How to Remove Blower Motor from Squirrel Cage

A squirrel cage blower is an energy-efficient component of the HVAC system. It is used to take the air from the furnace of the AC and then circulate it throughout the rooms. The fan causes air to circulate through all the vents and ducts. 

After a long service time either the motor or the squirrel cage can face some problems and might have to be removed. If you want to replace only either of them it can be quite a troublesome experience. You will need some knowledge on how to remove the blower motor from the squirrel cage. 

The easiest way is to replace both the motor and the squirrel cage. But if not then it is important to how to safely detach the cage from the motor. It may come off easily in some cases but most of the time the cage is very strongly attached to the motor. So, it is a tricky job to remove the cage from the motor.

How to Remove Blower Motor from Squirrel Cage

When should you remove the blower motor from the squirrel cage?

The blower motor is a necessary component of the HVAC system. If it goes bad it immediately affects the system and lets it know. These are some of the signs from which one can know when to change the blower motor and for that reason to remove the blower motor from the squirrel cage. 

Weak Airflow

The blower motto is the component responsible for the air circulation by an HVAC system. So, if the blower has some problems the first noticeable change will occur in the airflow through the vents. If the airflow is not as it regularly is then it suggests that the blower motor is not functioning properly. 

No Airflow at all

It indicates something is wrong with the blower motor and it has stopped working. Maybe the motor is fine and there is some other factor stopping it from working. But in either case, you need to remove the motor from the cage to examine. 

Excessive Heating

If the motor of an HVAC system is too old it becomes unable to cope up with the service it has to deliver. So, it starts overheating. Other reasons can be that dirt or dust has piled upon it to stop it from venting itself and causing it to overheat. This means it needs some servicing or replacement. 

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds like squealing or screeching mean there are some problems with the blower motor of the system. It means the motor has a broken belt or bearing issue. Meaning the motor needs to be changed. 

High Energy Bills

The Blower motor is one of the most power-consuming parts of the HVAC system. So, if there is a spike in your electricity and there is no other apparent reason then it can be the blower motor. Aging, dust, dirt can stop the motor from functioning properly and consume more power than usual.

How to remove blower motor from squirrel cage

If it becomes inevitable to remove the blower motor from the squirrel cage then you need to follow these steps carefully to do it successfully.  

Step 1: Turn Off the Power

This is the first whenever you are working with any electric component. This is to avoid any electrocution or other problems. So, turn the power off first.

Step 2: Detach the Blower Motor Assembly

Reach to the blower motor assembly by removing the nuts and then the screws. And there will be a lot of wires connected to the motor. You need to disconnect all of them to detach the motor from the system. Once the motor is free from the system then put it on the ground upside down. 

Step 3: Try to remove the cage without any tools

Now the most notorious step of all. Removing the motor from the squirrel cage. It can sometimes come off very easily. But in most cases, it doesn’t. So, you need to apply some tricks to detach it from the cage. Apply force with your hands and see if it comes off. Be patient while doing it. 

Step 4: Remove it with this technique

If the blower motor is not easily coming off the cage, then put the rods or bars under the motor assembly and keep moving them up and down. Be patient with the process and it will become very loose. Then you can easily remove it. 

Step 5: Complete removal of the cage

Once the cage is detached from the motor and all the bolts are removed then take off the bracket. And hold the whole system upside down so that the motor comes out very easily. And you are done with the process. 

How to remove blower motor without hub puller

If you want to remove a blower motor from the squirrel cage and you don’t want to use a hub puller, blower motor puller, or any squirrel cage removal tool, there is still hope for you. Try the following steps to achieve your goal. 

  • If you are not able to open it with bare hands then you will need two bars.
  • First, of course, remove the retainer from the top. Don’t worry if it is damaged. A new cage comes with a new retainer.
  • Then put the two bars under the motor assembly and start shaking them up and down.
  • Be very patient with the process if you don’t want to cause any damage to the cage. 
  • Hopefully, after some time, the assembly will become loose.
  • Now you can easily remove the motor and you did without a hub puller. 


Still need some answers? Read the section below to get your answers.

How much does it cost to replace the blower motor from the squirrel cage?

Usually, replacing a blower motor from a squirrel cage can cost 450$ on average. But it can cost anything between 150-2000$. If you don’t do it yourself then you should add another 100-200$ to the cost as the installation fee for the technician. 

Which direction does a squirrel cage fan turn?

It can turn either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the orientation and rotation of the shaft. The blades are designed to scoop air and sling it in a direction. This mechanism enables it to direct the cold or hot air in a particular direction. 

How do you change a squirrel cage motor?

Firstly, disconnect any power supply. Then remove all the nuts and then all the screws from the blower motor assembly. After that, you need to remove the squirrel cage from the motor. For that use the techniques discussed above. And then completely remove the motor from the cage. Now change it. 


HVAC squirrel cage blower motor is a popular system used in our air conditioning system. It is energy efficient with a very clever design. But as with all other machine parts, this thing also stops working properly at some point. Then you need to change the motor or the squirrel cage for proper service.

And to change the parts in the blower assembly the blower motor needs to be separated from the squirrel cage which is not always an easy task. The cage is very tightly attached to the motor and almost impossible to detach from it. So how to remove blower motor from squirrel cage?

Above it has been discussed in great detail. Follow the steps and the guidelines carefully and you will be able to remove the blower motor from the squirrel cage without any havoc. Be patient with the process of removing it if you don’t want to damage the cage.

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