John Deere 1025r Problems & Solution – Must Read Before Buy

Even though John Deere 1025r has been a relief for a lot of users, the issues they’ve struggled with can’t be ignored either. But if you’re curious enough, there is some troubleshooting you can do on your own to run your John Deere better.

The most common issues that occur with John Deere 1025r are hydraulic problems, engine problems, transmission issues, brakes and steering issues, etc.

Let’s take a deeper look into these issues and see if we can do something about them.

John Deere 1025r Problems

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John Deere 1025r Problems & Solution

Whether you’re considering buying this model or struggling with an existing one, you’re not alone to doubt about this machine. Go through the issues mostly mentioned by its users and see if they help you overcome your confusion.

Hydraulic Problems

Two common issues with this tractor’s hydraulic system are decreased speed and poor performance. Users have complained that the tractor loses speed over time and the performance is compromised due to complications in the hydraulic system.

The reason, most of the time, for this issue is the alteration of pressure and oil inside the hydraulic system. So, there’s a very straightforward solution too.


The quick and easy fix for this issue can be performed by the user without the help of a professional. All you have to do is drain the hydraulic system, make necessary changes to the fluid and refill it.

Sometimes, if there is nothing wrong with the fluid, draining it and then refilling it is all you need to do.

Engine Problems

Sometimes the engine of a John Deere 1025r can have difficulty starting. In extreme conditions, you may not be able to start it at all. The reason behind this can be several.

The two most common ones are the position of the gearshift lever and the wrong oil type. If the gearshift lever is in the neutral position, the vehicle may not start. In addition, an oil with the wrong level of viscosity can also cause this issue.

Another issue often faced by users with any type of vehicle is when there is temperature fluctuation. In simpler words, the engine gets overheated. Any dirt or debris in the radiator fins can cause this issue.


You have to keep the lever on either the high or low range. If the lever isn’t the issue, make sure that the oil you’re using has the correct viscosity.

To solve the overheating issue, you will have to make sure that the radiator fins are clean. Also, the fan belt should not be improperly adjusted. If these don’t fix your issue, you can always buy a coolant for the tractor.

Transmission Problems

If your engine is running but the vehicle doesn’t move, there must be something wrong with the gearshift lever or the transmission oil. Several things can cause that issue. Luckily, there are simple fixes for these issues.

The first issue with transmission oil is when it’s reduced to the minimum level. Another reason often occurs when the weather is chilly. The oil gets cold and can’t move the vehicle. Lastly, the neutral position of your gearshift can cause this issue.


The simplest fix to do first is to check the gearshift lever. If it’s in the neutral position, you need to keep it in an upward or downward position. If the gear isn’t the issue, check the oil level.

If the oil level is below the minimum level, add some oil and the issue should be fixed. And the last fix you can try when the weather is chilly is to give the machine some time to warm up the oil before the vehicle starts running.

Brakes Issues

There are a few other issues you can suffer from when you’re operating a John Deere 1025r. One deadly example is faulty brakes and steering. If you feel like the brakes are not responding promptly enough, it’s time for troubleshooting.


You can fix braking issues depending on what’s causing them. One thing is a damaged oil filter. Check if it needs replacing. Also, make sure that the tires are inflated correctly because this can cause the brakes to fail too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes issues with the electrical system in a John Deere 1025r?

Most of the time, the reason is a faulty battery. You can take care of this issue by making sure that the battery connections are not incorrect. If the battery is damaged, replace it immediately.

Also, always keep the electrical belt tight and clean the terminal regularly. A clean terminal will prevent corrosion, and help prevent faults in the electrical system.

Is John Deere 1025r worth it?

It’s confusing to invest in a vehicle that has so many complaints from users. However, you will have to face some issues no matter what power tool you go for. I recommend considering this model due to several reasons.

For instance, it comes with some excellent features, despite the issues. In addition, most of the issues that occur are easily fixable by you. That saves you the trouble and money of hiring an expert.

It’s a perfect option for enthusiastic farmers who want something compact yet powerful for their fieldwork. Besides, regardless of the issues, there is no complaint about the quality of the vehicle. So, it seems like the manufacturers did a good job where it counts.

Final Words

Hopefully, this post about John Deere 1025r problems & solutions fixes your issue or clears your confusion about whether to buy this model or not. Much like all manufactured products, this one also comes with some limitations.

But nothing is beyond repair. And in any case, if you can’t fix the issue you’re facing, there are always experts to do that for you in exchange for money. One thing you must remember is that the better you treat your tractor, the better service it will offer.

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