Husqvarna 550 XP Problems and Solutions

The Husqvarna 550xp chainsaw is a solid and long-lasting 50cc chainsaw with excellent performance and chopping capacity. You may use the chainsaw for tree-related operations, including felling and climbing.

However, there are specific issues with the Husqvarna 550xp saw. So, what is the most common Husqvarna 550 XP issue? In precise, the most prevalent problem is starting. However, it is also avoidable.

It is a reliable brand, and the 550 XP doesn’t have any issues at first. However, like with many chainsaws, customers have reported occasional startup issues, spark plug troubles, and autotune don’t operate correctly after extended usage.

See our Husqvarna 550 XP problems and solutions guide to detect these flaws. Here you can find some possible answers to the challenges you may experience. Let’s get started.

Husqvarna 550 XP Problems

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Husqvarna 550 Xp Problems And Solutions

Let’s get started. Here are some of the most prevalent issues and their remedies.

Problem 1# The Starting problem

Starting troubles with the Husqvarna 550 XP are prevalent after extended use. The stiff rusty sound from the edges and bar is one of the symptoms. 

The blades do not spin when the chainsaw is switched on, the blades do not spin, and the chainsaw does not operate. These blades occasionally move back and forward but do not entirely rotate.

Quick fix

Straightening the sprocket typically solves the problem. Begin by dismantling the machine, beginning with the clasp cover and working your way up to the streak.

After that, tidy everything up and smooth down the sprocket when it’s too bumpy. Lube the duos and reassemble them, and you should be set to go.

Problem 2# Troubleshooting Issue with Husqvarna Chainsaw

Troubleshooting is one of the most prevalent issues with the Husqvarna 550xp chainsaw. It is a widespread issue with all Husqvarna saw models.

Quick fix

It may be due to clogged air filters. Using a saw with blocked air filters increases the number of carbon deposits produced by the engine because it creates more unburned fuel.

Another culprit might be a defective spark plug; you can clean it before running your saw, or it could be faulty and needs to be replaced. A rush chain link might also be a problem while troubleshooting the Husqvarna chainsaw; just replace it.

Problem 3# No Sparking Issue

No spark problems occur in this chainsaw from time to time. When the chainsaw’s spark plug is faulty, it cannot generate an electrical signal to spark the chainsaw. 

Suppose you listen to a feeble spark originating from your chainsaw. The chainsaw failing to start is also a sign.

Quick fix

No spark usually means that your spark spigot is faulty and has to be changed. Disconnect the plug and check it to see whether it is dusty, fractured, corroded, or damaged. Replace the plug if it exhibits these problems.

Problem 4# The Overheating problem

Overheating is a prevalent problem with many chainsaws, including the 550 XP. When operated consistently for a few hours, the system overheats and frequently approaches a critical threshold. 

There are usually no performance difficulties. However, it is advised not to operate it while it overheats.

Quick Fix

Due to the risk of overheating, many woodworkers & loggers keep other chainsaws in hand. Please alternate between some of the chainsaws. This way, you won’t have any workflow troubles, and you’ll also keep the saw from overheating.

Problem 5# The Chain is rattling

Because it bears the brunt of the burden, the chain is the most problematic sector with the most problems. One of the challenges with the chain is chattering.

Quick Fix

If you’re cutting wood chips and the air is complete with sawdust, or if the cuts are curved, it’s time to polish your chain. Sharpen your chain’s teeth with a circular file of the suitable size for your version.

Problem 6# Problems with autotune

This chainsaw includes an interesting autotune function that utilizes its self-controlled carburetor. It enables your chainsaw to operate intelligently in all climates and elevations without losing economy or performance.

Autotune is a unique and emerging technology in chainsaws, and it is troublesome in Husqvarna. When the autotune tool fails to update settings intelligently, you must do it manually. Other troubles arise due to the situation, such as the saw not initiating and overheating.

Quick fix

The autotune issues do not have do-it-yourself fixes. Take the unit to a competent chainsaw technician or Husqvarna’s repair shop to resolve the problem. If you get a protection plan, be sure you use it. 

Problem 7# Vibration And Looseness

When you operate your chainsaw, you will feel a lot of vibration. It may disturb a smooth operation when completing the project.

Quick Fix

You will need to readjust the chain tension and remember that most chainsaws loosen with time. The most recent chainsaws include a safe external mechanism for increasing tension. It allows you to adjust the chain till it fits securely on the bar but still turns quickly by hand.

Problem 8# Oil Ports are Congested

A conventional chainsaw includes two oil inlets at the back of the bar, which may quickly become blocked. 

Quick Fix

Whenever you remove the bar, use a thin wire to clean it carefully before remounting to avoid problems caused by a lack of lubricant.

What are the Important Maintenance Hints?

You have to maintain your chainsaw for a hassle-free operation. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your chainsaw sharp and ready to use!

Maintain the chain sharp at all times

Work is made complex and impossible by the light chain. As a result, you must utilize the appropriate file size and file it uniformly and at a suitable angle. When using the depth gauges, use caution.

Maintain regular cleaning

It entails clearing debris from all critical elements of your chainsaw at the start and finish of each session you select to use your saw. Other potential concerns include the gear nose, plugged oil inlet hole, groove bar, and chain sharpness – cleaning eliminates these problems.

Check chain tension and lubricate regularly

Inspect your chain tension often, especially when you initially buy your saw, and oil it regularly to minimize stiffness and corrosion (chain). Regular lubrication operates your chain smoothly.

Remove Burrs

After sharpening or replacing each chain, rotate the guide lever and remove burrs. Otherwise, you may face some problems operating the device.

Keep your air filter clean

Maintain your air filters clean since it increases performance and reduces joint issues connected with chainsaws, such as closed air filters.

Use pure gasoline

Keep in mind that while the machine is not in use, the gas-oil combination quickly degrades, resulting in gum and muck that can clog the engine, the plug, and the carburetor.

Make use of suitable cutting techniques

When you’re not cutting, don’t race your chainsaw’s motor, and make sure you only employ chainsaw-appropriate cutting techniques.

Final Verdict

So, we’ve reached the end of our article! We hope you are now aware of the Husqvarna 550 XP problems and solutions before purchasing your chainsaw. It’s always wise to study a product carefully before buying it.

We’d like to leave you with one more advice regarding chainsaws. Ensure you have a backup saw in case your first one breaks. As a result, your workflow will be unaffected, and you will be able to continue. Have fun chaining!

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