Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile For Kitchen Floor

Despite using ceramic and porcelain tile as an alternative, they’re different from each other. Ceramic tiles are easier to use whereas porcelain tiles go with heard-wearing precisely. So, which one is the best- ceramic or porcelain tile for kitchen floor?

The answer depends on your personal preference. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are used on the kitchen floor. Porcelain tiles are good for high-traffic areas like kitchens where ceramic tiles are easily cleanable. They come with different price tags and brands also.

Besides, their durability and water-resistant capability aren’t similar. You can’t handle a porcelain tile in a similar way to a ceramic tile. However, you should know more about the distinctions between ceramic tile and porcelain tile.

Ceramic Or Porcelain Tile For Kitchen Floor

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile for the Kitchen Floor?

If you’re looking for a tile for heavy use, porcelain tile is the best pick. On the flip side, if you’re looking for a tile to keep it less wet, ceramic tile is the best choice. Here is a comparison chart between ceramic and porcelain tiles along with their details. 

SL. NoCeramic tilePorcelain tile
01Ceramic tiles are made of red, brown, or white porous clay. They come with a less refined and purified condition. Porcelain tiles come from white clay. These tiles are perfectly refined as well as purified.
02You need to apply spongy tools for cleaning a ceramic tile. You need to apply a mop or general sponge for cleaning a porcelain tile.
03Ceramic tiles are less water-resistant. They absorb 6-10% of water remaining on their surface. Porcelain tiles are more water-resistant. They absorb 0.05-0.5% of water remaining on their surface.
04They come with a less dense texture.They come with a very dense texture.
05Ceramic tiles come with only a smooth finish. Porcelain tiles come with a matt, semi-polished, and polished finish. 
06The price of ceramic tile is cheaper than porcelain tile. It’ll cost around $0.50 to $35 per square foot depending on the quality as well as the brand. The price of porcelain tile is more expensive than ceramic tile. From the starting price range of $2, you can get even the porcelain tile of $30 per square foot. 
07Ceramic tile comes with only the print on the surface. The color or design is protected with a type of glaze. Porcelain tiles carry their color or design through the whole body. 

It’s time to know some elaborated differences between the two tile types. 

Porcelain tile vs ceramic tile- which one is more costly? 

Porcelain tile is slightly expensive in comparison to ceramic tile. The starting price range of porcelain tile is $2 per square foot. You’ll get the expensive and high-end porcelain tile up to $30 per square foot. The price differs from brands and the manufacturing quality.

You can easily get the normal-quality ceramic tile from $0.50 per square foot. It’s possible to get the ceramic tile for the same price as the porcelain tile. But, the ceramic tile with the same price isn’t always “value for money” as the porcelain tile. So, the conclusion is- porcelain tile is more costly in comparison to ceramic tile. 

Which is more durable porcelain or ceramic tile?

In the case of durability, porcelain tile wins with ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles are made from high temperature and pressure. So, they’re made durable and harder from the factory. Their precise density makes them the best pick for durability. 

On the contrary, ceramic tile is also durable as it receives fewer scratches. But, they can’t tolerate much traffic on them where porcelain tiles are good. It’s proved that porcelain tile can easily last up to 50 years. Ceramic tile can last up to 75-100 years but the lifetime will be decreased without proper maintenance. 

Which one requires more maintenance?

Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. You can wipe them easily without creating any major scratch on them. If you don’t perfectly perform the maintenance of ceramic tiles, it can’t run in the long run. 

But, it’s highly dust-proof, and hence, applying a vacuum cleaner is okay with it. You can rinse both tiles with water but the ceramic tile will dry later. 

Porcelain or ceramic- which one has the most sturdy construction?

Porcelain tiles come with a stronger construction than ceramic tiles. Their flexible design and using durable material make them highly sturdy. The low moisture absorbance also extends the quality of its construction. 

On the other hand, ceramic tiles are made of natural red, brown, or white clays. They’re also sturdy enough but they lose in comparison to porcelain.  So, the porcelain tile has the most sturdy construction. 

Do both tiles have the same allergens concern?

None of the porcelain or ceramic tile comes with the allergens concern. They’re bacteria-free and safe for your health. Porcelain tiles, as well as ceramic tiles, are okay for allergy patients. 

Which tile is more water-resistant?

Porcelain tile is more water-resistant in comparison to ceramic tile. Due to its denser clay, it can work more perfectly against water. They absorb only up to 0.5% water and ensure the tile’s longevity. Moreover, ceramic tiles are made of different materials and manufacturing processes. So, somehow porcelain tile is more water-resistant in comparison to ceramic tile. 

Are porcelain and ceramic tile equally heat resistant?

No, porcelain tile is more heat-resistant than ceramic tile. They can exist even in the high temperatures where general ceramic starts to melt down. Their higher density, sturdy build, and many factors allow them to resist heat effectively. Due to their different heat-resistant capability, their longevity becomes different. In tougher areas, porcelain can cope with additional heat perfectly. 

Which tile has the best look?- porcelain or ceramic?

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are eye-blessing with their enchanting designs. You can get the print or design only on the surface in a ceramic tile. Their beautiful print is protected with a special type of glaze. But, porcelain tile comes with the design in its whole body. So, selecting the best outlook is up to you.

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This part reveals the precise answers to some common questions related to ceramic vs porcelain tile. 

Which is better for the kitchen floor- ceramic or porcelain?

If you’re looking for a harder and less porous tile, porcelain tile is the right choice. The high-traffic areas like kitchens are suitable for these types of tile. They’re produced with high heat and pressure from the clay mixture with sands. But, for easy maintenance, you should go for the ceramic tile option.

What is the most popular tile for the kitchen floor?

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular for the kitchen floor. Porcelain tiles are durable and stylish whereas ceramic tiles are cheaper and good for health. Ceramic tiles are less impervious to moisture than porcelain tiles. Both of them come with attractive designs and good finishes. 

Are tile kitchen floors outdated?

No, it’s not an outdated option. Installing tiles on the kitchen floor is still now on-trend. There are various types of tiles depending on the user’s preferences. Most of them are highly durable, good-looking, and exist in the price range. Hence, tile kitchen floors aren’t an outdated idea at all.

What is the easiest kitchen floor to maintain?

Ceramic tile is the easiest kitchen floor to maintain. They don’t get scratched easily and if they, the dents are easily disposable. The user needs to wipe it regularly as like regular floors. Moreover, the ceramic tile doesn’t require any expensive liquid to maintain the kitchen floor. 


You may already have decided one between the ceramic or porcelain tile for the kitchen floor. To select any of them specifically, you need to understand your necessity first. What’s your top priority? There are many factors like the outlook, durability, price, and others. 

If you’re looking for durability and maintenance preference, porcelain tiles are the best pick for you. Hence, ceramic tiles are also easy to clean and they’re cheap. But, they can’t take as much load as the porcelain tiles can. 

Ceramic tiles are less dense in their texture and they’ve low water resistance. But, they don’t come with various finishes as porcelain tiles. The war between the porcelain tile and the ceramic tile is never to stop. Better, you make the final decision depending on your budget and choice.

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