Is Pine Sol Good for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but also durable for every homeowner. It makes them a prestigious issue. Despite that, hardwood floor owners always think about how to keep it in well looking. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood floor is an effective way to keep them looking their best with simple. But the wood floor is in a high-traffic area, it must need a more concerted cleaning effort.

Pine-Sol is a helpful cleaner and a deodorizer and disinfectant that has been used since 1929 and is suitable for wood if you can use it properly.

What is Pine Sol?

Is Pine Sol Good for Hardwood Floors

Pine-sol has a great reward for cleaning. It’s actually a Clorox based household cleaning products, used to clean heavy soil stains. Pine-sol is made with a real pine scent. It’s a commercial claim which fragrant is essential pine oil. It was created in 1929 and widely uses in the 1950s. Though we know that the organic pine sol formulated with pine based oil but now a day, these cleaners are sold under the pine sol brand, which contains no pine oil. On the other hand, Clorox Company’s product line included “Clorox commercial pine sol Brand cleaner in 2006. And the Clorox companies maintain the same ingredients as “original pine sol Brand Cleaner.”

Is Pine Sol Good for Hardwood Floors?

Sometimes the Wooden floor may need more concerning cleaning efforts. Pine-sol is an effective cleaning solution for your wooden floor. It is safe for use on a wooden floor. But one thing you need to remember that the product’s manufacturers recommended not using this on unsealed or unfinished wooden surfaces. And its effects on human, pet, and general environment can’t be ignored. As the common types of wooden floors are made of oak, cherry, ash, and maple, etc. kinds of wood, so it can’t be used on unseal or unfinished wooden floors.

And when you are going to use this on your wooden floor, you must ensure that no kids or pets come around there.

Pine-sol is an effective cleaner that has been used since 1929. It’s suitable for different types of hardwood floors. When it’s hard to clean dirt, grime, or sealed on your floor, this pine sol easily handles it in a minute.

Before using it, you should follow the user guide step by step.

By using the pine-sol, you can find a great advantage. It works on your wooden floor and handles on the tile floor, ceramic tile, cement, or linoleum surface. It means this has a multipurpose use benefit.

How to Use Pine Sol on the Hardwood Floor

It is effortless to use Pine-Sol to clean your hardwood floor. Just follow the given instruction.

Pre-cleaning preparation

Before using Pine-Sol, you should clean the extra dust or dirt from the floor once you start cleaning. Use a dry mop, vacuum cleaner, or sweeping tools to get rid of pet hair and crumbs from your wood floor.

Make a Mixture

It would be best to get a bucket. And take dilute ¼ cup of pine sol with a gallon of water into the bucket. Mix the solution properly. Sometimes, you apply raw pine sol on the wood floor, but it is not advisable as it will be too strong for the floor and dilute with water instead.

How will You Clean the Hardwood Floor with Pine Sol?

Mop the wooden floor by using the solution. And avoid leaving puddles; it can streak and wrap wood flooring.

Whenever you meet any strong stains such as grease, apply pine sol directly from the bottle to the stain, you don’t need to mix it with water.

Besides, you can squirt a little on the mop and scrub the stain. Finally, wipe the floor with a wet sponge to restore the floor’s shiny finish.

Make sure you do not apply pine sol on the steeled floor as well as oil or waxed floor. Avoid a scouring pad or steel wool when cleaning your hardwood floor.

It will be the best, you test this to place a drop of water on your floor, and if the water sits there, then the floor is sealed. If it gets absorbed into the floor, it means your floor is vulnerable to any liquid, and it shows that your hardwood floor is damaged and old.

Use Pine-Sol Cleaning Mop

Experts recommend using a vast head with pine sol, which makes cleaning efficient in just one push. This can save your lot of time and energy.

Soak up a mop with the mixture and wring out excess water. Mop the floor thoroughly, and then dry it using a dry mop. It would help if you got a cotton cloth or extra dry mop to wipe excess liquid from the floor once you’re done.

Use a Spray Bottle with Pine Sol

Some times you want to clean your wood floor or furniture easily. A spray bottle can make it easy, and that provides full control to the users giving them control of the quantity of the solution on their own. So you can utilize a spray bottle with pine sol. Fill the spray bottle with a diluted pine sol solution, then take warm water and damp the microfiber pad with it.

How to Maintain Your Hardwood Floor

If your wood floor is not waterproof, avoid using excessive steam or water on your hardwood floors. Apply pine sol on hardwood floors isn’t just limited to your home’s good looks, but its aroma as well. Applying pine sol on hardwood floors also helps to disinfect the floor.

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At the ending, we are gonna giving some extra tips on using pine sol on hardwood floors. Whenever you get your floor dirty or requires cleaning, you should apply the pine sol. And don’t need to be hesitant about using pine sol to clean the hardwood floor. Just follow the above instruction. Please share the post with others who really need to inform and help them.

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