How to Shock a Pool with Liquid Chlorine? – Ready to Swim!

Shock treatment on your pool will serve that expected ready to swim sparkles overnight. However, liquid Chlorine works best as an affordable and essential water treatment among all. 

This shock method is more likely to kill all the dangerous bacteria as pathogens existing in your swimming water. But overdoing the process can affect your hair and skin.

Researchers say that an excess amount of Chlorine increases the risk of getting green hair and damaged skin. So, while shocking the swimming pool, you must check the chlorine level for safety. 

There are also a few things you should know before shocking your pool. Here I’ll mention every detail on how to Shock a pool with liquid Chlorine.

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Why should you choose Liquid Chlorine shock treatment?

You can’t avoid the importance of shock treatment for your pool water. This entire procedure might take around 24 hours. However, a few hours will work well if you’ve got no time.

You’ll find two different types of Chlorine for shocking your pool. It’s better to repeat the shock treatment every four days.

People mostly use Chlorine for sanitizing the pool and maintaining PH balance. However, holding the proper pH balance is a must for keeping up your pool water health. Chlorine has a high PH level of around eight that can raise your water alkalinity level.

However, here I’ll suggest you use the liquid Chlorine. By the research, liquid chlorine is 80% less costly. Furthermore, most people prefer to use liquid ones as this dissolves in water easily.

One Quick shock treatment can raise your water chlorine level from 1.0 to 5.0. And this increase of chlorine level is the perfect push for heavy usage.

Once your water chlorine and PH level are balanced, you can swim on your pool water safely.

How to shock a pool with liquid Chlorine?

Shocking your pool with Chlorine is surprisingly easy if you know a few facts. However, before you go with the procedure, you need to do some preparations.

Here I’ll mention these requirements in detail. Just have a check on the preparation list first. 

Preparations before pool shock treatment:

  • Firstly, you must know the exact amount of water in your pool. According to the water measurement, you have to pour the Chlorine. Pouring an excessive amount of Chlorine will affect your pool water. An approximate measurement of water can help you with the further shocking steps.
  • Next, you must check the pool chlorine level. Experts suggest checking the chlorine level every 3 / 4 days. This will lead you to decide how much Chlorine you need to pour.
  • The next important thing is maintaining water PH balance. Before you go for the shocks, do a test of the water current PH balance.

Here you can use a professional PH checker kit/ mobile app. The mobile app named pool calculator is available both for android and iOS. So, install the application on your phone and give a check with that.

Your pool water should be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8. Anything excess than this can affect your pool. 

These are the basic pool preparations before you move with the shock procedure. People mostly like liquid Chlorine as these are affordable and easy to use.

Procedure for getting effective sparkles on your pool water

Step 1: Firstly, take a gallon of liquid Chlorine to put in your pool. You’ll find liquid chlorines easily in departmental stores. These are mostly sold in gallons. Don’t forget to check the chlorine strength level before purchasing.

However, it would help if you went with the weakest active Chlorine in the market. You’ll find these 12% active weakest Chlorine in pool stores. Chlorine It will take around 4 hours to appear, so you must make sure that the chlorine level is blanched. 

Step 2: Once you’ve got the perfect bottle of Chlorine, wait for nighttime. You can pour the Chlorine into the water when the sun is not extremely hot.

Cloudy weather will also be good for the shock treatment. Besides, you’ll get a lot of time to complete the process.

An overnight shock treatment is able to get you balanced and sparkling pool water. 

Step 3: Now pour the Chlorine in the right amount. How much chlorine one should use will depend on the water level. For example, one gallon of liquid Chlorine works well while one water shock treatment. 

The exact calculation will vary on several things. The general measurement mentions that you need to have 100g liquid chlorine for every 10,000 L of water in your pool. While pouring the Chlorine, you should stay as close as possible around the perimeter of the pool.

This will protect the Chlorine from sun hits if you’re pouring it in daylight. Well, sometimes, the water shock requirements get doubled. It is going to depend on the water chlorine level, quality of the Chlorine, and other facts.

You can check the chlorine level to make sure if you need any other extra shock treatment or not. 

Step 4: The last but not least thing is checking the water pump. You need to make sure that your swimming pool pump is working correctly. You must turn your pump on for proper filtration.

Once you pour the liquid Chlorine, keep the pump running overnight. This will create an efficient distribution of Chlorine in the water. This step will clean out all the viruses and bacteria from your pool water entirely.

These are the ultimate steps to give your swimming pool water shocks. The entire process is super easy and quick. However, you need to be careful with maintaining the steps and tips for efficient sparkling. 

Pool Shocking Tips

  • UV rays can easily dissolve Chlorine. So, you should avoid sun rays while giving your pool the shock treatment.
  • If you’ve planned any pool party, try to do the shock treatment right before the party day. It will keep the water fresher and germ-free.
  • During the summer days, you need to check the water chlorine level more often. Rather than that, once every week is good for keeping a clean and fresh pool.
  • For maintaining your protection, wear gloves, mask, and protective goggles before touching the chlorine bottle. 
  • You need to open the chlorine bottle where the atmosphere is properly air circulated.

Frequently Asked Question

How long after pouring liquid Chlorine can you swim?

Once you’ve poured Chlorine in the water, it’s better not to swim immediately after that. You should wait more than 4 hours before you get into the water.

Can I use liquid Chlorine instead of shock tablets?

Yes, you can use liquid Chlorine instead of tablets. These are more affordable and work quickly. Also, only 1 gallon of liquid Chlorine will be enough for one pool shock treatment.


Liquid Chlorine is a great ingredient to sanitize your pool water. Using liquid Chlorine is 20 times easier than the other traditional pool shock treatment. To keep up a clean and safe pool, you must give a shock treatment every week. Here in the article, I’ve mentioned how to shock a pool with liquid Chlorine in detail. Try to follow the directions step by step for better and effective results.

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