Is Cleaning Products Safe for Vinyl Planks?

Vinyl planks are durable when compared to classic wood. They are super versatile floors that are popular today. They are easy to install and are mostly installed in rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and also bathrooms.

Many people prefer having them because they are easy to clean and maintain. Families with pets and kids should not worry anymore because of maybe the messes they can cause on the floor. In this article, we will discuss the best products to be used in cleaning the floor. We will also learn on the best ways to clean vinyl planks.

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Cleaning Products That Safe for Vinyl Planks

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can ruin your floor by causing erosion or bleaching. It’s a good idea to equip yourself with the right cleaning product for the safety of the floor and maintain its shine. Named below are some good products to use.

Is Cleaning Products Safe for Vinyl Planks

  • Vinegar

This is one best product because it’s acidic hence cuts through grime, and if mixed with water, it will help loosen dirt and debris on the floor without damaging it. After cleaning using it, the floor remains sparkling clean.

  • Liquid dish detergent

This is a gentle cleanser that can cut through grime and grease. Note that after using this product is recommended you clean the floor thoroughly with clean water. The product leaves remain of a thin layer on the floor, and if not cleaned well, it can make the floor lose its shine and look dull.

  • Baking soda

This is the best product if they are spillages of wine, coca-cola, juice, tomato sauce, and many more.  Mix baking soda with water and clean the dirty area with a soft-bristled brush. Then use warm water to rinse off the mess for perfect work.

  • Bona [tile and laminate cleaner]

This is the best vinyl product to use when cleaning vinyl planks. After using it to clean, the product leaves the floor sparkling clean.

  • Shampoo

This product removes hairspray buildups on vinyl. You need warm water, mix with squirts of shampoo and clean with a soft damp mop to achieve a clean surface. Using the mop that is suitable for vinyl floors.

  • Ammonia

This product cleans well on the vinyl floor. But note that it’s a strong base, so it shouldn’t be used often as it can cause a crack to the floor.  Don’t use bleach agents too, as they will damage the floor.

Best Way to Clean Vinyl Planks

Sweep or vacuum– the floor regularly when you notice any dirt. Dust the room before you vacuum. Sweep under the. For best results, you need to use an n extension duster that is bendable and detachable to enable you to clean hard parts to reach with ease.

Make use of doormats – this will help to collect abrasive materials like dirt and stones from the house. Rub off dirt and chemicals carried on the shoe at the doormat. This mat should be big in size to achieve the purpose.

Clean spills without delay – vinyl plank floor can be damaged if water spills on it, and it not removed quickly. Vinyl is vulnerable, and it can be damaged if spills take too long without being rubbed off.

Mild cleanser, such as vinegar – can be used while cleaning the floor as it has an acid to help loosen dirt when cleaning. Mix with warm water a desirable quantity and spray the stain. Then clean off with a lean soft rack. If the floor is very dirty you can disinfect it. Mix vinegar with few drops of baby oil and clean off. Then rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water. When you decide to use commercialized cleansers, make sure they are not waxed or bleach since wax can destroy the floor.

If you have large furniture and appliances in the house that when you move they can cause dents, marks or scuffs which damages the floor, you should use a carpet or plywood to pull them on when moving.

When cleaning the floor, use a soft rack, and if using a brush, it should be of nylon bristle so as not to damage the floor. Also, you should not use too much pressure when scrubbing the floor.

Stubborn stains on the floor like wine, juice, use a baking soda paste. Apply on the stain, then damp the cloth in warm water and then clean the area with stain. For the scuff marks, you can use ED-40 lubricant. Apply on a damp towel and gently rub on scuff until it gets off. Or you can spray on scuff and wait for some time, then you rub it off. On ink stains, use alcohol. Nail polish can be removed by acetone-free or nail remover.

Use clean water if rinsing any residue as it can damage the floor. Using clean water regularly will increase the lifespan of the vinyl floor. Have two mops, one to clean the dirt, and use the other clean one for rinsing off.

A knife should not remove substances that have stacked on the floor.  They can leave some bad permanent marks on the floor. Apply vinegar and wait to sock you can gently remove the stain without damaging the floor.

Ammonia or bleaching agents should not be used on the vinyl floor; it makes the floor dull and corrodes it.  They can also damage the top layer and leading to cracks. Always be cautious and take care of the vinyl floor to continue loving it.


Wow! I guess you have learned a lot from the above-discussed point on the best products to use on a vinyl plank. The best ways of cleaning the vinyl plank. Your floor will be sparkling, appealing, and look exquisite of you follow the instructions. Remember to do daily cleaning by sweeping and vacuum all dirt and debris available on the floor. Then microfiber mop at least once in a week. For stubborn debris and stains, remove with appropriate detergents. Keep off from those that damage the floor by bleaching and corroding it.

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