor, how to remove spills, how to match scuff marks. Using luxurious plank flooring is not a difficult task; cleanliness is also a part of luxury.

If you do not vacuum regularly and do not sweep, luxury vinyl plank flooring can be damaged. Keeping the vinyl floor dirty for too long can cause deep scratches, gauges, or other significant damage. Dirt can also accumulate and cause stubborn spots. If this type of problem is on the luxury vinyl floor, then the blade may need to be replaced. If scratches or gauge marks are small, they can be matched in the buffing process. So the floor should be cleaned regularly, then even if the damage will be slight damage from which it is possible to recover. Then learn how to clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring and how to maintain it.

Vinegar Treatment for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinegar cleaning skills are well known to homeowners, as this ingredient is widely used not only for flooring but also for many other cleaning purposes. Vinegar is sometimes used alone and sometimes with other chemicals. That is how this household cleaning chemical has become well known to us. Vinegar is used on many floors, but using it on many floors has a higher risk of damage. If you have the right idea about the floor surface, you can quickly start cleaning it with vinegar. However, no evidence of harm has been found in using vinegar on the luxury vinyl plank floor. Suitable for cleaning the surface of a luxury vinyl floor with vinegar.

The type of vinegar used to clean the vinyl floor is called apple cider vinegar. The acidity in this apple cider vinegar is not as inefficient as in soap cans, and it can easily clean up dirt-debris. Luxury vinyl floors should not use high-strength vinyl at all, as this can reduce the floor’s life and further reduce the floor’s gloss. In this case, the luxury vinyl floor can not restore without polishing.

Take one gallon of water and mix only 1 to 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in it to start cleaning. Since the luxury vinyl plank floor needs to be collected in a satin mop for cleaning. When cleaning, keep washing the mop with hot water; it must be done.

However, apple cider vinegar will not disinfect your luxury vinyl plank floor. If you want to disinfect the floor, you have to use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.

Extra Treatment with Vinegar for LVP Flooring

Vinegar can be cleaned individually, and mix other ingredients with vinegar. These have to be applied depending on the condition of the luxury vinyl plank floor. If the luxury vinyl floor looks warmer, add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to the aqueous vinegar mixture and then mop up. Then mop up with just the aqueous mixture of vinegar. Adding 2-3 drops of baby oil to the vinegar mixture also enhances the luxury vinyl plank floor’s brightness.

Importance of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Schedule Cleaning

If you can keep it clean regularly, dirt will not accumulate. But in a busy life, not everyone can clean their luxurious floor every day. That’s why the scheduled cleaning process is a great solution. You can clean every day if you wish and fix the day of weekly cleaning. We can also call this cleaning process maintenance because it is a preventive measure against dirt accumulation. Then start the scheduled cleaning process yourself, and keep your luxury vinyl plank flooring well.

Clean Your LVP Flooring Daily

Luxury vinyl plank flooring should have a daily cleaning schedule. I have seen that luxury vinyl floors that are cleaned every day are better and more durable in my real experience. You can use a vacuum cleaner; it is more or less preferred by all floor owners.

However, I would suggest using a robotic vacuum cleaner, as it saves both time and labor. Not only do people move on the floor, but our pets and all kinds of dirt can accumulate on the floor. So if you clean the dirt every day, the floor will always be new.

Regularly cleaning the luxury floor will definitely protect you from floor damage. Special for Luxury Floors You will find many deep spray cleaners and suitable mops for these in the market. Which will be trusted to clean the stains and spills on your floor.

LVP Flooring Daily Cleaning Case Study

I took a case on this, how to take care of every day. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be used for a long time.

My old client Miss Aniya Skiles gave me her daily schedule. Her home is in East Amaya, Virginia, where she has been using luxury vinyl floors for almost 18 years. She started cleaning her floor from 7.30 to 8 am every day.

First, she vacuum-cleaned and removed the dust, then she noticed if there were any stains! At first, she cleaned with a simple mop; later, she felt complicated doing these. Then she also used disposable mopping pads; these worked very well in her floor cleaning, but these quality pads are quite expensive, so she gave it up too.

Another problem was that it wouldn’t work well if they weren’t referred to as cleaners. Aniya used to do both vacuuming and mopping every morning, but sometimes extra vacuum at night. If you are skilled in that work, you can also do daily cleaning with mild dishwashing soap and water.

“Since you have to take care of the floor every day, you should clean the luxury vinyl floor in a process that makes you feel comfortable,” said Amy. As much as there are stubborn dirt and other debris on the floor, you need to choose a mop that can remove them. Such a cleaner should be used Which can disinfect the floor. There are many types of fabric mops available in the market, but those that require less scrubbing are my favorite. But whether you clean at home or with a commercial cleaner, you want to have a schedule for each day.

Clean Your LVP Flooring Weekly

If you can’t clean luxury vinyl plank flooring every day, you should schedule it weekly. I have observed that those who clean every day also do extra work one day a week. Amiya said she doesn’t usually remove furniture from the floor every day or clean the floor. But one day a week, she released her chair-table and other furniture. Then she vacuums the bottom of these, vacuums if there is heavy furniture, and cleans with a broom. Homeowners usually tend their entire home once a week, so the whole floor is cleaned on this day.

Take a good look at the floor spills weekly cleaning days; wiping them once a week is enough to prevent stains. Other cleaning treatments, including vinegar, can also be given according to the condition of the floor. But be careful about rinsing, as doing so can leave the shine off.


Now you know how to keep your floor clean. An easy way to keep all the dirt and rubbish on your luxury vinyl plank floor cleaner. If you can adequately take care of your luxurious floor, there is no chance of scratches and scuffs on the floor; you can prevent this mess by cleaning regularly. So vacuum your luxury vinyl floor at least once a day, remove dirt from the corners of the floor with a soft broom, then scratches or scuffs must not occur. Even then, if you notice stains or any other scratches, apply vinegar treatment or mix them with a commercial spray deep cleaner. Keep your luxurious vinyl plank floor always fresh and germ-free.

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